IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 136




People who heard the news of Ethel's attendance were excited.

" What happened? She didn't even show her face in public."

" His Highness the Second Prince is also here!"

" Shall we ask about the magic stones?"

Recently, the major interest related to Viscountess Lucibiu and the second prince was, of course, the mine of higher-grade magic stones.

To put it a bit exaggerated, there was no one in the capital who didn't want Ethel's magic stones.

A large number of guests gathered at the entrance to see those who had just arrived.

Even those who had sided with Liena and praised her also secretly noticed.

"… Princess, congratulations again, and now I will enjoy the banquet."

"Oh, I'm going to meet someone I know, so that's all."

"Oh, isn't it a bit hot in here?"

"I know, right. Miss Liena, let's take a breath of fresh air on the terrace for a moment."

Half of the people gathered around Liena dispersed.

"Wow, it's late autumn, but how hot is it?"

Duchess Luciano complained aloud to be heard, but the situation was not very different for the remaining half of the people.

It was evident that they were also still looking towards the entrance, as if curious.

However, compared to those who left, it seemed they were holding back because they felt a greater affection for Liena, as they had known her for a long time.

Liena bit her lips.

"How did this happen...!"

Why did Ethel, who was not included in the guest list, appear here?

At that moment, Ethel appeared among the crowd and stood in front of Liena.

The moment she saw the second prince standing next to Ethel, forgotten information appeared in Liena's mind.

Now that she thought about it, any banquet of a certain size or larger held in the capital was obligatory to send an invitation to the immediate royal family.

Moreover, those who received an invitation could bring a companion.

She never thought Ethel would appear here since she didn't even respond to the invitation.

Annoyance welled up inside Liena, but anyway, the person she was dealing with was a prince.

"… Liena Cassius meets His Highness the Prince."

As the hostess of the banquet, Liena had to bow to him.

"I apologize. I didn't know you would come because I didn't receive a response to my invitation. If I had known, I would have celebrated a grander banquet."

Terence responded politely despite the subtly accusatory tone.

"It's okay. A simple place has its own charm."

It was extremely ironic that Liena described this banquet as simple, even though she clearly knew her words were being humble.

Moreover, Liena spent a large amount of money preparing for this banquet.

While the Iver guild collapsed with various scandals, the start of a new merchant guild had to be adorned with the utmost splendor.

So that the negative perceptions remaining in people's minds could disappear.

"I simply appreciate your understanding."

Liena smiled and lowered the upper part of her body.

"His Highness the Prince! Long time no see!"

"Viscountess Lucibiu, I am very grateful for your kind response to the letter I sent earlier..."

After the greetings from the hostess, people began to talk seriously with the prince and Ethel.

At least half of the people who stayed by Liena's side reduced again by half.

So much attention was focused on the two people that it was confusing to know the purpose of the banquet.

"It's too much! How much did it cost to organize the banquet!"

While Liena's expression darkened, Duchess Luciano offered her comfort.

"Our poor Liena. Don't be discouraged."

She looked towards Prince Terence and whispered quietly.

"It really is impossible. Although he's my nephew, he has little tact. Maybe because he's a bastard."

But the duchess suddenly hardened her expression.

This was because she saw a man approaching Ethel Lucibiu.

"Viscountess Lucibiu. I wonder if there was any mistake because I haven't received a response from the viscountess until now. I would like to visit her when she has free time..."

It was Duke Luciano.

"Darling! What are you doing right now?"

When Duchess Luciano went to stop her husband, the mood in Liena's group became even more depressed.

Liena couldn't let things go on like this, so she raised her voice.

"Everyone! Please pay attention!"

The attention of the people turned back to her.

"Thanks to all who gathered here to celebrate the foundation of Conejito."

Liena had originally planned to give a speech after the banquet, but she advanced it.

"We plan to sell a variety of useful artifacts in the Conejito store."

Then, she released all the divine power she had stored within her at once.

Liena's divine power spread evenly throughout the place.

"... Therefore, our company Conejito will take the lead in enriching the lives of more people by striving to distribute artifacts."

¡Clap, clap, clap!

When the speech ended, thunderous applause erupted from all directions.

"Princess! It's fabulous!"

"Never in my life have I heard such a moving speech!"

This was a skill that Liena learned after repeatedly using the blessing of the goddess.

Also known as exuding an overwhelming presence.

Although the consumption of divine power was severe, her presence was clearly imprinted on people within a certain radius for a short period, eliciting a favorable response.

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