IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 154




"How could Dad do this to me?" 

Liena's voice, tinged with shock and betrayal, echoed throughout the interrogation room.

Duke Cassius simply lowered his head.

"I'm sorry. If I had known you would surrender like this, I wouldn't have gone so far as to break our relationship."

"Surrender? Who said I surrendered? I haven't done anything wrong!"

"You didn't surrender?"

The investigator cleared his throat under the duke's gaze.

"...Yes, there was a mistake due to the report that she came alone. Currently, the suspect denies all charges and claims that Isaac Cassius committed fraud on his own."

The expression on Duke Cassius distorted.

"I thought you attacked Isaac by accident and then felt guilty and surrendered."

His voice trembled slightly.

"Not only that, but you came here to blame your uncle for your sins."

"Dad, investment fraud was really done by my uncle!"

"How can you blame Isaac, who hid and took care of you until now?"


"I just met with Isaac, and he was worried about you even when lying in the hospital bed. He thinks you probably did it because you were mentally stressed, so he doesn't want you to blame yourself too much."

"Do you believe that, Dad?"

Liena was so embarrassed that she felt like she was going crazy.

"Isaac, that person is the one who imprisoned me and starved me. If I wanted to escape from that hellish place, I had no choice but to hit him!"

Despite Liena's shout, the duke asked disdainfully.

"Do you really need to insult him with such absurd comments just because Isaac advised you to surrender?"

"Ha, who said I surrendered?"

"The people working in the mansion have already testified. Isaac was worried about you and urged you to surrender, but they said you hit him with a blunt object."

"There was no one there! All those people are scammers conspiring with Isaac!"

However, not only the duke but also the investigator looked at Liena as if she were a complete liar.

"...you chose someone to blame again. Elliot Rudd last time, my brother this time."

"Why do you only believe what others say and not what I say?"

"Do you really not know the reason?"

Liena hesitated and took a step back under the duke's dry gaze.

"I don't understand. I should be angry right now, but Dad blames me."

Tears welled up in Liena's eyes.

"It's true, I deceived you at first, but once you adopted me, you have to take responsibility to the end. How can you abandon a relationship so easily as if throwing something away?"

"It wasn't easy. And the only responsibility I can take is to provide relief to the victims who lost their properties because of you, who were once my daughter. They are innocent."

Edman Cassius turned his head even in the face of his daughter's tears, who always acted as if the world would collapse whenever she saw him.

"But if you show no reflection or remorse and simply pass your mistakes on to others, I have nothing more to do for you."

"It's not too late! Cancel the decision to break our relationship and return me to my original state right now!"

"I can't do that."

"If my father abandons me, I won't be a noble anymore. If falsely accused of doing this as a commoner, even if the victims are compensated, I'll rot in prison for the rest of my life! Are you okay with that?"

"Of course, I'm not okay with that. But if that's the price you have to pay."

"I really wasn't responsible for the investment fraud!"

"...I hope that someday in prison, you admit your mistakes and sincerely reflect on them."

The duke closed his eyes tightly and took a step back.

"Dad! Where are you going?"

Liena jumped and tried to run towards the duke, but the inspector stopped her.

"Go back! This is your last chance! If this continues, our relationship will really end!"

Duke Cassius, striding towards the door, never looked at Liena.


"For some reason, does it look good...?"

The location is the Royal Capital Hospital. I was watching a man sitting on a hospital bed, drinking wine elegantly.

"Oh, Viscountess Lucibiu. Did you come for a visit?"

Isaac Cassius, looking well and very excited, looked at me calmly.

"Can a patient drink like this?"

I sat in the chair next to the hospital bed and placed the fruit basket I had brought on the floor.

"It's no different from torture if you don't drink alcohol on a happy day like this. Is that a visiting gift?"

"Yes, I came to visit the hospital."

"Then I'll have a good snack."

I asked Isaac, who was happily unpacking the fruit basket.

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