SYS (Novel) Chapter 458


There was very little information about Amela, the great mercenary from the Gaifa Islands, despite her reputation as one of the Three Great Mercenaries.

Everyone praised her anonymity, and special articles about Amela were published every year without fail.

Amela would take at least one war-related assignment each year and always achieved "remarkable" results as if it were second nature.

However, this information was superficial.

Amela rarely met with journalists in person, and she was seldom seen at public events, so it was safe to say that the articles were purely imaginary.

In his previous life, Jin had also come across Amela through those articles.

But only once.

His teacher, Valeria Hister, had spoken about Amela.

"Does Amela wear the skin of the people she has killed? I often think so, but there are certainly strange stories about this person."

"Doesn't she bother correcting journalists who make up false stories?"

"True. However, she has no idea at all how those articles affect her image among the people, and the fact that journalists write those stories about her."

"Completely unaware?"

"Yes, she's the kind of person who doesn't care much about how the world works. At least, from what I observed. And she was incredibly pure."

"Pure? Even I find it hard to believe she wears people's skin, but it's undeniable that her combat skills are extraordinary. But can someone like that be pure?"

"Being pure doesn't necessarily have only positive connotations. Anyway, once you finish your tea, you should start your training."

In his previous life, they had breakfast together one day and discussed while looking at newspapers.

At that time, Jin didn't hold Amela in high regard, so he didn't attribute any special meaning to her.

Being pure doesn't necessarily have only positive connotations...

Now, looking back, the meaning of those words was clear.

Amela is a human with a very blurred sense of right and wrong.

"Why do you think that?"

Valkas asked the final question.

He wanted to know the reason they needed to recruit or keep Amela in check.

"It's because of the alliance I made with the Black King and the Phantom Legion Mercenaries."

"It's not an alliance but rather a lord-vassal relationship; you don't need to be so careful with your words while considering our feelings."

"Now everyone knows this fact. I wanted to keep it hidden until our power was even more solid. Anyway, now the two biggest neutral powers left in the world are Amela, the great mercenary, and the Hidden Palace."

"That's true."

"The fact that the Hidden Palace is my ally hasn't been revealed to the world yet, but the major factions must have some suspicion."

"Well... I think people around the world consider them not only as allies but also as potential family members. Rumors about marriage between you and the lady from the Hidden Palace have been circulating for quite some time, my lord."

"The only one left is Amela, and anyone who is. It would be a bit awkward even for me to persuade her. Although I haven't acted recently, other powers must already be trying to contact Amela. If we're unlucky, she may have already joined somewhere."

Jin's recent actions have changed the course of the world.

Forces that had been neutral for a long time joined the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel, further escalating tension among the major factions.

Those in the gray area had to make a decision.

Which side to align with?

Neutral forces were disappearing one by one.

"She might not be affiliated with anyone, my lord. She's quite an elusive character," Valkas said.

"Do you know her?"

"We might be quite close considering Amela's standards. In general, we've crossed paths a few times on the battlefield and have eaten together a couple of times."

Since both Amela and Valkas were famous mercenaries, they had received different assignments and had encountered each other on the same battlefield a few times.

Valkas' forehead furrowed as he remembered those moments.

"You know, my lord. Amela doesn't have her own mercenary unit."

"Yes, she operates alone."

"Even so, I've never defeated her even once when I faced her on the battlefield."

"Are you saying there's such a difference between Amela and you?"

"Not between Amela and me, but between the Black Mercenaries and Amela."

Jin widened his eyes.


"I hate to admit it, but at least in terms of combat skills, Amela outmatches both me and the Black Mercenaries. Maybe in a one-on-one duel, it might be different, although she has the potential. But we've never had a chance to test it."

Valkas looked Jin in the eyes as he continued.

"That means we must recruit Amela. It's entirely different when you temporarily fight on different sides due to different bosses and when you become declared enemies. Personally, I think you should consider the possibility of having to kill her if you think she can become an enemy."

Jin nodded decisively in response to Valkas' determined tone.

"I understand what you mean. Our top priority is to understand what Amela wants. Do you have any specific information?"



"Amela has been wandering and exploring the world all her life. I asked her about it when we shared a meal after a battle. She seemed to have a strong desire to find something, but she didn't exactly tell me what it was."

"If I can figure out what that something is, recruiting her will be easy." An intense intuition crossed Jin's mind.

She doesn't seem very interested in how the world works.

Perhaps that's why my teacher described her like that in my previous life; maybe she's completely dedicated to her goal.

Jin realized that he might have to ask the current Valeria if she knew anything about Amela.

Bringing Valeria with him could also be a good idea.

"In any case, I should meet with her and have a conversation."

"Indeed, my lord. And it might be helpful to bring the Proch siblings."

"Do you mean Lata and Fey?"

"Amela seemed to find those two strangely likable when they crossed paths on the battlefield. Although Lata didn't seem to appreciate it."

It was hard to imagine anyone finding Lata cute, but having him along wouldn't hurt.


"In that case, I'll go back to overseeing the construction. If Amela cooperates, please convey my best wishes to her."

As Valkas left, someone was already waiting for Jin.


"Young master."

"Yes, Gilly."

Jin had noticed a long time ago.

Or, to be more precise, Gilly had been trying to start a conversation with him for a while, especially lately.

He had been waiting to have his thoughts sorted out.

'She had been restless because of the situation with Dox.'

The McRolan Family hadn't sent any greetings when he became a Flagbearer, and Dox, who had been rescued by Jin, had left without a word.

(In fact, from Jin's perspective, it seemed more like he had been given a message to be even more attentive).

Gilly acted as if she had committed a sin.

"Oraboni... No, the Black Knight. I worry about what to do if he doesn't follow your orders, young master."

"Why does that worry you, Gilly?"

"For my family."

Gilly paused for a moment, then continued with an uncertain voice.

"Because he is from my family..."

"Family means nothing to a Black Knight. And as I said last time..."

He stopped for a moment, suppressing the growing anger.

Of course, the anger wasn't directed at Gilly but at McRolan, who made Gilly feel small.

"I won't hold any particular grudge against McRolan. As long as they don't harm you directly. So don't worry, Gilly."

When it came to Gilly, Jin struggled to control his emotions.

He told her not to worry, but his eyes were filled with an intense desire for revenge against McRolan, enough to end them instantly.

Gilly couldn't raise her head, troubled by the situation, and Jin realized the situation a beat too late.


His priority should be Gilly's feelings and not the anger.

He had always known it, but putting it into practice was difficult.

However, Jin understood it because he remembered it clearly.

In their past lives, McRolan didn't extend a hand to Gilly when she also suffered the same fate as him and was exiled from the Family.

McRolan's position in Hufester was significant, so they could have done a lot to help Gilly if they had wanted.

Of course, they couldn't turn her back into an active Flagbearer of McRolan, but they could at least have prevented her from having a lonely and miserable death.

That was the reason for Jin's anger toward McRolan.

"Hmm, whether the Black Knight obeys that order or not, I'll obtain important information. If he doesn't obey, we can assume that all active Black Knights are involved with Rikalton. If he obeys, it will reveal Joshua's secret."

Jin spoke again, suppressing his anger.

"Moreover, Joshua will stop trusting that Black Knight, and it's very likely he'll become my person before I become the patriarch, as long as I don't kill Joshua."


"I will save him."


"If Dox is in danger of being killed by Joshua, I will save him. As I said, he's not just another member of McRolan; he's a Black Knight. He's one of the most important members of my Runcandel Family, so I won't let him die meaninglessly. I saved him this time for that reason."

Gilly nodded, and Jin shrugged.

"You have nothing to worry about anymore, Gilly. I'll be leaving for the Gaifa Islands soon, so please prepare our things. I want to leave with the feeling that I'll still be under your care, Gilly."

"Understood, young master. I'll prepare it right away."


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