LWTG (Novel) Chapter 536


The 95th Floor had turned upside down.

Vishnu's inexplicable battle had shattered the previous peace.

Nearly half of the 95th Floor was covered in a forest. Trees rising like those from the land of Giants blocked the light over most of the 95th Floor space.

Residents wondered about Vishnu's sudden commotion.

Who was his opponent?

And right after the battle ended...


The Administrator of the 95th Floor, who had escaped to the 94th Floor Administration Bureau coughing blood, collapsed to the ground. The Administrator of the 94th Floor, seeing her condition, clicked his tongue and shook his head.

"How pathetic."

They had identical faces, only one's hair color was silver. They looked like twins.

"What are you saying now, uuuugh...?”

"What kind of figure is that?"

"Hmph... Try fighting yourself. You're just a 94th Floor Administrator, after all."


The 94th Floor Administrator ignited his eyes with anger and glared at the identical Administrator.

Administrators were ranked by floor.

From the Grand Administrator of the 100th Floor to the lowest of the 1st Floor. The number was the measure of their rank.

"Is it just a difference of one floor?"


"Ugh, damn it."

Silently, the 94th Floor Administrator sat down in irritation.

"Was it that strong? Vishnu?"


"One of the three was annihilated fighting against Shub-Niggurath, right?"


She bitterly laughed, as if she couldn't believe it.

"We were right."


"We can't waste any more time. They've become too strong."

"Anyway, those guys held back Nyarlathotep and Yog-Sothoth."

"At this rate..."

The Administrator murmured, stroking her wound that wouldn't heal.

"We might be devoured by the hunting dogs."

Tosagupeng. (Note: Boiling and eating the hunting dog after rabbit hunting is over, as it is no longer useful)

After the battle against the Outers.

Olympus, Deva, and other Great Guilds and rankers were dominating the Tower.

As expected, they should have lost most of their strength fighting the Outers, including Azathoth.

But it wasn't the case.

Apart from Odin's warriors, the damage to the Great Guilds was minimal.

All because of an unexpected variable.

"To think they could cross the axis of time..."

Rankers from other times suddenly appeared. Their existence, led by future Odin, was enough to completely change the situation.

"Why the hell did those guys come here?"

"We haven't found the reason they interfered here from the timeline where they lost against Yog-Sothoth."

"That's...! Damn!"

The Administrator's wound worsened from the excitement. The wounds inflicted by Vishnu didn't heal easily. No, not only did they not heal, but the affected part continued to tear and bleed as if it were poisoned.

A disaster.

She still didn't feel like the fight was over.

"Calm down and rest a bit. What are you going to do with that wound?"

"But don't you look a bit like your brother today?"

"Because you are my brother."

With that, the 94th Floor Administrator walked away.

The Office was spacious, and many Envoys gathered there.

They all began channeling their Arcane Power to heal the 95th Floor Administrator's body.


A Deva God and a being who held the title "Creator of Creation."

The one who once surpassed Odin and Zeus to have the highest rank in this Tower.

"Still, not a bad first move."



YuWon checked his Player Kit.

He hadn't felt well since morning.

Was it because he heard right after the Administrator warned Olympus?

The moment he checked the news on his kit, hoping he was wrong.

"...It's too late."

YuWon could confirm that his unease from yesterday was real.

[Deva Leader disappears from the ranking]

[Who is the opponent? The return of the Outers?]

[Some Rankers anticipate a battle against the Administrators]

[Is it the prelude to a war or a personal matter between Deva and the Administrators?]

[Is Vishnu really dead?]

Numerous articles flooded the screen.

The missing Deva Leader from the Ranking. The 95th Floor in ruins.

Through the battlefield photos, anyone could imagine Vishnu's battle.

'A world covered in giant trees. It seems he has caused quite a stir.'

Even if Vishnu had weakened from the battle against Shub-Niggurath, he was once the greatest being in this Tower.

Even for an Administrator, it wouldn't be easy to defeat such a Vishnu.

Moreover, Yama was always by Vishnu's side.

That means...

"Have they already prepared the Envoys?"

YuWon seemed to have a general idea of what had happened. However, fortunately, Yama seemed to have returned alive.

"Envoys? What are you talking about?"

Varuna asked while spreading jam on toast and putting it in his mouth.

It seemed he hadn't received the news on his Player Kit yet.

"They said Vishnu is dead."

"Ah, Vish... Ugh!"

Saliva came out along with the bread he was chewing.

YuWon quickly raised the plate to block Varuna's saliva.

"What, what are you saying? Who is dead?"

The saliva was disgusting, but his reaction was not incomprehensible.

Vishnu was someone important. He had been the Great High-Ranker who had ruled the Devas as their leader for over ten thousand years.

And Varuna was one of the main executives of Deva.

It was natural for him to be surprised by Vishnu's death.


"Why is he dead? Why?"

"They say he fought against the Administrators."

"Against the Administrators...?"

Varuna's face turned pale as he recalled yesterday's conversation.

The Administrator's warning to Zeus.

And YuWon's judgment that it would lead to a total war.

Immediately after, news of Vishnu's death arrived.

"It can't be-."

Varuna quickly took out his Player Kit and checked it.

Dozens of missed messages.

Without even having time to check the messages, Varuna searched for newspaper articles.

The news about Vishnu's death was no longer a secret.

Devas went into emergency mode, but the Administrators, Envoys, and the Devas were ready for a fight at any moment without being surprised.

Varuna, who checked the message late, stood up from his seat.

"I'm going to take a look."

"To where?"


In this situation, Son OhGong asked while eating stacked toasts on the side.

"Toward Deva."

"Good luck."

As if he didn't care, Son OhGong waved his hand.

Looking at Son OhGong, whose attention was on the food, Varuna sighed deeply.

In this crucial situation, it seemed he had no concern.

'Well, there's no connection between The Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and our Deva...'

Varuna looked at YuWon, Son OhGong, and Pandora with melancholic eyes.

They couldn't claim they had formed a bond just because they shared some meals together.

In the first place, being in this place was a force on his part, and there was no reason for these people to help.

Of course, that didn't mean it was easy to leave the place.

"I'll be going back for now."


Varuna stood up from his seat.

There was no one to bid him farewell as he left the house.

YuWon, Son OhGong, and Pandora continued eating in silence.

After Varuna's presence completely disappeared...

"Did he really die?"

Sun Wukong was the first to express doubt.

It was a difficult question to answer.

"Normally, we would think he died."


"Because he disappeared from the Ranking."

The standards of the Ranking were absolute.

The Administration Bureau was an organization run by a hundred Administrators and over ten million Envoys, and there was nothing that could deceive their eyes.


"The problem is that it's an organization run by Administrators."



The Administrators turned against the Players.

After the fight with Vishnu, other Guilds would also distrust the Administrators.

The Ranking was now a number hard to trust, as it could be manipulated to increase or decrease a Ranker's ranking, or even erase it.

"So, what? Are you going to just stay like this?"


With the sound of teeth grinding, Son OhGong's gaze changed.

Vishnu had been a longtime sparring partner with YuWon and Son OhGong in the future.

He even sacrificed himself in the final battle against Foolish Chaos, finally managing to defeat him.

Son OhGong, who used to challenge any strong opponent, had fought Vishnu several times.

"Hey, wait a moment. Will it end like this?"

"When you can't move, you lose. Accept defeat."

"You, shameless guy. Hey, next time, we'll do it again!"

"It's already the third time. How about accepting it now?"

At first, Son OhGong couldn't be Vishnu's opponent.

At that time, Vishnu was in a complete state with the souls of Shiva and Brahma, and Son OhGong was weaker than now.

100 battles and 100 defeats.

Son OhGong's record against Vishnu was extremely discouraging.


"Look at that."

Son OhGong had finally won.

"Didn't I say this time would be different?"

The hundredth battle.

In that battle, Son OhGong finally managed to defeat Vishnu.

At that time, Vishnu was known as the greatest High-Ranker in the Tower.

Even Odin, the King of Asgard, had to yield to Vishnu.

Vishnu's defeat was an event worthy of being recorded in history.

Surrounded by the High-Rankers of Deva, Son OhGong was quite injured and tired to be a victor.

"So it is. This time was different."

"Do you think so?"

"So, what are you going to do now? Cut my throat?"


That day, Son OhGong reached out his hand to Vishnu.

"Why would we do something like that between friends? Let's play again next time."


He clenched his fists so tightly that his nails dug into his flesh.

Pandora, sensing Son OhGong's anger, observed the atmosphere and asked.

"Are you going to fight?"


"Then, you'll fight."

Pandora responded confidently to YuWon's uncertain answer.

She realized that the "probably" answer was just a way of reassuring himself.


Pandora left her tea cup and went upstairs.

The aura of her steps as she climbed the stairs conveyed a sense of complete readiness.

She had also been preparing for the battle since she received the news of Vishnu's death.

"We should release the tension too."

YuWon was the one who spoke first.

And at those words, Son OhGong was surprised and asked.

"Do you want to fight?"

"I've been resting for too long."

It had been 10 years.

10 years of stubbornly rejecting Son OhGong's requests to play.

It was natural, as once he fought with him, whether for fun or not, he couldn't help but attract the attention of the Rankers and Administrators.


"It's not time to worry about that anymore."

And besides, fortunately, he had found a suitable place.

"There shouldn't be an Administrator on the 95th Floor right now."

Vishnu was dead.

Even an Administrator wouldn't be completely unscathed.

"What do you think of that place?"

"What do I think?"

The corners of his lips curled upward. With eyes brighter than ever, Son OhGong stood up from his seat.

"It's perfect!"


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