SYS (Novel) Chapter 529


Dante couldn't take his eyes off the blue sword that extended from the far end of the rear.

Everyone in the clan was risking their lives, so he didn't want to survive cowardly alone.

However, the blue sword Dante saw with his own eyes felt like a light cutting through despair.


Jin did not receive Dante's letter.

Even if he had received it...

He and his people would have surely come to aid Sword Emperor Castle.


We have arrived! Jin shouted with determination, and the entire battlefield vibrated with his voice.

Even Dante, who was alone at the forefront of the battlefield, could clearly hear his friend's voice.

The Imperial Army at the rear looked up.

Jin stood alone on the cliff behind Sword Emperor Castle.

"The Vamel Alliance and the Tikan Kingdom will now defend Sword Emperor Castle with Hairan."

The Sigmund sword, pale blue, the lightning sword granted directly by the Battle Goddess, was stained with a sharp beam.

The Dragon Spear cannon, aiming at the back gate, hurried to target Jin.

"So, let all enemies make way."

The moment the Dragon Spear cannon fired, Jin's sword emitted light.

Fifth Secret Technique of Runcandel

Light Speed Thrust - Legend

The light of a single sword illuminated the night sky for an instant.

And the Dragon Spear projectile disappeared without a trace, leaving only the sound of the explosion.

It was engulfed by the energy of the Light Speed Thrust sword.

The sword's energy that swallowed the projectile pierced through the protective shields of the imperial army's knights and magicians and even completely destroyed the Dragon Spear.

It happened before the sound of the explosion could disperse in the air.

Those who witnessed it couldn't understand what was happening.

Only by observing Jin's movements and the illumination and aura that remained in the straight line between the cliff and the shattered Dragon Spear.

They could only deduce the fact that he had thrust his sword once.

But the shock didn't end there.


"W-What is this...!"

Lightning began to burst from the point of impact of the light-speed thrust, where the Dragon Spear was shattered.

The original light-speed thrust was just an incredibly fast thrust, as Talaris said.

However, Jin's Light Speed Thrust, named in honor of his brothers, carried the fierce energy exclusive to the Sword of Legends.

The ruthless power of a race that once ruled and dominated as the sole victors.

Blue lightning trampled the knights and magicians of the imperial army.

They had no means to defend against its power.

With a single sword, the rear ranks of the imperial army collapsed.

Both allies and enemies, feeling the thrill of Jin's sword, could only think the same.

This is the kind of knight that overwhelms the battlefield.

Jin raised his aura again.

And he fired a series of Light Speed Thrusts until the cliff collapsed because it couldn't withstand the force.

In the eyes of the enemies, the blue flashes falling on the battlefield seemed like the punishment of a god.

It seemed like they were paying the price for daring to betray Hairan as part of the Empire.

It seemed like they were being punished for not standing up against the tyranny of the Emperor as humans who were safe within the shield called Hairan.

The cliff collapsed after five Light Speed Thrusts.

And the fact that the cliff had collapsed meant that the monster would now sweep directly across the battlefield.

The enemy's fear had to be heavy.

The Sword of Legends was created solely for conquest and destruction.

There was no more specialized martial art in the world for war than that.

As soon as Jin entered the battlefield, the death toll changed.

Lightning struck every time the lightning energy spread, and when lightning fell, dozens or hundreds of enemies died or were so severely injured that they could no longer fight, lying on the ground.

Not only foot soldiers, but even knights who considered themselves part of the Imperial Army dared not block Jin's path.

If they faced him recklessly, their entire bodies would burn before they could even clash swords.

Screams loud enough to pierce eardrums were heard.

But Jin couldn't hear their screams.

Only the rough voice of his friend, whose heart must be shattered by the madness of war, broke his heart.

"Back off, you bastards. How could you do this to Hairan...!"

Even in defeat, people witnessed another name called Runcandel.

The Dragon Spear aiming at the back gate and the entire cannon of Yellow Dragon class or higher followed Jin's movements.

First of all, the Dragon Spear that Dante stabbed at the front line was nothing more than a deception.

In the rear and on the flanks, many more Dragon Spears were deployed.

More than fifty Dragon Spears were being loaded.

Additionally, enemy commanders were also prepared for a joint attack.

"Jin Runcandel! Are you aware that the people you are killing are the troops of His Majesty, the Emperor of the Great Vermont Empire? Runcandel is now intervening in the Empire's civil war, do you understand what that means...?"

The commander of the Magical Corps, Lilitha, couldn't finish her words.

Immediately, Jin fired another Light Speed Thrust in the direction of the voice.

As soon as she died, the knights of the Central Order of Knights, a hundred key figures in the Imperial Army, as Dante had predicted, formed to block Jin.

Jin snorted.

"The fact that you can die at the hands of a Runcandel on the battlefield is the greatest honor trash like you can have."

The Central Order of Knights did not add more words like Commander Lilitha.

It was because they knew it at first sight.

No matter what they said, Jin would not stop.

"So I don't even want to give you that honor, bastards. That's the price you pay for forgetting honor."

As soon as Jin finished speaking.


A sudden cannon shot from somewhere rained down on the Central Order of Knights.

It was a Dragon Spear.

The knights hurriedly raised their shields and brandished their swords, but the flagship cannon of the Empire ended their lives.

'Damn it, why is the Dragon Spear attacking us!'

'The Hensirk Magic Corps wouldn't make such a mistake. Could it be...?

Jin smiled coldly and shrugged.

"I clearly shouted that we were coming, not just me. Have you forgotten, idiot commanders?"


Dragon Spear shots continued to rain down on the Central Order of Knights.

Who aimed the cannon from the left rear of the battlefield was not the imperial army.

"It's a success! Hehe, my lord will praise me, won't he?"

Amela laughed and loaded the next cannon.

The great mercenary Amela...

As soon as she entered the battlefield, she quickly assessed the enemy's equipment and began confiscating it one by one.

"Old Valkas. That one looks usable. Hand it over."


"It would have been better if they brought it to me instead of old Valkas, but our cute brothers Proch are organizing the side battlefield well."

Valkas, the Black King Leader, and Amela, the great mercenary.

The two people who could be called the embodiment of war were also stirring up the rear battlefield with Jin.

Realizing this fact belatedly...

The Imperial Army felt again a horrible sensation, as if blood were draining from their heads.

Valkas raised the Dragon Spear pointed by Amela.

He lifted the huge cannon led by hundreds of foot soldiers as if it were a light rock.

The number of troops meant nothing in front of a human who had risen to the ranks of superhumans.

"It's nothing compared to Black King Cannon Number 1, but this one isn't bad either. I'll take a few of these and hang them in Tikan after the war is over! Fire, fire!"

In the end, the Dragon Spears handled by Amela annihilated all the knights standing in Jin's way in less than thirty seconds.

"Ugh... agh..."

Jin didn't even cut them directly, as he had said.

There was no glorious death in battle at the hands of Runcandel left for them.

"Even if you die, apologize for what you've done. And hope that Dante doesn't die or get hurt. If such a thing happens, I will not only exterminate your families but also your relatives and their kin..."

At those words, the knights of the Central Order of Knights couldn't believe that this was the end even facing death.

It was a deep and dark voice that no one could consider a lie if they heard it in person, and it was the threat of the pure-blooded Runcandel.

When Jin started moving again, the imperial troops surrounding him retreated.

The plain was wide, but it seemed like there was a cliff right behind them.

If they kept retreating to avoid Jin, they might fall off that edge.

However, their steps didn't seem to advance at all.

The Emperor's orders and the madness of war were overshadowed by a huge and terrifying shadow approaching step by step.

When they thought they were going to face Hairan without Ron, all imperial troops were confident of victory.

They thought the sword Emperor would finally fall in front of numerous dragons, knights, magicians, and the empire's strongest war equipment, including the Dragon Spear.

That's why the imperial army attacked the sword Emperor, even though they knew this purge was not reasonable at all.

Regardless of right or wrong, staying on the losing side in a war will ultimately bring death and destruction.

The moment they defend Hairan, they will also become traitors and be executed.

However, they overlooked that Hairan is not alone.

They didn't recognize the relationship between the young patriarch of Hairan and the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel, which was thicker than blood.

Therefore, now the conviction that "they cannot win" and despair weighed on the Imperial Army.

Beyond that, even questions arose.

Could the Empire continue to exist as it has until today?

They wanted to confess their sins immediately and beg to be on Hairan's side now.

They wished to speak humbly, admitting that they followed the Emperor's orders only because they lacked strength and that, in reality, they respected Hairan more than the imperial family.

It was impossible for Jin and Hairan not to heed such a ridiculous plea.

They knew better than anyone that claiming to have only followed orders was no excuse.

Some lost their heads and sobbed uncontrollably, while others dropped their weapons, trembling all over.

Some shouted, but it was not to fight against the opponent but only to lose reason and become a frightened beast.

"I swear in the name of the Twelfth Flagbearer of Runcandel. Flee, I won't pursue you. However, any enemy who remains on the battlefield will die without exception. But I think..."

I think it's better for them to die here than endure a lifetime of dishonor and self-hatred.

Jin kept talking and looked at the enemies.

Those who saw his gaze keenly perceived the harsh reality.

Whether they faced him or fled, only hell awaited them.


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