LWTG (Novel) Chapter 520


It was at the moment when Zeus had just arrived in the future.

Mimir, who had just awakened from a long sleep, gathered all his comrades.

"Everything is confirmed."

After saying that, Mimir turned his head towards where Zeus was.

Naturally, everyone's gazes turned to Zeus. He was the only person who had come from the past to the future.

"Confirmed? What do you mean by that?"

Zeus asked to understand the situation.

According to Mimir's words, YuWon and Son Ohgong had gone to the past. And their arrival here also had the purpose of some kind of "confirmation."

"In the first attempt, Chronos sacrificed himself."

The Clock Mechanism.

The item that sent YuWon to the past.

To create that item and make it work successfully, Chronos sacrificed himself.

"Then it was you. If I can come from here, I thought I could also come from there."

"Was it successful?"

"Yes. You are the proof."

Mimir extended two fingers.

"The experiment with you was twofold. The movement from the past to the future. And the existence of the "path" created in the first attempt."


"What is that?"

They were expressions of confusion.

It seems that only Mimir and Odin, two people, correctly understood the words.

Because they were the ones with the most experience in the two fields of science, time, and magic.

"When Chronos first created the Clock Mechanism, what was needed to send a person to the past was 'connection.'"

To explain it, Mimir moved his hand and drew two circles in the air.

Following Mimir's gesture, a line was drawn between the circles. Thus, two separate worlds were connected.

"Two worlds running in parallel. Connecting two worlds that could never meet was the most difficult task."

The person who first accomplished this most difficult task was Chronos.

There was no one better than him in the field of time. After all, Chronos was a Ranker who could manipulate time at will.

"The first attempt was a success. The second attempt was to see if we could come here from the other side."

"Only tell us the conclusion. Is it possible?"

To Hercules' question, Mimir shook his head.

"It's impossible from this side."

"From this side, then...?"

"It means it's possible from the other side. And I exist there too."

Mimir trusted himself.

If it were his past self, he would surely think the same.

"Once a path has been connected, it can be widened."

When Mimir waved his hand, the line connecting the two circles thickened.

"The wider the path, the lower the cost to enter. At first, it was Chronos, then my eye, and then the eye of my past self..."

"Do you always have to pay a price?"

Hercules' gaze turned to Odin.

With a look that asked if you knew too, Odin nodded.

It was Odin who finally gave in after a long time of persuading Mimir. Mimir, with a bandaged eye, sacrificed one of his eyes to send Son Ohgong.

"It's a job to widen the path. To go back and forth between two lines of the world running in parallel and could never meet, there is no other way but to constantly open paths."

"Then, who will be next?"

"Why are you asking the obvious? If Kim Yuwon and Son Ohgong went, the next is Hercules."

YuWon, Son OhGong, and Hercules.

Those three were candidates who had been mentioned since the first Clock Mechanism was created.

Two of them have already traveled to the past. Now, only one person remained: Hercules.


"We won't be able to win with a few."

Zeus shook his head, saying it was not possible with so few.

In the last moment, Zeus gave everything in the battle against Foolish Chaos.

Still, Zeus couldn't kill Foolish Chaos.

It was not known how many more beings were lurking behind them, but it was clear that the situation would not change much even if Hercules joined.

"I guess you know, right?"

Mimir nodded as if an explanation was needed.

"Yes, it's not possible with a few."

"Then, how many are going?"

At Zeus' question, Mimir looked around with the eye he had left.

All the comrades who had survived in this world had gathered in one place.

If they were only going to move a few, they wouldn't have bothered to gather.

"All, all of us."



Son OhGong held on by gripping the Ru Yi Bang. His clothes were tattered, and his energy was at its limit, but still, a smile escaped him.


The figures of his comrades reflected in his eyes.

A flash of white light. And the sound of the second hand he had just heard.

It was undoubtedly the same phenomenon that Son OhGong experienced when he traveled to the past.

"What is happening?"

Hercules, who was kneeling and half unconscious, got up from his place, gripping his Club.

A large number of Rankers suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

Where did they come from?

"What is happening?"

Son OhGong kept laughing.

Just when he was about to answer Hercules' question.


A Lightning Bolt fell from the sky.

A burly man with green hair appeared with a loud noise.

And that was Son OhGong's answer.

"As you can see."


Hercules looked at Hercules.

It seemed like he had a shoulder broader than him. The face was the same, but there were some more scars on the body, and one arm was missing.

One thing that Hercules could confirm through his body was:

'This is how others will feel when they see me.'

Hercules had the strongest body in the Tower. Therefore, he had never felt a sense of reverence towards someone for their physique.

But who would have thought that he would feel that sensation in himself.

"It feels like looking in a mirror."

Future Hercules looked at past Hercules and murmured.

Then, he looked at Son OhGong, who was standing with trembling legs, gripping the Ru Yi Bang.

"Are you okay? You look tired."

"What did you do?"

"Mimir on this side sent a signal. We all came together in response to that signal. We were able to come thanks to his sacrifice."


A question mark appeared on Son OhGong's face.

It seemed like he didn't understand what he was saying.

Hercules finally gave in to explain.

"I'll explain it to you in more detail later, okay?"


Son OhGong nodded.

He, knowing he wasn't very smart, thought he couldn't understand the unfolding situation.

So, instead of asking for details, Son OhGong asked the question that interested him the most.

"Are they going to stay here forever?"

"Probably not."


"He said we could only be here for a maximum of half a day. Instead of bringing a few of us, he brought all of us, but that's why our time here is so short."


Future Hercules punched, and the approaching Distorted Being Intelligent was thrown away.

The Power of Lightning emanated from his fist.

Faced with that force, Son OhGong opened his eyes wide and asked:

"Can you do that too?"

As far as he knew, the future Hercules had never used things like Lightning.

So, when Hercules suddenly shot a Lightning Bolt from his fist, he couldn't help but be surprised.

"I got it from Zeus, who switched sides to ours. It took me a while to get used to it, but..."

"What do you mean by that?"

"...Something like that."

It seemed that Hercules had given up on the explanation, sighed, and shook his head.

Upon reflection, they themselves had pretended that Zeus was alive. With such limited time, it was not possible to explain everything now.

"Well, it doesn't matter."

Son OhGong calmed his trembling legs and raised the Ru Yi Bang, which he was using as a staff.

"Thanks to that, I was able to catch my breath."

"And Kim YuWon? Isn't he here?"

"That bastard went to the other side of the wall."

Son OhGong didn't give that answer; it was the current Hercules.

Looking at the past Hercules, who had both arms intact, Hercules asked with a frown.

"To the other side of the wall? Do you mean that place?"

"Probably, right now, he's fighting against Yog-Sothoth."


The more he listened, the more ridiculous it seemed.

Yog-Sothoth was an enemy they themselves had never been able to defeat.

And that enemy was being faced alone by YuWon, and that too on the other side of the wall.

He didn't know what had happened to YuWon, who had been the first to get there.

He glanced at Son OhGong for an explanation, but he shrugged and showed a mocking expression.

"If I tell you, will you understand?"


Hercules fell silent.

He received exactly the same words he had said himself a moment ago. Both were in the same situation, and it was challenging to understand the situation perfectly.

Son OhGong laughed at seeing Hercules' reaction, who was left dumbfounded.

"Don't try to understand it; let that guy take care of it."

The Golden Cinder Eyes shone again in Son OhGong's eyes.

"So, from now on..."

And at the same time...

Puff, puff, puff!

Countless clones riding the Flying Nimbus appeared over Son OhGong's head.

"We'll start the counterattack!"


Countless stars plummeted down from the sky of the desert.

The Sky of the World, one of the Names of Yog Sothoth, created countless stars and moved them as if they were a part of itself.


The chaos covering the land swallowed the stars. Soon it flew towards the purple nebula covering the sky.

Specifically, it headed for the center of the nebula, where Nyarlathotep was.

Tsss, tsss.

The purple nebulae covering the sky moved to counteract the chaos of Azathoth.

The Nonexistent Void.

And the name "Foolish Chaos" began to absorb Amorphous Chaos.

"It seems you've become quite skilled at using the Names."

Amorphous Chaos, under YuWon's control, began to stir.

"So, you considered yourself the owner of that Name for a long time, huh?"

The chaos, which grew larger and took the form of a giant wolf with fangs, swallowed the sky.

[Unnamed Huge]

One of the names Nyarlathotep had.

Like a giant organism swallowing the sun, it began to hide the countless stars shining in the sky.

And then...

"I've only thought about this day, this moment."


The giant chaos covering the sky met a purple energy and entangled itself.


The two Names merged and dispersed in the sky. YuWon dove into the cloud of light falling like jewel dust.


Around him, dozens of Lightning Bolts appeared.


The Lightning Bolts turned black and blended with two attributes.

And thus, with the formed Lightning Bolts,


[The 'Golden Cinder Eyes' reveal the true form of Nyarlathotep.]

[The 'Sensory Field' is activated.]

In the turbulent chaos, YuWon found Nyarlathotep.


A rain of Lightning Bolts shooting at a point. Immediately after, the tip of the sword YuWon held in his hand cut Nyarlathotep's torso.


As Nyarlathotep's torso was cut, a long line was drawn in the sky. The stars cut by the sword fell to the ground, but the result was not very satisfactory.

"You don't even have a form anymore."

"Now, I am the world. You know that, right?"

"Yes, I know."

The desert began to shake, and the sky began to crack.

"Unless this world is destroyed, I won't die even if I'm cut, torn, or burned. I..."

The angry sky screamed.

"I won't abandon this world like you did."

In those words, YuWon saw a small child.

Now he understood a little why Nyarlathotep had turned against Azathoth.

And why, unlike Yog-Sothoth, he did not admire Azathoth.

"It seems you haven't escaped from being that hungry child yet, huh?"


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