IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 146




A hunger strike. Isaac felt a slight headache.

Currently, he acted like an uncle who loved his niece so much that he even imprisoned her, pretending not to have escaped the blessing of Liena.

If he continued with his performance, he would have to feed Liena even if he had to beg. Or should he directly force himself to feed her?

But the problem was that he didn't feel like making that much effort.

Moreover, Liena's behavior of threatening Isaac was very annoying.

Looking at Liena now, he didn't have the confidence to simply give her a good meal and be done with it.

"What should I do about it?"

Isaac stared at the closed door for a while and then raised the corner of his mouth.

"All right, I've decided."

Meanwhile, inside the room, Liena kept her ear close to the door, watching Isaac's reaction.

Liena, who had pulled out her biggest weapon, the hunger strike, appeared confident.

During the last ten years, Liena had achieved many things she wanted through fasting.

Memories of the moment she received formal approval from her father and her two brothers to date Mikhail came to her mind.

- "Liena! This dad gives up!"

- "This brother also gives up!"

- "I apologize for being disrespectful to His Highness the Crown Prince!"

- "I won't do that again, so please at least take a spoonful of soup."

- "You missed a meal. If you continue like this, you'll be in real trouble!"

- "Don't abuse your body that way, but hit me! Even if you hit me with a stick, I'll gladly accept it!"

The three took turns and occasionally all came at once to stop Liena's hunger strike.

Liena would wait until they truly reflected and then forgive them as if she couldn't win.

After that, the three expressed their dissatisfaction, but for fear of Liena's fasting, they couldn't openly oppose her dating Mikhail.

Haha, while reminiscing about the happy days with her family, laughter naturally flowed from Liena's lips.

"It was so good back then."

Comparing it to the present, Liena felt depressed and shook her head vigorously.

"I will never give in to Ethel and will definitely regain the happiness I had back then with these hands."

To do that, Isaac first had to come to his senses and open this door.

- "Liena."

Finally, Isaac's voice came from beyond the door.

- "This uncle's heart breaks just at the thought that you don't want to eat."

- "Really? Then open the door quickly..."

- "But if that's what you want, it's my duty as an uncle to respect it."

- "Eh?"

- "Because now you're an adult. You can decide what to eat at your own discretion."

- "Wait a moment, uncle!"

- "I will take the food. However, if you starve for too long, your body will suffer, so I hope you fast in moderation."

- "Wait! If you really respect my wishes, get me out of here! I want to get out of here!"

Liena pounded the door and shouted loudly, but the response she received was firm.

- "That is not allowed. It's dangerous out there."

- "Then you're not respecting my wishes!"

- "I'm sorry. I can't just listen to that. Instead, I will grant your wish to fast."

- "What?"

- "So fast in moderation."

- "No, the logic is strange. You say you respect me, but why don't you listen to my request to leave and only allow me to fast?"

Although Liena argued with him, Isaac simply repeated what he said a moment ago like a parrot.

- "I'll come back when you feel like eating again. I also have work to do, so see you later."

- "Uncle? Uncle!"

The sound of footsteps faded slowly.

- "What should I do now?"

In the end, Liena got angry and kicked the nearby trash can.

It's not like she was talking to a wall; it's the first time in her life that she had so much difficulty communicating with someone.

She had heard that Isaac's personality was as eccentric as Roland's, but she never thought she would experience it herself.

- "...Even the uncle?"

Although she had a sinister feeling, Liena tried to erase the useless thought from her head.

That can't be possible. Isn't it Isaac who broke into Cassius's house and rescued Liena from almost being taken to the hospital?

"I guess he's just doing that because his affection for me is overwhelming. My uncle has always had a twisted side."

Duke Cassius got very angry more than once when he tried to take Liena away, saying she would be his daughter.

Just wait and see. Despite all his respect, he wasn't a great man who could just sit and watch Liena starve.

She could see Isaac running to this room in just a few hours, worried about Liena.

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