IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 140




"Let's postpone the engagement... What does that mean?"

Liena's expression stiffened at Mikhail's unexpected suggestion.

"Exactly that."

"If we postpone it, how many days? A week? 15 days?"

"I'm sorry. I can't answer that yet. I want to postpone it for now and then think about it again."

"What do you want to think about again?"

"I'm sorry. But I think I made the important decision to commit too hastily."

"Do you no longer love me?"

"Why would you say that? I just want to get married and receive blessings from my parents if possible."

Mikhail felt embarrassed by Liena's sad eyes and tried to comfort his lover.

"Because my mother is against it, and my father is not in favor either."

"But His Majesty the Emperor said nothing."

"That's because he's willing to accept a huge dowry from your family. He called the duke not long ago and discussed it."

Mikhail paused for a moment and then asked carefully.

"Liena, are you okay with this? Cassius's dowry should be huge."

He remembered what Ethel said in the greenhouse. Liena didn't sacrifice anything for Mikhail.

Mikhail really couldn't refute those words.

This is because he couldn't think of anything that could be called Liena's sacrifice.

"But, but..."

If Liena tells him now that the dowry is not a loss of money.

She feels sorry for her family, but if she says it can't be helped since it's crucial for her relationship with Mikhail.

Mikhail was willing to do everything to persuade his mother to approve the engagement.

It could also completely erase the doubts about Liena that had blossomed in his heart.

Above all, the two were lovers who had known each other for a long time and had been in love for more than ten years.

"What, is it just because of that?"

As every second seemed like a year to Mikhail, Liena finally spoke.

"What else can I say? Suddenly, I wondered why you were like that. Of course, it's fine!"

Mikhail was filled with joy at the words, "It's fine." As expected, Liena...

"Don't worry! Once His Majesty likes me, I can quickly recover the dowry!"


"Mikhail is very cute and kind too. You even worry about my dowry."

Liena smiled and wagged her index finger.

"But there's no need to worry! Just wait and see. I will be loved by His Majesty the Emperor and receive a portion of the dowry."

Her words didn't end there.

"I, Liena Cassius, am a person who never engages in business losses."


A dizzying shock overcame Mikhail.

It seemed that his engagement with Liena was no different from a business.

"Eh? What's happening? Your face doesn't look good."

Liena looked at Mikhail with a blank face, as if she knew nothing.

In hindsight, it wasn't unreasonable for Liena to misunderstand Mikhail's intention behind the question.

Before talking to Ethel, he only felt sorry for Liena about the dowry issue.

Furthermore, if it were the same as in the past, he would have thought that Liena's meticulousness was also cute.

But not now. He couldn't go back to the old times when he had no questions. Never.


While Mikhail wondered, he also brought up another topic that had been on his mind.

"How can you be sure? That you will start to please my father."

"Oh! I told you sincerity prevails. Don't worry, I will definitely please him."

Liena spoke confidently with the cute face that Mikhail had always loved.

It was a moment when the sense of distance that had been growing in his chest became even greater.

"Then, now that your concerns have disappeared, will the engagement ceremony proceed as planned?"

"No, it would be better to postpone it indefinitely."

"What? Why are you saying this again? What's the problem this time?"

"My mother is sad. I'm sorry."

Mikhail couldn't express all his feelings, so he only left brief words and tried to walk away.

"Wait a moment! What will happen if we do this?"

Liena grabbed his arm as he tried to pass by.

"There's less than a week until the engagement ceremony. I chose a location and even sent out invitations."

"I'm sorry."

"You were the one who arbitrarily announced the engagement in the first place! But now you're saying you're going to postpone it?"

"I'm sorry, I have nothing more to say about it."

"This is too much! Why are you so selfish?"

"... I can accept anything you do, but you can't."

A mocking light appeared in Mikhail's eyes.

"We could also take some time to think about it."

"A time?"

"Please, think carefully if it's okay to promise eternity to a selfish man like this."

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