LWTG (Novel) Chapter 499


[All Points have been depleted.]

It felt as if all strength had left his body, leaving him collapsed and weak.

Foolish Chaos lay on the ground, experiencing a relaxed and drowsy sensation.

"It would have been better if I had hurried a bit more."

Gigantification. Ragnarok. The Great Heaven Demon War and Nibelung...

Most plans crumbled like bubbles. He regretted not breaking down the wall a bit earlier, knowing this could happen.



In the sense of a presence near his head, Foolish Chaos turned to look back.

The Outers were desperately trying to get here, some managing to cross the borders while others were cut off or rejected.

Although the wall had collapsed, the border barrier didn't disappear completely.


Despite knowing he was out of Points, Foolish Chaos checked the Points again unnecessarily.

As expected, the Points were 0.

All Points gained by sending many Rankers and Players to death in the Tower had been depleted and disappeared.

"It seems it's still not enough."

How many of them will be able to cross the barrier?

Judging by the situation, it will probably be half.

"Well, it doesn't matter anymore."

After a brief rest, he stood up again.

Some Outers crossed the barrier, while others couldn't.

Watching the Outers for a moment, Foolish Chaos muttered as he thought.

"In the end, it may not be so bad."


At that moment, a vibrant sound was heard in the distance.

Ru Yi Bang soared into the sky.

Also, the sound of Odin's Gungnir flying was also present.

Foolish Chaos lifted his head.

"My father, as foolish and stupid as ever. Please wait a little longer there."

The prophesied day had finally come.

And that day took a different form thanks to someone. At first, it felt uncomfortable, but now it was different.


He had returned.

Remembering that fact, Foolish Chaos muttered in the voice of the young Nyarlathotep, the Name Azathoth gave him.

"Soon, I will become you."

Through the shadows covering his face, sinister red eyes gleamed.



The being known as "The Render of the Veils," was a massive block of metal.

The moment Daoloth's body was caught by the heavy Ru Yi Bang...

A strong spear made a hole in the chest of that huge mass as it received the powerful impact.


Son OhGong's body, which was excited and shouting, tilted to the side.

If he hadn't quickly reduced the Ru Yi Bang, he might have fallen completely.

In a short time, the staff had shrunk to the point of fitting in Son OhGong's hand. The Flying Nimbus lifted Son OhGong's falling body and sent him flying towards Odin.

"Hey you! Did you also want to kill me with the Gungnir?"

"The Gungnir wasn't fully activated. It shouldn't be dangerous for you, right? Anyway, you're immortal."

The reason Odin could confidently throw the Gungnir was because of Son OhGong's characteristics.


It was a quite famous anecdote that Rankers from the Celestial Realm, including the Jade Emperor, couldn't kill him even though they caught and used all possible means.

"Anyway, it hurts if you hit me!"

"Now is not the time to discuss that, is it? Besides, you're too late."

Before this fight began, Odin had sent messages to the Rankers he could communicate with.

The sky of Asgard on the 63rd floor turned completely purple, as expected.

The prophesied moment had arrived.

As anticipated, the first to arrive was Son OhGong.

He was alone, had no trouble moving, and had the best means of transportation, the Flying Nimbus.

Ignoring Son OhGong's complaints expressing dissatisfaction, Odin looked away.

"Stop talking and focus."


Although his body should have been clearly pierced...

"That guy still hasn't fallen."

Daoloth began to move again.

Odin prepared Gungnir again. Now that Son OhGong had joined the fight, he would handle close combat, while Odin would throw his spear from afar to avoid overlap in positions.


"What do you see in that?"

Unexpectedly, Son OhGong, who had descended from the Flying Nimbus, threw a strange question.

"What are you saying?"

"Just that. How do you see it?"

Unlike other people, Son OhGong's question didn't require much reflection.

"It's a giant."


"A giant made of rocks. It changed like that after the rocky mountain rose."


The giant took another step.

In Odin's eyes, Daoloth unquestionably looked like a giant.

But Son OhGong wouldn't have asked this obvious question for nothing.

"Do you see something different in your eyes?"

"You're quite perceptive."

"If I wasn't, you wouldn't have asked me that question."


Son OhGong, who had been shaking his head, nodded.

Definitely, he looked different through Son OhGong's eyes. Sometimes he resembled the creature known as Mammoth, known for being ancient, and at other times, he looked like a monster with many more heads than Asura.

A common point.

Despite having various appearances, all elements forming his appearance were rocks.


But in an instant, Son OhGong's eyes turned red.

[Golden Cinder Eyes see the true nature of the Render of the Veils]

In his pupils, the true nature of Daoloth was reflected.

He smiled.

"I'm going to fight him."


"Do you think I can't?"

Son OhGong had just arrived, maybe that's why he looked energetic.

In his bright eyes, a burning determination could be seen.

In any case, what does he see in those eyes?

Odin nodded.

"That's right."



Son OhGong flew on the Flying Nimbus.

Ru Yi Bang flew from his hand and struck the rock giant on the head.


Immediately, fists and Ru Yi Bang clashed several times, generating shockwaves that spread throughout the surrounding area.

Although it was hard to believe, Odin briefly scoffed at that noisy action.

"Tsk... I had something to ask."

Where is Kim YuWon?

In situations like this, he seemed like he would be the first to arrive, why wasn't he even responding?

Before asking that question, Son OhGong moved immediately.


The fact that this monkey, known as a fighting maniac, endured so much in this vast battlefield was commendable.

'It seems like he has stopped.'


Watching the fight, it seemed like he was fighting noisily.

Fortunately, perhaps because he started paying attention to Son OhGong...

Daoloth's influence on the battlefield was gradually diminishing. Brunhilde was also slowly regaining her energy and focus.

Returning the battlefield to its original state was enough for Son OhGong to fulfill his role.


'It would be good if that were all...'

Among the approaching Outers.

When he thought about whether there were more Outers with the same kind of power as Daoloth, he shook his head.

'It shouldn't be like that.'

So, from now on, it was necessary to prepare for a counterattack.


Odin's palm touched the ground.


The earth rose upwards.

The earth that rose to a size similar to a small hill wrinkled and compressed.

A simple spell creating a spear using nearby objects.

But from the moment it unfolded from Odin's hand, it was no longer just a simple spell.


A shadow covered Asgard's royal castle.

"A spear... made of earth?"

"Eh, really? Is that so?"

To boost fallen morale, he needed to show appropriate majesty and skill.

For that, Odin displayed maximum power with the simplest and easiest spell.

'We have seen this battle once already.'

Gwudeuk, gwaddeuk-.

A strong pressure was exerted on the spear.

'So, more fiercely.'

Preparing to throw it towards the approaching Outers, Odin illuminated his eyes.

'We have to fight.'


The spear, following Odin's fingertips, split the battlefield.


He gave Names to everything in the world.

Azathoth did not give any more Names. Everything in the world already had a Name, and a multitude of beings had emerged.


No, YuWon, who stood up from the seat after taking over Azathoth's body, turned his head back.

-Where are you going?


YuWon didn't immediately respond and looked at the beautiful woman with pale skin.

It was a familiar face.

That's why it was even more surprising.

'At first, I was so surprised.'

YuWon was about to draw his sword reflexively at Shub-Niggurath's question, who raised her head.

At first, if he really had a sword at his waist, he might have wielded it against her.

But now he responded calmly.

"Someone seems to be calling me."

Now, this tone had become so natural that he barely remembered his original tone.

An old cabin.

YuWon walked out of there.


The door opened with a rusty and difficult sound. He had thought before that giving Names to things like this was nonsense, maybe that was a disease in itself.

But now, his thoughts had changed a lot.

There were reasons for that.

"As I thought..."

At this moment, right before his eyes.

"Have they all gathered?"

A show of vast purple waves spanning the world.

It was like the expansion of the apocalypse that YuWon had experienced. Many Outers he hadn't even seen in that long fight were waiting for Azathoth.

If he had seen this scene before, he would surely have despaired.

Countless purple waves. Innumerable stars spread across the sky.

He might have sunk and been overwhelmed by them, without even thinking about fighting.

But now, his thoughts were different.

Truly amazing.

'I suppose I forgot?'

It was so pathetic that he almost laughed.

'Their Names came from me.'

For quite a while,

YuWon walked the path of Azathoth.

He gave Names to each of them and gave them power.

All the Names came from Azathoth. The entirety of the countless Names that unfolded before him, that was himself.

No, wait...

'... Me?'

YuWon suddenly opened his eyes.

He realized too late that the stream of consciousness he had recalled was somewhat wrong.

He shouldn't get confused.

He was not Azathoth, but Kim YuWon. He had to remember that.

He shook his head to regain his senses.

First of all, there was something to do now.

"So, from now on-."

It was time to reclaim the Names he had given to those guys.

Thinking so, he reached his hand upwards.


The extended hand dropped down on its own.


He didn't understand.

If he wanted to, he could have reclaimed all those Names from those guys.

Although he had given them many Names, the most important Names were still possessed by Azathoth.

The True Name, Azathoth, was like a heart encompassing all those Names.

But why?


The stars in the sky fell. Many Outers, coveting the other Names that Azathoth possessed, dared to show their fangs.

In Azathoth's memory, bitten by countless fangs, YuWon asked.

'Why do you do that, Azathoth?'

A question for which he didn't expect an answer.

But as if to answer that question...

"I thought they would stop."

Azathoth opened his mouth.


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