SYS (Novel) Chapter 487


The initial divisions of Runcandel and Kinzelo, which didn't reach the Gaifa Islands, set up camp in the Sota Desert while Jin met with Amela.

Similar to how Joshua used the power of a prophet to create tunnels in the desert...

Kinzelo members also utilized their skills to form an exploration tunnel, secretly employing some of Joshua's tunnels.

Jin's gaze fell on the head of the deceased shipyard director.

The messy cut surface of the neck looked as if it had been torn apart.

It was far from suitable for infiltration and assassination.

Moreover, it's quite a distance away, and yet the commotion is significant.

It's not an incident that happened on the spot during the infiltration; it was a direct attack on the shipyard.

It seemed that Kinzelo members had decided to approach the secret shipyard in the Sota Desert in a completely different way than the Runcandels.

Why would Kinzelo members dare to act so boldly?

'They must have a solid reason for it.'

The Sota Desert is adjacent to Drakka, the capital of the Lutero Magical Federation.

That's why the Runcandels choose this method of infiltration.

But the Kinzelo members were boldly stirring the world's most dangerous hornet's nest.

"There's no way our information leaked, but they started their operation at the same time... Is it just an unfortunate coincidence?"

As Jin began to reflect, Joshua clenched his teeth and frowned.


Joshua's words were suddenly drowned out by a deafening explosion, as if they were waiting for the Runcandels.

The vibrations were so intense that it felt like the tunnel would collapse at any moment.

For example...

It seemed that Runcandel's plan had completely failed.

The thunderous alarm of the defensive magic, sounding like madness amid the deafening explosion, was getting on their nerves.

Jin had been calculating how to kill Joshua and succeed in his mission since the night before.

However, Kinzelo's sudden terrorist act was unexpected.

But perhaps this turn of events is not so bad.

'At least not for me and elder brother Dyfus.'

Jin was sure that Joshua had 'information about this mission that he hadn't shared with him and Dyfus.'

As he had told Dyfus before, the sections Four, Eleven, Seventeen, and Nineteen marked on the shipyard's interior map made no sense.

Joshua probably believed that I or elder brother Dyfus would naively choose one of those sections to investigate.

He must have thought that we had no choice but to do something, even if it meant destroying the shipyard anyway.

And he would try to take advantage of the chaos to sneak off on his own to the real location with valuable information.

Jin had assumed that the location of the information Joshua was trying to monopolize was the "Second Magic Tower."

Drakka wasn't the only place near the Sota Desert shipyard. Not far away was Zipple's "Second Magic Tower."

Of course, it was only an assumption that Joshua was trying to monopolize information about the Second Magic Tower.

So, when the infiltration began, Jin had planned to watch Joshua with Dyfus's help.

He would intentionally mention the Second Magic Tower or focus the search on the part of the shipyard closest to it.

There's little chance that Zipple has prepared an infiltration to the Second Magic Tower, considering how close Drakka is.

It's hard to believe that we or Kinzelo would dare to meddle with the Second Magic Tower.

'Both of us would have more than enough with destroying the shipyard....'


The moment Jin thought to that point, he felt a chill running down his spine.

'Maybe there's no need to watch Joshua; it's definitely the Second Magic Tower. Kinzelo members are trying to attract the attention of the Second Magic Tower forces and lure them to the shipyard, then steal the empty house!'

That's why Kinzelo is shamelessly terrorizing the shipyard.

They were aware that the truly important data was not inside the shipyard but outside, specifically within the Second Magic Tower.


'Damn bastards from Kinzelo! Do they also know that part of the battleship plans is in the Second Magic Tower and not in the shipyard?

Joshua thought the same.

However, unlike Kinzelo, who was confidently destroying the shipyard, he felt a chill in his bones.

It can't be a coincidence that they started the terrorist act right during our infiltration time.

Information about our operation and the Second Magic Tower must have leaked, although I don't know the exact route....

Joshua had originally planned to entrust Jin, Murakan, and Dyfus with the task of distracting Zipples as Kinzelo members were doing now, while he took the opportunity to advance toward the Second Magic Tower.

The underground shipyard was huge, so he thought it wouldn't be that difficult to deceive his brothers and Murakan.

That's why when he confirmed that it was Jin and Murakan who had come yesterday instead of Mary, he inwardly rejoiced.

But now, the situation had worsened!

Amidst distant explosions and the silence that followed, the attention of the Runcandels focused on Joshua.

It was an unspoken pressure for him to make a decision, being the ultimate decision-maker in this matter.

He felt anxiety as Kinzelo members outmaneuvered him...

The pressure of having to reassess all his moves from the beginning, and the emotionless face of his younger brother right in front of him.

Due to these factors, Joshua could barely maintain composure.

First of all, I must stay calm.

If I show the slightest hint of panic, Jin will notice.

He's not one to miss a scent, that's for sure.

No matter how cautious...

Jin was already reading Joshua's most intimate thoughts.

Joshua hadn't realized, not even in his dreams.

And it wasn't only Joshua whose guts were burning.

Given the magnitude of Kinzelo's terrorist attack, the mission to destroy the shipyard is practically finished. Moreover, as the younger one said, the importance of the four sections that Joshua claimed was just a trick to deceive both me and the younger one, so it's right for Joshua to make the decision to withdraw now....

Dyfus also felt his mouth drying up as he remembered the conversation he had with Jin the night before.

-I mentioned earlier that there wouldn't be anything important in sections Four, Eleven, Seventeen, and Nineteen, right?

-That's right. Since Zipple deliberately leaked the shipyard's location, it's impossible that they left crucial data like battleship plans here.

-But there must be important data somewhere near the shipyard. Most likely in Drakka. But we can't rob that place, so the most probable place is the Second Magic Tower.

-So what you're saying is that the genuinely vital information is in the Second Magic Tower, and Joshua is pretending to infiltrate the shipyard with us while planning to gather information from the Second Magic Tower alone?


-Hmm, let's assume you're right. And our elder brother is undoubtedly a piece of trash, but he's not so foolish as to jeopardize the Family's interests for his own benefit. Recently, he used the media to support you during the Black King incident.

-You're right. However, for Joshua to safely extract information from the Second Magic Tower, it would be better to deceive us as well, don't you think?

-That's possible. But, Jin, your argument is based on possibilities, not concrete evidence. It's just speculation. And even if that speculation were true, what does it have to do with killing Joshua?

-When Joshua goes to the Second Magic Tower, he won't take both Black Knights with him. At least one Black Knight has to stay in the shipyard for the purpose of deceiving us and buying time. However, we'll also go to the Second Magic Tower without Joshua knowing. After all, there's only one Black Knight left in the vast underground shipyard.

-And attack Joshua who is with only one Black Knight?

-We'll attack him after he gets information from the Second Magic Tower. If we're lucky, both Black Knights will remain in the shipyard. Then, he might be alone.

-And what if there's still a Black Knight with Joshua in the Second Magic Tower?

-But since Murakan is there, we can easily kill him.

-No, I'm asking how we plan to deal with the Black Knight. Subduing him without killing is impossible for us even if Lord Murakan is with us. Moreover, killing a Black Knight is a different problem than dealing with Joshua.

-Well, that's more an act of treason than a succession war.

-It's not even close. Killing the Black Knight while carrying out such an important mission? That's definitely treason. I'm disappointed because there are too many variables in your speculations. I thought you had a strong hand.

-It's the assassination of Runcandel's Second Flagbearer. Furthermore, he's known as the next Patriarch. If you can't handle this level of risk, you won't be able to do anything for the rest of your life. Even such a dangerous opportunity may never come again.


-And I have no intention of killing the Black Knight. I never thought the elder brother would be so scared, but please, if you want to give up, go ahead.

-...For now, after we infiltrate, let's search the area closest to the Second Tower to assess Joshua's intentions.

Dyfus was trying to suppress his restless thoughts since he had this conversation yesterday.

The disappointment he felt for his younger brother, adamant about killing Joshua with weak speculations, and the sense of despair that made him want to jump onto a rickety boat were overwhelming.

But if Joshua chooses to continue the mission instead of a retreat, then...

'It means Jin's speculation was correct...!'

Unlike Joshua and Dyfus, Jin cleared his confused mind and was already calculating new variables.

'Kinzelo, those bastards have helped me again. You're going to choose to enter, Joshua. You might want to die of frustration, but as elder brother Dyfus says, you won't give up on the important Family interests.'

Jin hid a smile.

It wasn't yet a complete victory, as speculation was only becoming reality.

"Oh, this is so frustrating!"

Suddenly, Murakan shouted at Joshua indignantly.

"Aren't you the one with the authority to make decisions? Make a decision quickly. Are we continuing the mission or not? Why are you just standing there stupidly? Come on, I'm busy! If we're going to retreat, let's retreat quickly. I want to see Strawberry Pie."

Joshua had no choice but to respond this way.

"...We'll continue the mission."

The moment Dyfus heard the decision, he felt his heart pounding like a drum.

He was stunned.

He couldn't gauge to what extent Jin had been thinking ahead.

Yes, I suspected without reason.

'I can kill Joshua if I follow Jin's movements.'

Once again, Jin realized that Dyfus's disappointment was turning into anticipation.

He couldn't help but feel a little sorry. What disappointment he will face when he finds out that the current Joshua is not the real one.

'I feel a bit guilty.'


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