IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 152




The news was announced five days after Conejito announced plans to build a warp portal.

[The Duke Cassius dismisses Liena Cassius and erases her from the family record.]

This was the moment when Liena Cassius could no longer be called by that name.

Additionally, the duke made it clear that there was no connection between Cassius and the warp portal construction plan, and the duchy could not guarantee investors a return on their investment.

This caused a great stir in the society of the Asteroth Empire, comparable to that of five days ago.

The commotion was great because the entire empire knew how much Duke Cassius loved his daughter.

Why did he abandon his daughter, whom he treated with so much affection?

Due to the circumstances and the Duke's announcement, people couldn't help but speculate that the reason for the dismissal was related to the warp portals.

Public opinion, which was divided in half, quickly turned negatively towards Conejito.

Conejito maintained its attitude towards reporters who formed a long line in front of the company, saying that it was only the owner's personal matter and that there was no problem with the warp portal construction plan.

However, few people believed this, and some even seemed to have inquired about the imperial family.

Thus, two days after the announcement, the imperial family announced that Liena's engagement to Prince Mikhail had not been temporarily postponed but had been completely canceled.

Now, the only people defending Conejito's side were some members of Liena's fan club.

From early in the morning, when the imperial family made the announcement, a crowd of people, including reporters, investors, and spectators, flocked to Conejito.

Even the security guards hired by Conejito at a high price were not enough to stop them.

"Give me back my money!"

"This is my investment! Please at least return the principal amount!"

"Ask the group owner to come here!"

In particular, investors, who feared losing their investment, went crazy, grabbed the top employees, and caused a commotion.

In the end, fearing that the situation would escalate into a bloody one, security forces were sent to calm the people.

When the situation reached this point, the emperor himself stepped forward and ordered the security forces to investigate whether Conejito's fraud suspicions were true.

However, while the security team raided Conejito and investigated, suspicious circumstances were detected.

Conejito's managers had already disappeared, and only low-level employees remained at the scene.

Most of the funds stored in safes and banks had also disappeared.

The ambitious warp portal construction plan they announced also seemed ineffective.

The security forces found no evidence within the company indicating that the warp portal construction plans were progressing as announced earlier.

On the desk, there were only a few sheets of decent and poorly written plans.

The next day, when this truth was revealed to the world, the world turned upside down.

The Conejito Merchant Group, which was considered the leader in business until recently, has now become the cruelest merchant group in the world.

The anger of those who did not suffer direct harm from Conejito was also significant.

This was because the plan to build the warp portals spread throughout the continent, causing other countries to ridicule the Asteroth Empire itself.

In summary, it was a shame for the country and hurt the high pride of the empire's people.

Public sentiment rose like a wave of anger, seeking a target to vent their rage.

However, it was confirmed that the remaining employees had been hired only a few days ago and didn't even know the details of the company's situation, so there was no basis for punishment.

Citizens demanded in abundance that those who were fleeing be caught, and the security forces officially began a search.

Among them, the most attacked person was Liena, the owner of the Conejito company and who played the role of hostess due to her original popularity.

That night, I was nestled in Terence's arms, reading the newspaper.

"Is there any interesting article?"

My body instantly tensed at the sweet voice that reached my ears.

I looked at Terence, who was smiling.

Really, every time I felt that I had gotten used to him a little, that man gave a new sense of tension every time.

Before I knew it, the number of times I received help from him to increase my divine power had exceeded five fingers.

"Nothing special, just reading the previous article about Conejito."

In the newspaper, there was a flag above a bunny that had been trampled by people and torn to shreds.

The sight of the crumpled and torn bunny felt somewhat lonely.

"Life is very unpredictable."

"I agree."

I remained lost in thought for a moment and then opened my mouth.

"Terence, there is someone I would like to meet. Can you arrange a meeting?"

The person she was trying to meet was not in a place where she could easily meet someone.

In a way, it could be said that he was a more difficult opponent to face than the emperor of this empire.

"Yes, I will take care of it."

However, upon hearing the name of the person, Terence responded willingly without a moment of hesitation.

"...Don't you even ask why?"

"If Ethel requests it, there must be a good reason. Although, of course, I am curious because it is related to Ethel."

While Terence said that, he took a grape from the fruit basket on the nightstand and put it in my mouth.

I took it silently and ate it, jokingly.

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