SYS (Novel) Chapter 493


It wasn't just the aura they felt, but also a vast and highly pure mana.

"There are people fighting!"

The moment Dyfus spoke, the vibrations intensified even more.

And then, an explosion occurred around the middle levels of the White Night Tower, and light flashed.

It was a kind of explosion that the group had seen numerous times in their lives.

The area around the White Night Tower was illuminated with bright colors not seen in battles between knights or magicians.

"And it's not a fight between Kinzelo and Zipple."

There was nothing that could be called brotherly love, but the three Runcandel brothers who came here all mastered the same sword.

"It's Joshua. He and the Black Knights have started a battle with Zipple's Magicians."

Even without seeing it directly, Jin and Dyfus could accurately perceive the destructive aura unique to Runcandel's sword.

They also identified the owners of the mana.

"The Spectre Corps."

Both had personally encountered Zipple's most powerful magical unit.

Without a doubt, they were the ones Joshua was fighting.

"I don't know if they discovered him while infiltrating, or if it was a trap from the beginning and he fell into it. I think it's the latter."

In any case, it was an uncomfortable situation for the group.

Judging by the scale, there probably weren't many other magicians in the Second Magic Tower, but it had been revealed that Joshua and the Black Knights were in the Second Magic Tower.

'Drakka will soon send reinforcements.'

This was Zipple's headquarters.

This means that there can't be a shortage of troops to the point where they can barely send support to the underground shipyard in the Sota Desert.

Moreover, the Second Magic Tower was much more dangerous than the shipyard.

The shipyard was just a bait thrown out to test the capabilities of external forces.

But the Second Magic Tower would undoubtedly contain the blueprints for the real battleship.

"However... it's a bit strange. The mana I sense is from about two or three members of the Spectre Corps, or four at most. Why did they deploy such a small number?"

If Zipple had already foreseen that there might be an intrusion into the Second Magic Tower and planned to set a trap to catch the bigger fish of external forces, they would have tried to kill them all even if it meant risking a total war.

This was the perfect opportunity.

There shouldn't be only two or four members of the Spectre Corps but a much larger force waiting in front of the White Night Tower.

It wouldn't be strange for someone like Kelliark Zipple himself or a figure of Octavia's caliber to appear in this situation.

But there are only a few members of the Spectre Corps.

'Could it not be a trap?'

It wasn't easy to quickly understand the situation, but it was a moment that required a decision.

If it's a clear trap, we should retreat even if it means giving up the blueprints.

In that case, Zipple wouldn't have left any blueprints in the Second Magic Tower.

'Besides, even with me, Murakan, and the older brother Dyfus, we won't be able to escape from a complete force of Zipple.'

But what if it's not a trap?

The reason why only a few people are guarding the White Night Tower is the result of various twisted causal relationships that are difficult to take into account immediately.

What if it was just a negligence and mistake on Zipple's part?

What if Joshua had already obtained the blueprints, and a battle broke out during his escape?

Since they arrived in the Sota Desert, Jin's head had always been hurting, but this time, it felt like it was about to burst.

It was almost impossible to calibrate how many unexpected variables they had encountered so far and how many unforeseen situations awaited them.

But one thing was certain.

'If we don't act today, we won't have another chance to get Zipple's battleship blueprints.'

With the fact that the Runcandels not only attacked the shipyard but also the Second Magic Tower, Zipple would undoubtedly strengthen security regardless of the outcome of this incident.

This wasn't just any clan; it was the most powerful one in the world.

It wasn't a clan that would make the same mistake.

Jin quickly came to a conclusion.

"...It doesn't seem to be a trap, older brother Dyfus. If they had lured us from the beginning, they would have had more troops."

"That's true. Ugh, this is so frustrating. If it's not a trap, why are they catching that idiot Joshua and causing us so much trouble?"

At that moment...

The central section of the Second Magic Tower exploded again, and debris rained down.

The battle continued to escalate.

"This is the moment to take a risk."

Jin took a deep breath and continued speaking.

"Even if it's not a trap, reinforcements will arrive soon, so it would be a reasonable decision to withdraw. But we can't rule out the possibility that Joshua has obtained the blueprints."

Dyfus nodded.

"I understand what you're saying."

"If you want to withdraw now, you can, older brother."

The youngest one, what are you talking about?

The decision to kill Joshua in the first place was a risk.

'Do you really think I'm going to leave now?'

"I just wanted to mention it just in case."

"Besides, this might be an opportunity. If he has the blueprints, we can kill him after escaping and take the blueprints. Surely, Joshua will be injured in the battle against the Spectre Corps, making it easier to achieve both objectives. Also, if we don't act today, we'll never get the blueprints, that's for sure."

Dyfus had already been thinking the same as Jin.

The way things were unfolding was undoubtedly the best course of action.

If they had known for sure that the blueprints weren't in the vault of the Second Magic Tower, neither of them would have made that decision.

"Let's go, Jin, Murakan-nim. Let's save him and kill him ourselves before Zipple's reinforcements arrive."

Of course, the issue they had to consider was that Zipple's reinforcements weren't the only ones present.

'Kinzelo hasn't shown much presence since the terror of the shipyard.'

Either they're moving slowly because they're blocked by the barrier on the other side, not the area Jin released, or they're still looking for more opportunities even though the situation has progressed to this point.

Jin looked back for a moment.

In the distance, the Sota Desert was now a battlefield between Kinzelo and Zipple, not only underground but also on the surface.

It seems they are biding their time. However, if Kinzelo hasn't achieved his goal yet, the members of the terrorist group should have already retreated.'

The three quickly reached the entrance of the tower.

The central part of the tower, where Joshua and his group and the Spectre Corps were fighting, was filled with debris and piles of rocks, but there were no signs of other magicians or guards.

Upon entering, a vast interior space unfolded before them.

Whether it was soundproofed with magic or for some other reason, the sounds and vibrations of the battle were surprisingly silent inside, indicating the impressive construction of the tower.

"There's not a single soul here. Does this mean they've almost given up?" Murakan said, chuckling.

Even Jin and Dyfus, who saw it in person, couldn't help but find it strange.

It's impossible to guess that the reason for the absence of anyone in the Magic Tower is simply due to the whims and craziness of Sandra Zipple.

In the center, there was a massive spiral staircase with an elevator in its center, but the elevator was not operational.

They hurriedly climbed the stairs.

The tower was much taller than it seemed from the outside.

Even when they sprinted, it felt like Joshua and the Spectre Corps on the intermediate floor weren't approaching quickly.

This reflected the urgency that Jin and Dyfus felt because they feared the blueprints might be lost during the ongoing battle.


The group soon felt the vibrations of the battle again, a sign that they had reached the middle floor.

They opened the imposing iron door that was firmly closed.

The Spectre Corps was, indeed, the Spectre Corps.

Even in the midst of a fierce battle, they immediately shot a mana bolt towards Jin as soon as the door opened.


The bolt was deflected by Dyfus, with the blade of his large sword, Volgar.

The Spectres didn't let panic set in and reorganized their formation as more enemies arrived.

Jin and Dyfus couldn't help but grind their teeth as they assessed the situation.

Damn it, it's four.

They were hoping for between two and four, but of course, it had to be four.

Joshua and Jane had been fighting against those four Spectres until Jin and his group arrived.

Jin and his group approached Joshua. He was breathing heavily but not severely injured.

However, the problem lay with the Black Knight, Jane.

Jane had injuries ranging from minor to moderate, with bleeding from small and large wounds scattered all over her body.

There were even some deep wounds that could be fatal.

A Black Knight might have a chance to fight in a 2v2 scenario, but facing four Spectres meant she had to put her life on the line.

Moreover, they were in Zipple's territory, inside the Magic Tower, and it was very possible that the Spectres used the tower's special devices or energies to enhance their magic beyond their normal capabilities.

It was evident that Jane's injuries, of course, were the result of her protecting Joshua.

It was natural for a Black Knight to protect the next patriarch of the Family...

But isn't the Joshua present here just a clone?

Hasn't the Black Knight realized that Joshua is a clone?

Damn it.

'The best sword of the Family sacrificed to protect a simple clone.'

Jin's blood boiled, and he wanted to slit Joshua's throat right there, but not the clone, the original.

However, Jin didn't overlook a crucial fact in the midst of all this.

Joshua still doesn't have the blueprints.

As cowardly as he is, Joshua's assessment is not entirely wrong.

If he had obtained the blueprints, he would have told the Black Knight to escape with the blueprints, saying that he would somehow hold off the enemy.

Even hidden behind a mask, Joshua would undoubtedly have an expression of surprise and happiness.

The expression came from the fact that they had successfully seized information about the Second Magic Tower and had arrived earlier than expected, giving them the opportunity to turn the tables.

"Fourth and Twelfth Flagbearers."

"Hey, aren't you going to greet me again? Can't you see me? Eh? Are you blind?"

"...And Murakan-nim. I will explain the situation later...."

"No need for that, Second Flagbearer."

Jin cut off Joshua's words and unsheathed his sword.

"Instead, tell me immediately the location of the blueprints. Let me tell you in advance that if you refuse to cooperate, you will be considered responsible for obstructing the mission and executed immediately. You know very well that I don't make empty threats."


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