LWTG (Novel) Chapter 522


The situation on the battlefield began to change rapidly.

Bang, bum-!

The two Hercules stretched their fists and swung their clubs at different enemies.

Son OhGong wielded his staff between the two Hercules, and the three stood together at the forefront of the battlefield.

And above their heads...

Craaack, craaack-le~

Zeus gathered Arcane Power with his shining golden eyes.

For a considerable time.

The lightning accumulating in the sky, again and again, formed a figure resembling a flower.

A Lightning Flower that shone beautifully with a golden color.

Just before releasing that power, Zeus opened his mouth.

"I have no intention of taking responsibility even if they get caught up in this mess."

[Thunderstorm (雷英雨)]


Bang, bum!

From the accumulated Lightning Flower, thousands of lightning bolts fell.

An ability with enough power to change the battlefield in an instant.

The comrades fighting alongside him were stunned by that skill of unimaginable reach.

"As expected..."

"In a battlefield like this, no one is as good as Zeus."

Zeus's lightning was different from Hercules', who concentrated lightning in one point.

If Hercules was more specialized in one-on-one combat, Zeus showed his overwhelming power in the fight against multiple opponents.

If he wished, he could have easily turned a city into a desolate field.

"I don't know what happened, but..."

Arcangel Michael, leading the Rankers in place of Lee Rangjin, who had left due to a serious injury, murmured.

"It seems like we're winning..."

[The king of Asgard hovers over the battlefield.]

[All attributes increase.]

[Resists all negative effects.]


Although Odin was dead, how did that effect persist?


It wasn't necessary to understand.

That could be expected.

Now was the time to secure this victory.



Miguel's wings on his back spread fully. As his white clothes and wings fluttered, Arcane Power began to emanate from his entire body.


Miguel's body turned into wind and flew.

The Rankers, who had seized the opportunity to make a comeback, unleashed their last strength and magic.

And in the midst of them,

Pandora was sweating as she threw punches at the Outers.



In the body of the Outer that was hit and blown away by Pandora's fists, a hole appeared.

But then,



A shadow loomed over Pandora's back.

An Outer with the same appearance as the one Pandora had defeated.

As if they were twins, the creature opened its mouth to swallow Pandora's body.

And at that moment,



Hercules' fist struck the head of the Outer.


Hercules, who appeared alongside a lightning bolt, looked at Pandora.

Pandora, who was tense, blinked and looked at Hercules.


A face that was familiar to her.


"You have a good eye. From your face, it seems like you're confused."

In the midst of battle, Hercules stood there for a moment to look at Pandora.

Although he had heard of her during his time on Olympus, Pandora did not exist in the future.

"I'm glad to have seen you at least once. You make a good couple, really."

Hercules, who smiled, soon walked away with a dull noise.

"...What is this?"

Several Rankers from the future already passed by Pandora's side to see her.

It all started with Son OhGong's words: "Kim YuWon's girlfriend."

Of course, there were some people who wanted to see the appearance of Pandora, one of the most beautiful women in the Tower.

At that moment when she was trying to regain her senses to resume fighting.


In Pandora's eyes, the familiar figure of someone appeared.


He shouldn't be here.

Rubbing her eyes with dusty hands, Pandora frowned.

Surely, it seemed like she had seen him entering some kind of white radiance.



Tic-tac, tic-tac, tic-tac.

A sound he hadn't heard in a long time.

YuWon walked through the swirl of white light and paid attention to that sound.

"Somehow, they managed to do something like this."

YuWon looked around at the path that connected the future and the present.

This path probably wouldn't be permanent either. In fact, he felt that the space he was walking in real-time was gradually narrowing.

But even if that was the case, how was it possible to connect two timelines that couldn't meet in one space?

"How much have they sacrificed to do this?"


After feeling like he was stepping on emptiness for a long time, he finally felt the sensation of stepping on the ground.

Moreover, color filled YuWon's eyes, and the world beyond the white path appeared before him.


A stifling and unpleasant air that stung the nose.

A sky tinted with a dark purple color.

Kyaaaa, ooo, ooo.

The unpleasant howls of the Outers.

This world was like this everywhere.

YuWon looked for a moment at the destroyed world.

'I killed Nyarlathotep and Shub-Niggurath...'

The remaining Names.

The corner of YuWon's mouth curved as he looked at them.

"Good job, everyone."

He returned to the past with Son OhGong and thought that everything was in their hands.

But even during that time, they didn't stop. They continued fighting and preparing for what would come.

"Thanks to you all, the work has been much easier."

YuWon's gaze turned to the sky.

"Now, what remains is..."

It seemed like he might finish it much faster than he thought.


In the purple sky.

The nebula shining like the universe violently stirred.


The Sky of the World and The Nonexistent Void were agitating.

"It's been a long time, but... it's too soon to see you again."

YuWon looked at the creature from the midst of Azathoth and Kim YuWon with complex feelings.

It was for this creature that they abandoned this world.

"How could you..."


The nebula stirred, and the door within it began to open.

However, the door couldn't open at all.

"You don't have to bother coming out."

The throne cracked even more.

"I already know what you were preparing inside."


The Sky of the World was covered in immense chaos.

The stars forming the nebula faded into darkness, as if being absorbed by an infinite gravitational force.

The same happened with the main body of Yog-Sothoth, which was in the center of the nebula.


Yog-Sothoth, absorbed by the infinite gravitational force, disappeared without a trace.

From that guy's point of view, it must have been an absurd situation.

Azathoth, who couldn't be seen anywhere in this world and who, according to them, had died and disappeared, suddenly appeared here.


The sky that had been covered in immense chaos had turned into a dark night sky.

He wanted the last sky he saw to be a blue sky, but...

"Why does it have to be night?"

Crack, crack.

The cracks in the throne increased more and more.

YuWon's view blurred.

"Not much time left, huh?"

It seems his end is near.

YuWon wanted to accomplish three tasks at once with this decision.

That the dormant Azathoth, who had lost so many Names, would regain his former power.

And use that power to eliminate Yog-Sothoth from the future and make Azathoth's name naturally disappear.

Ultimately, all three were successful.

The only thing that could destroy the name of Azathoth was the power of Azathoth.

And now, he could feel that his name was slowly disappearing as it couldn't withstand Azathoth's power due to excessive use.


Proof of that was that the throne he was sitting on, the "Throne of the Wicked King," was gradually crumbling.


YuWon, who had descended to the ground, began to walk through the hallway again.

The path that Mimir opened, connecting time.

As he walked along that path, his strength weakened.


In the middle of the path connecting timelines, filled only with ticking sounds...

YuWon collapsed in a place he didn't know if it was the past, the future, or somewhere in between.

"Anyway, with this, did I do everything I had to do...?"

The disappearance of the Name.

Since he obtained Azathoth's name and memories, YuWon had been thinking of this kind of ending since then.

The problem was one.

It was that he couldn't immediately give up Azathoth's name because he had the future he left behind.

Even Azathoth couldn't freely travel between timelines across time.

That's why YuWon decided to delay this moment as much as he could.

He couldn't give up Azathoth's Name until he was certain he could return to the future.

Woo, woo~

It could be seen that his body was slowly fading, from feet to head.

What would happen to himself after giving up Azathoth's Name?

"Will I also disappear?"

Even at this moment, he remained confused.

Was he Kim YuWon or Azathoth?

If Azathoth disappeared, would his existence completely fade away?

It was a problem that he himself couldn't be sure of.

Would Azathoth fade away, or both?

Thus, sitting, YuWon murmured.

"Name... What was my name?"



One letter at a time, the Name fades away.

And then, soon, YuWon's Name also faded away.

The Name fades away.

Then, YuWon understood.

That the Name extinguishing meant that existence was forgotten by the law of cause and effect.

Like Chronos.

'I wondered why the old man turned out like that-.'

A scornful laugh escaped him.

'I guess it's because of this.'

In the past he returned to with the Clock Movement, Chronos became an Outer.

At that time, he didn't have time to think deeply about the reason. After all, YuWon wasn't the type to worry about issues that had no answers.

But he now understood.

The reason Chronos became an Outer.

It was because no one remembered the name "Chronos."

Only his footprints remained.

[Lost Void In Time]

That was Chronos's name after becoming an Outer.

His story, which included Olympus, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades...

Thanks to leaving traces somewhere, Chronos didn't completely fade away. Only the name "Chronos" disappeared.

The only reason that Chronos could fight alongside YuWon against Shub-Niggurath was one.

Because YuWon remembered his Name.

'So, for me...'

YuWon looked at his hands, which had become transparent, and thought.

'What will happen to me?'

If he faded away like this, he probably had the same fate as Chronos.

Maybe no one would remember him. Unlike Chronos, he himself had destroyed his Name, so he might have an even worse outcome.

Probably, in nine out of ten cases, no, in all cases, he would fade away.

It was then...

"What do you want to do after everything ends?"

A question that arose from the depths of his memory.

To that question, YuWon murmured.

"Why did that bastard have to say something like that...?"

Why did he leave him so uncomfortable in the end?

YuWon's words couldn't continue.

The person who should continue speaking had disappeared from that place.


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