Heavenly Inquisition Sword (Novel) Chapter 2

C2 - Good Things Don’t Come Alone

Jang Haeun shook her head.

The dedication of the Seonu Family Leader to the Namgung Family was immeasurable.

However, her husband, Namgung Byeok, maintained a certain distance from the Seonu Family, despite both families being powerful in the martial arts world (Murim).

One day, intrigued by this attitude, she asked him the reason, and his answer was surprising. He said that if they got too close, the Seonu Family might suggest a marriage alliance.

Upon her observation, Namgung Byeok responded firmly:

"I can't live my life according to the desires of others, even if he doesn't like it."

"Ah, yes, I understand. But I'm curious about how you became sworn brothers in just seven days."

“Ha, ha, ha.”

At his wife's words, Namgung Byeok only laughed.

Unable to contain his curiosity, Namgung Cheon also intervened.

“Father, I’m very curious too. In the world, the only sworn brother you have is Uncle Yeon. How did you become sworn brothers?”

“Well, it’s not a mysterious or complicated story. If I have to say something, we saved each other's lives once. In that process, we learned to trust each other and aligned our goals.”

“Wow! Uncle Yeon saved your life?”

Namgung Cheon looked at his father with surprised eyes.

It was hard to believe that his father, known as the Sword Emperor, had received help from someone else.

Was Uncle Yeon's martial art that extraordinary?

“It’s rumored that you and Uncle Yeon defeated the Yoomyung Cult together... I didn’t know there was such a story.”

“They always say you should believe only half of what you hear.”

“Was it really that serious?”

Namgung Cheon was visibly surprised.

Namgung Byeok looked at his son and said:

“The Yoomyung Cult was not an ordinary sect, as many think. They had... unimaginable power. That we were able to defeat them was a matter of luck.”

Namgung Byeok shook his head as if recalling a horror.

“Is Uncle Yeon’s Moon-Splitting Swordsmanship that impressive?”

“Moon-Splitting Swordsmanship? Tsk! Where did you get that name? Uncle Yeon's swordsmanship is not that simple.”

“Really? Then what is it?”

Faced with his curious family, Namgung Byeok recalled the incident from six years ago.

The combined attacks of the five elders of the Yoomyung Cult were so terrifying that they still gave him chills.

He had learned not to underestimate those people. The situation became critical to the point of thinking he would die.

At that moment, a miracle occurred.

Yeon Muryong appeared like a tiger.

At his advance, the warriors of the Yoomyung Cult fell like rice stalks.

Later he learned that, just as he underestimated the Yoomyung Cult, they were not prepared for the unknown Yeon Muryong.

That lack of preparation decided the fate of both sides.

Yeon Muryong’s appearance disrupted the combined attacks.

In the moment of doubt among the elders of the Yoomyung Cult, Yeon Muryong beheaded one of them.

He still remembers that scene.

From the sky, nine sword rays descended.

Eight rays surrounded the enemies and one pierced the body of the Yoomyung Cult Elder. It was a perfect technique, impossible to evade.

In that brief moment when the remaining four elders were stunned, he launched his final technique, the Emperor’s Sword.

The Yoomyung Cult, having lost five Elders, collapsed.

The Cult Leader, Lunar Fairy, fled wounded by Yeon Muryong’s sword.

Although they did not capture the leader, the Yoomyung Cult disappeared from the world from that day.

After the battle, Yeon Muryong was called the Moon-Splitting Swordsman.

That name reflected the hope that Lunar Fairy would not reappear.

The day they burned the Yoomyung Cult's plaque, he asked Yeon Muryong about the technique he had seen.

“It’s called Nine Heavens Sword. It’s a swordsmanship that has been passed down in the Yeon family.”

Even now, recalling that day, his heart beats with excitement.

“The swordsmanship Uncle Yeon learned is the Nine Heavens Sword. It’s comparable to our family’s techniques.”

“Wow! Is it that impressive?”

Namgung Cheon’s eyes widened at his father’s words.

“What I saw that day was.”

“Then why isn’t Uncle Yeon’s art known?”

Namgung Cheon tilted his head, unable to understand.

At that moment, a smile appeared on Namgung Byeok’s face.

It was the same question he asked Yeon Muryong in front of the Yoomyung Cult’s church.

“That’s because the Nine Heavens Sword and the Xuan Nu Sutra have not been fully passed down.”

“Ah! Is that Uncle Yeon’s art?”

“Yes, those two techniques have been passed down in the Yeon Family since ancient times. But unfortunately, they have been lost over time.”

“What a waste!”

A sigh escaped Namgung Cheon's lips.

Nine Heavens Sword and Xuan Nu Sutra.

Just hearing their names evoked a mystical feeling.

Jang Haeun, who had been listening silently, murmured:

“Hearing the names, it sounds like they are Taoist techniques.”

“If you feel that way, they might be.”

Namgung Cheon nodded.

Jang Haeun, daughter of an elder from the Wudang Sect, had studied Taoism from a young age. Her words were almost always accurate.

“Hehe, maybe because I’ve heard many stories about Xuan Nu of the Nine Heavens. The Nine Heavens Sword and the Xuan Nu Sutra sound similar.”

“Now that you mention it, they might have a connection.”

Young Namgung Yeon stared at her mother, Jang Haeun, with curiosity.

She seemed very interested in knowing who the Mysterious Woman of the Nine Heavens was.

Jang Haeun stroked her daughter’s head.

“Do you want to know who the Mysterious Woman of the Nine Heavens is?”


“The Mysterious Woman of the Nine Heavens is a fairy from ancient times. She gave military strategies to the Yellow Emperor (Huangdi, Xuanyuan Shi) when he fought against Chi You. She also saved the hero Song Jiang from Liangshan and gave him three volumes of celestial scriptures.”

“Wow! Military strategies and celestial scriptures?”

Namgung Cheon’s eyes widened.

“That’s right. That’s why people in Taoism believe that the Mysterious Woman of the Nine Heavens helps Emperors and Heroes achieve great feats.”

“Mother, if such a fairy existed, I would like to meet her.”

Jang Haeun let out a light laugh at Namgung Cheon's words.

“Good things never come alone.”

Jang Haeun’s words had a peculiar resonance.

Because of this, the members of the Namgung Family in the carriage said no more.


Four children were standing in front of Baek Miju.

Baek Miju observed them carefully one by one. She did not overlook a scratch on the skin or a wrinkle in their clothes.

Yeon Mubaek, fourteen years old, was impeccably prepared.

Baek Miju looked at him with meaningful eyes.

“Do you understand? Today, you have to be the best.”


Yeon Mubaek’s face clearly showed his nervousness.

“Don’t be so tense. And since you are the eldest among your age group, you must treat Namgung Yeon kindly when you see her. Do you understand what I mean?”


“No, if you behave so stiffly, the girls won’t like you. You must always speak kindly and softly. Do you understand?”

“Mother, don’t worry so much.”

Yeon Mubaek smiled awkwardly.

He had heard it so many times in recent days that it was already ingrained in his mind.

His mother had told him he had to impress Namgung Yeon at all costs. That way, when he went to the Namgung Family, he could learn martial arts from his uncle.

He didn’t understand what impressing a little girl had to do with learning martial arts in the Namgung Family, but since it had to be done, he was determined to try his best.

Only after confirming the determination in Yeon Mubaek’s eyes did Baek Miju turn to the next one.

Yeon Seungbaek, eleven years old, was also acceptable, except for a scratch on his face caused by a branch.

“You also must treat the uncle’s daughter well. Don’t play pranks and do everything she asks. Understood?”


Baek Miju also warned the second son, as she didn’t know who Namgung Yeon might like.

Then, her gaze turned to Yeon Seolju, nine years old. Seolju was a mischievous girl who couldn’t stay still for a moment.

Baek Miju gave several warnings to Yeon Seolju.

“Seolju, don’t mess up your clothes until the uncle’s family arrives.”


“What is ‘yes’? You’re old enough, so you must respond ‘yes, mother’.”


“Hey! Again. Say ‘yes, mother’.”

“Yes, mother.”

“And why are you shouting? When the uncle’s family arrives, behave well. Understood?”

“Yes, mother~.”

Although she was still a bit careless, Baek Miju decided not to scold her further to avoid a counterproductive effect.

Finally, Baek Miju glanced at Yeon Jeokha.

Just seeing his small face made her fists clench automatically.

This child, who ruined Yeon Muryong’s life and the future of the Waryong Mansion, stood with his shoulders hunched.

Seeing him so dejected only made her angrier.

Suddenly, seized by uncontrollable rage, Baek Miju pinched Yeon Jeokha’s arm hard and said:

“Why are you standing there like a useless person? Anyone who sees you will think someone is bothering you. Can’t you stand up straight?”


A brief cry escaped Yeon Jeokha’s lips.

But Baek Miju, still unsatisfied, grabbed his small shoulders and shook him roughly.

“What hurts so much? Stop complaining! Straighten your back and stand up straight!”

The six-year-old’s head shook violently under an adult’s force.

In the midst of the shaking, Yeon Jeokha bit his lip.

When Baek Miju noticed Yeon Jeokha’s bleeding lips, she slapped him on the head.

“Why did you bite your lip? Are you trying to get pity from the guests? How will you become a decent person if you already act like this? If your mother couldn’t be a decent person, you should at least try!”

“I’m sorry...”

Seeing stars, Yeon Jeokha’s head shrank like a turtle’s.

“Speak clearly if you want to say something! How many times do I have to tell you? Speak so others can understand you! Did I say that or not? Eh? Answer!”

Baek Miju stabbed Yeon Jeokha’s torso repeatedly with her index finger. Each time she did, his small body swayed like a tree in a typhoon.

“Yes... you did.”

“What did you say? Speak clearly! Are you rebelling?”

Baek Miju, excited, grabbed the hair by Yeon Jeokha’s ear and lifted it forcefully.

Yeon Jeokha’s head, which had been shrunk like a turtle’s, now rose to the sky.

With the pain of tearing flesh, Yeon Jeokha stood on tiptoe and lifted his head.

“Ow! Ow!”

“What hurts so much? Who is hitting you? Answer! Answer!”

Yeon Jeokha’s face turned pale.

“I did! I did! I’m sorry!”

Only then did Baek Miju let go of her hand.

Then Yeon Jeokha’s head sank between his shoulders again.

Baek Miju shook off the fine hair of Yeon Jeokha that had stuck to her fingers.

Then she straightened Yeon Jeokha’s wrinkled clothes and spoke to him in a calmer tone.

“If you are a person, don’t cause trouble. If you do something wrong, people will speak ill of your father. Understood?”


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