IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 135





Liena's face darkened at the sudden declaration.

"Why are you doing this so suddenly?!"

"Not suddenly. I've been saying it for a long time. My research is incomplete. There are still more experiments to be done."

Liena searched her memories. Now that she thinks about it, Kais did say something like that.

"But it's almost complete. You said it would be done in just half a year."

"I said that would be the case if the experiment succeeded."

"So, what's the problem? It's just half a year. You just need to speed up a bit!"

In response to Liena's impatience, the parrot emitted a sound that sounded like a sigh.

"I'm not a doll that comes up with inventions when the princess orders me to."

"... What do you mean by treating you like a doll?"

"Speed up? Is that easy? I wouldn't say this if you understood my work."

Liena rolled her eyes in annoyance.

It was the first time she encountered such a strong attitude in over ten years of interaction with Kais.

Except for the fact that he insisted on not meeting Liena, he was generally weak in assertiveness.

Although initially reluctant, when Liena took a firm stance, he would change his mind and say, "I guess I can't defy the princess."

"But I can't move forward in this situation..."

Cooling her feverish head, Liena rationally analyzed the current situation.

Was it a mistake to push away the eccentric inventor with the hope of regaining his former glory as soon as possible?

But no matter what, she can't quarrel with him yet.

He was a person who could bring Liena several times more wealth in the future than he had brought her so far.

Liena decided it was time to take a step back, and a hesitant voice came out of her mouth.

"I'm sorry. I didn't know you would hate it so much. And what I said earlier was a mistake."

"... Is that so?"

"Can you forgive me?"

After shedding a few tears, the spirit of the weak-hearted magician was completely shattered.

"Forgiveness is not something big enough to use big words... Well, fine."

Liena smiled to herself.

"Really? I'm happy! According to your opinion, I'll postpone the new business for half a year! So, is that okay?"

"No, no."

"What? Why?"

"Didn't you hear what I said a moment ago? I clearly said I won't do any more business with you."

"I said I would postpone it!"

"That's a separate matter."

"... Damn it, fine! Then I'll give up on new business."

Of course, she really had no intention of giving up, but Liena lied to change Kais's mind.

"Instead, we'll market other inventions as before, okay?"

"That's not possible either."


"Regardless of what the princess says, there will be no more transactions than this one."

"What happened? What did I do wrong?"

"Anyway, I can't tell you the detailed reason. There's no obligation to do so."

"... that's too much. How could you do this to me!"

"I don't understand. When we met, wasn't it the princess who promised to cleanly break off when mutual need disappeared?

That's what I wanted to say to seem like a cool and daring person! Liena struggled to swallow her words.

At that moment, that was a way to approach Kais, who was very cautious.

But there were no plans to continue that relationship.

As time goes by, no matter how Kais is, he will show a gap in Liena, and she thought all she had to do was make him fall for her charm.

However, Kais's wall was much higher than expected, and the progress of the relationship was slow.

"Do you no longer need me?"

Seeing the parrot lift its wings, Liena continued desperately.

"Why? Even if Iver no longer exists, if I build a new one, I can sell more of your inventions than anyone else in the world! It's been like that until now."

"I'm sorry, but I've already made a decision. Thank you for everything."

"Wait a moment, Kais! A bit more...!"

However, despite Liena's sad plea, the parrot flew away and disappeared into the sky.

Liena looked out the window in despair.

"Is this the end with Kais?"

A desperate possibility crossed her mind, but then she shook her head violently.

That can't be possible. How many years did he and I spend together?

Above all, the eccentric inventor is a good person who helped Liena for a long time.

He wasn't even a villain, so there was no way he could be her enemy.

"It's okay! Kais is just a little upset right now."

Liena muttered to herself as she walked around the empty room.

"He must have been angry because I pressured him too much. Maybe he wanted to get my attention this way."

Now that she thinks about it, she was busy with other things, so she couldn't pay enough attention to Kais for a while.

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