LWTG (Novel) Chapter 517



A massive mouth appeared in front of Hercules.

It was a mouth that showed its teeth as white as snow and tried to swallow Hercules. It was "Starving and Hungry Appetite."

A Name of such a high rank that even a High-Ranker could be eaten in one bite.

But the opponent was Hercules.

[The "Lightning Bolt" resides in the "Yggdrasil Club."]

[The power of a giant rests in your arms.]

[The "Hero of Gigantomachy" rests in your arms.]


The Club in Hercules' hand shone with a golden light.


Starving and Hungry Appetite's mouth disappeared into black ashes. Moreover, the Lightning Bolt that came out of the Club completely eliminated the Outers flying and approaching.


At the same time the Club emitted a Lightning Bolt, the ground shook.

It wasn't any special ability or power that worked.

It was the sound of something heavy that made the ground vibrate coming from afar.

"A giant?"

"Even if it's a giant... Isn't it too big?"

It was the "Highest Towering Giant," whose body rose high in the sky through the clouds.

No one could miss it, even if the giant was walking from very far, far away.

The giant's size was so overwhelming that it could be felt from this distance.

Indeed, even the Giants on the battlefield, including Gigäntes, who was the King of the Giants, seemed like a dwarf in front of the "Highest Towering Giant."

It was the moment when the flow that had been surpassed by Hercules was changed once again by a single existence.


The giant's target was one.

It was Hercules, who was sweeping through this battlefield.


The giant swung its fist toward Hercules.

It was a type that changed the terrain with just one step.

If it waved its hand, maybe even a small island would disappear.

The norm was to dodge the punch of such a giant.



Hercules did not dodge that punch and took it.

Kuji, kukuku-!

Hercules' legs didn't bend when he took the giant's punch with his body.

Instead, the ground on which he stood sank down, creating a deep and wide crater.

But anyway.


Hercules took the giant's punch with strength.



It wasn't just taking it.


The giant's body flipped upside down and rose upward.

It was Hercules who was lifting the giant with all his strength, with the fist that crushed his body firmly grasped with both hands.

[The power of a giant rests in both arms.]

["Giant Slayer" confronts "Highest Towering Giant."]



Hercules threw the giant in the direction of the Outers. A bright light surged over the giant that crashed into the ground, losing balance.

Craack, craack-!

In an instant, the giant's body lying on the ground appeared before Hercules' golden eyes, rising above the clouds through a Lightning Bolt.

Shaking his head, dizzy, the giant slowly got up.

Hercules threw a Lightning Bolt at the giant with all his might.



Hercules' lightning struck the giant's body. The Lightning Bolt, which could easily destroy a city, even for a giant of great stature, is not easy to resist.


Thud, thud!


A rain of Lightning Bolts fell from the sky.

As the Lightning Bolt rain ceased, Hercules' body fell vertically toward the giant.

At that moment...

A pillar of Lightning Bolts rose into the sky with a sound so loud that it wiped out all other sounds.



Son OhGong, who had turned into a Yokai and was massacring the Outers, was already halfway destroyed.

As strong as Son OhGong was, he didn't form a team.

Or rather, he couldn't form a team.

In his current state, it was difficult for him to distinguish between friends and foes.


A pillar of light rising into the sky.

This could be seen with the naked eye even from a distance on the battlefield.


Son OhGong stopped fighting and bared his teeth.

Around him were many corpses. There were also many living Outers, but Son OhGong's gaze was not directed at them.

The pillar of Lightning Bolts rising into the sky.

And the flow of Arcane Power felt within.

Son OhGong's interest had already shifted to that place.


Son OhGong's nails had grown to almost a foot. The remaining red eye had turned half golden, getting much closer to that of a Yokai.

In an instant, Son OhGong's energy headed towards the tall pillar of light.

It was then...

"Wake up!"


Son OhGong's hand reached out reflexively at the voice coming from his side.

Along with the finely cut skin, drops of blood splattered and landed on OhGong's face.

If he hadn't instinctively dodged, his head would have been split in half.

But Pandora, with a cut cheek, had an indifferent expression.

"Wake up!"

The same phrase repeated.

Son OhGong's pupils, which had been horizontally torn, dilated greatly. It seemed like he was trying to wake up gradually, and Son OhGong opened his mouth to speak.


"It's Pandora. Fool."

Pandora reached out her hand to Son OhGong.

At a glance, it could be seen that he was not in his right mind. It was unknown how much crazier he would become if left like this.



Did the word "fool" touch a nerve?

Son OhGong gritted his teeth and extended his hand with more anger.




The hand reaching towards Pandora was blocked halfway. The hand advancing forcefully to pierce the eyes and penetrate the head was stopped by a long, slender tree that sprouted from below.


The tree spread over Son OhGong's hand and bound his body.

"Are you okay?"

Pandora turned her head upon hearing the voice coming from the side.

The one who stopped Son OhGong's hand was Vishnu, with green hair covering half of his face and a pale complexion.

Pandora, herself, nodded.

Apart from a small scratch on her cheek, she had no injuries.

"He can't distinguish between friends and enemies, right?"

"It's because he's so exhausted."

Pandora looked at Son OhGong pityingly.

Son OhGong was struggling and kicking to free himself from the tree. He had knocked down many Outers on the battlefront.

Even if he had unlimited Arcane Power and used Yokai Power, he couldn't have infinite stamina.

If he had been in good shape, even Vishnu's abilities wouldn't have been enough to bring him down.

"A little rest will cure him."

Pandora reacted calmly, unsure if she had overcome the crisis of death.

As expected, Son OhGong soon stopped kicking and looked around in confusion.

"What is this?"

Son OhGong asked, turning his head to look at his own figure tied to a tree.

When he saw Pandora and Vishnu, he asked incredulously:

"What did I do wrong?"

"You just tried to kill her."


OhGong's eyes widened. Then, he tilted his head deeply.

"I'm sorry."

"Let him go now," Pandora requested. Vishnu nodded and released Son OhGong from his bindings.

Son OhGong sat on the ground, dejected.

Vishnu looked away from Son OhGong and turned to Pandora.

"Where is Kim YuWon?"

He had arrived late to the battle, but he knew something of what was going on.

YuWon, Hercules, and Pandora had headed outside the Tower.

He wasn't sure how they had managed to cross, but he didn't question it. In fact, since the battle started, none of the three had been seen.

But two of them had returned.

The only one missing was YuWon.

"He's still there."


"He's fighting something incredible."

The answer was a bit vague, but Vishnu accepted it.

"Well, it's not like he's going to hang out there, so..."

YuWon had always fought in the most difficult places.

The fact that he hadn't shown up in this battle, where everyone in the Tower was working together, meant that something bigger was happening.


The thrilling Lightning-Type Arcane Power could be felt in the distance. The earthquake created by Hercules' punches and club could also be sensed.





Suddenly, the attention of the Outers shifted to Hercules, not Son OhGong. Seeing the viscous purple lumps passing by, Vishnu snorted.

"It's incredible. Both facing that giant alone and changing the atmosphere of this vast battlefield."


The Hero of Gigantomachy. Giant Slayer. The Heir of Zeus.

There were many ways to refer to him. Indeed, in recent years, he had been the one who had risen in rank the fastest after YuWon.

However, even so, Vishnu had never thought that Hercules would be this good.

At this rate, he might even be better than Zeus at handling Lightning Bolt.


"He's forcing himself too much."

Son OhGong, who had been a bit down, picked up the Ru Yi Bang rolling to the side and looked in Hercules' direction.

"He knows the situation is not favorable. He will do whatever it takes to change it in his favor."

"Even by forcing himself like that?"

Son OhGong nodded.

He had fought alongside Hercules for a long time, along with YuWon.

That's why he knew better than anyone the weaknesses of Hercules.

"A guy who never had much Arcane Power suddenly is going to have more than enough. He seems stronger than before, but the lack of energy is a chronic problem that can't be fixed even in thousands of years."

Hercules' main advantage was his unparalleled strong body.

With just that, Hercules became a Ranker who stood shoulder to shoulder with the strongest in the Tower, like YuWon, Son OhGong, and Odin.

Now, on top of that, he had gained Lightning Bolt, allowing him to use Arcane Power of a type he couldn't use before. However, the amount of Arcane Power he had was far from that.

No matter how incredible the abilities acquired, one cannot surpass the limit of statistics.

On top of that...

"He has already fought a lot before coming here."

He had already fought many battles on the way here, along with Pandora.

As strong as Hercules was, with his steel-like strength and endurance, he couldn't avoid getting tired.

"I guess he's very tired now."

Upon hearing Pandora's words, Son OhGong's expression became serious.

He hadn't started rampaging since he arrived here, but had been fighting for a long time already.

"That guy..."

With that thought in mind, Son OhGong began to walk with tired steps.

"...Is he planning to die?"


Even so, the Lightning Bolt did not cease.


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