LWTG (Novel) Chapter 526

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Side Story 2

Fortunately, the house was safe.

The dispute was resolved when Hercules, upon seeing YuWon draw his sword, retracted the tusk he had thrust at Son OhGong first.

And that night, Hercules rose from his seat, stating that he had to leave earlier than usual.

"My father has summoned me."


"What's happening? Why would he call you personally?"

"Son OhGong, you too."

"Eh? Me too? I don't want to!"

Heracles and Son OhGong.

Zeus called both of them at the same time.

In the current Tower, Olympus had transformed into a Grand Guild surpassing Asgard.

Thanks to Zeus and Hercules' ranks having increased much more than before.

Son OhGong, so to speak, was a mercenary of such Olympus.

In the Tower, disarrayed by Odin's death, there were hardly any forces that could resist Olympus with Son OhGong and Hercules present.

"It must be something important, right?"

YuWon felt an unusual flow in Zeus's call.

While it might be understandable to call Hercules, who belonged to Olympus, calling Son OhGong, who was difficult to control even under normal circumstances, meant that a strong hand was needed.

"Maybe we won't be able to come for a while."

"We've already come too often."

YuWon let them go without remorse.

There was no need to feel lonely.

At dawn, after the two had left, YuWon headed to the garden as usual.

There was no particular reason.

It was like a habit he had been following since before returning using the Clock Movement.


He repeated the regular breathing of inhaling and exhaling.

Consciousness sank deep below the surface of the water and soon arrived in another world.

In that place, YuWon fought every morning.


At first, with Son OhGong wielding the Ru Yi Bang.



Then, with Hercules wielding a Club wrapped in Lightning Bolt.

Sometimes, he also faced the two at the same time, and he also fought against Zeus or Odin.

-Boom, boom!

Under the depths of the water, the Lightning Bolts of YuWon and Zeus clashed.

Lightning Bolt was originally Zeus's specialty.

Unlike YuWon, who handled Lightning using the Uranus Heart, Zeus was a Ranker who handled Lightning-type magic from the beginning.

Facing such Zeus alone with Lightning Bolts was challenging.


'First of all, my advantage is not something like Lightning Bolts.'

YuWon's advantage was versatility.

Making the most of that was YuWon's best advantage.


YuWon crawled in front of Zeus, who was releasing Lightning Bolts.

With one hand, he held the 'Kusanagi Sword' to cut through the Lightning Bolts, and with the other, the 'Yata Mirror' to repel the Lightning Bolts.

And then...


The world distorted with the sound of the door opening.

YuWon's sensitivity returned to the surface.

The morning's fresh air cooled the hot sweat and passed through his face.


The moment he heard a bird's song, he realized with certainty.

The concentration broke, and at the same time, the battle with Zeus also faded away like an illusion.

"A guest?"

Son OhGong and Hercules had already left. Since they said they had urgent business, they wouldn't return the next day either.

So, the only person who could come to this house was one.

"...It's that guy again."


Aphrodite, Tsukuyomi, Pandora...

If there are beautiful women representing the Tower, on the other hand, there are handsome men representing the Tower.

Varuna was the most popular among those handsome men.

He was popular for being sociable and having a High-Ranker status.

And that man...

"Oh, Pandora-."

He had recently fallen in love with a woman.

"Today, you're beautiful again."

No, it was too long to say that it was recent.

Varuna knelt on one knee and carefully lifted a bouquet of flowers with both hands.

In front of him was Pandora, rubbing her sleepy eyes with one hand.

"You again?"

Pandora, who was very sleepy in the morning, glanced at him while yawning.

It was the nth time.

Varuna returned to his house after a few months, even if he was rejected.

It was obsessive love.

"Do you want to die?"

"If I lose my life in your delicate hands, I would accept it gladly..."


She couldn't really kill him.

Pandora covered her head with her hands and stuck out her tongue.

She realized that she could no longer eliminate the leech in front of her simply by blowing it away.


Footsteps were heard in the distance.

Although it was still far away, Pandora realized that YuWon was walking in the garden behind the house.

"If you continue, you'll get into trouble."

"I've bet everything."

Pandora shook her head with an expression of seeing a cockroach at Varuna's fiery gaze.

And then,


YuWon arrived between the two.

"I don't know..."

With the approach of the footsteps, Varuna's gaze turned to YuWon.

"Who are you?"

Varuna's power spread around. His eyes turned cold, and his sclera turned blue.

Shortly after, a bow appeared in his hand, surrounded by steam.

"Who is coming out of her house?"

"My husband."

The answer didn't come from YuWon but from Pandora.

Varuna's eyes wavered.


Did Pandora have a husband?

Varuna looked at YuWon's face.

YuWon's face, with black hair and eyes, was a fairly handsome face that was not common, but compared to Varuna, it was quite normal.

However, why?

'It seems like I've seen him somewhere.'

YuWon's face seemed familiar to Varuna.

But no matter how much he searched his memory, he couldn't recall.

In the end, Varuna thought it was likely that there was someone similar whom he was confusing.

"If I defeat this guy, will you accept my marriage proposal?"

With Varuna's jealous and fiery gaze, YuWon sighed.

It seems like this guy has also forgotten.

In these cases, YuWon found it uncomfortable when they forgot his name and face.



"I'll be back in a moment."

Pandora nodded, asking with a sweet voice, "And the food?"

"You eat first."

"No. I'll wait for you."

Did that conversation irritate him?

"How dare this guy speak like this in front of me?"

"Not suitable here."



Varuna's vision was blocked by a palm.

"First, let's change the location."

Varuna's body floated like a feather.

He realized that his head was being held by YuWon's hand, and he was floating in the air when they were already in the clouds.


Varuna, who was thrown to the ground, staggered and quickly got up.

At some point, the two had flown to a desert far from the city.

'It can't be. Did a nameless guy manage to do this to me?'

Varuna looked at YuWon with a confused expression.

He couldn't understand the situation at all.

Rank 516.

It was not a low rank.

Although he might be far from Pandora, a double-digit High-Ranker, there was by no means an easy find for someone stronger and more influential than Varuna in this vast Tower.

Moreover, for such a being, wouldn't it be natural for his name and face to be known?

"At first, it only bothered me a little."

YuWon sighed and approached Varuna.

"But I don't know why, but it became more and more annoying."

Ten years.

That was the time he had lived under the same roof as Pandora.

Furthermore, she was the only person who remembered him in the hundred or more dimensions.

After three years, YuWon accepted Pandora's feelings.

And during that time, Varuna had kept visiting Pandora constantly.

"Wake up, Varuna. If you don't stop here, you'll get into trouble."

"What nonsense are you talking about?"


Around them, a water cloud rose.

He was a Ranker who mastered water-element magic.

He created a huge blue bow in his hand and then aimed it at YuWon with the arrow.

"My name is Varuna. It doesn't matter if you're a Ranker from some rural village, tell me your name!"

"My name is Kim YuWon."

"Kim YuWon? Was there a Ranker with that name?"

"I'm not a Ranker. I'm not registered on the list."

Not only Players and Rankers had forgotten his name.

Tower inhabitants, even Administrators and their Envoys, had also forgotten.

Therefore, it was natural that YuWon's name had disappeared from the rank list managed by the Administrators and their Envoys.

"Aren't you a Ranker?"

Varuna's forehead wrinkled.

YuWon's words irritated him even more.

The fact that a non-Ranker dared to flirt with Pandora, the fact that he had been caught by that guy and brought here, and the fact that a non-Ranker spoke so informally to him...


A fresh Arcane Power enveloped the area.

A dragon-like wave surrounded the arrow.


The bowstring tightened. With his shining blue eyes, Varuna opened his mouth.

"I won't take your life. But please quietly stay away from her. You're not the right type for her. She is..."

Varuna, who stopped for a moment, bit his lip and let out a sad voice.

"Well. I might not be the right type for her either."

His voice, like pouring butter, made YuWon's blood boil.

Upon closer thought, YuWon hadn't had a good relationship with Varuna in the future either.

It was probably because of his overly sweet personality.

But the person who had fixed that personality was Kali.

Kali almost killed Varuna for flirting with her.

But in those days, every person was valuable, so she didn't kill him.

"It seems like I have to straighten things out a bit here, Varuna."

"It seems like you've gained confidence after the luck you had a moment ago. I like your confidence, but... oh! It burns!"

Varuna was surprised and touched his cheek with a hand as he felt the burning on his cheek.

At that moment, he wondered what that was.

"Should I tell you something?"

The blue water enveloping Varuna was invaded by a wave of golden lightning.

"Water and lightning are incompatible. I'm just saying because they are rare elements. Maybe you've never seen them together."

Dark clouds spread across the sky.

In YuWon's hand, a massive Lightning Bolt spear was surrounded by its power.

Even Varuna, who was a tactless and overconfident guy, couldn't ignore that the situation was strange.

"Eh, eh?"

Varuna stepped back in surprise.

And as he walked slowly toward Varuna, YuWon sent a calm message to Pandora with the hand that didn't hold the spear.

He told her that he would probably be late.


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