SYS (Novel) Chapter 532


From the moment Jin decided to aid Sword Emperor Castle, he first sought out the fourth flagbearer, Dyfus, and requested Tikan's protection.

Utilizing information from the seven-colored peacock, Murakan and Quikantel were sent to the imperial palace, where the Dragon Knights were located, but Dante also dispatched the five Sword Saints of Hairan.

Murakan and Quikantel rescued the Dragon Knights, and the five sword saints rescued the dragons, joining forces with them.

"The Dragon Knights of Hairan have come to defend Sword Emperor Castle!"

As the leader of the Dragon Knights, Calmine Aita, shouted, thirty bird dragons howled in unison.

Murakan and Quikantel, in charge of the flanks of the Dragon Knights' formation, also let out a roar.

A shockwave erupted with just the emitted energy, and the sky near the Dragon Knights' formation distorted.

The sword saints were atop the five dragon leaders alongside the leader of the Dragon Knights, Calmine.

The pure white cloak symbolizing Hairan's sword saints truly looked like a star, just like their title.

It was clearly small compared to the enemy reinforcements that appeared simultaneously.

Zipple had more than 10 visible battleships, and the number of dragons approached 20. There were no subspecies like the Red Dragon, and all of them were composed of higher-level species.

And what about the magicians aboard the fleet and the dragons?

The flags of elite forces, including the White Night, and secret elite magicians, the Spectre Corps, not yet revealed to the public, could also be included.

And there was a high possibility that this was not their entire force.

Still, just seeing the five sword saints and the Dragon Knights made the hearts of Hairan's knights swell, and tears seemed about to burst.

Although Ron remained unconscious in his sickbed.

The fact that Jin Runcandel and Hairan's best knights were with them instilled in them an indomitable courage.

Murakan and Quikantel took the lead and glared at the enemy.

At that moment, everyone present on the battlefield could clearly see how Zipple's dragons faltered.

It was evident that Zipple's dragons feared Murakan.

In particular, Zipple's reinforcements included dragons who had personally experienced Murakan's 50% power on the Gaifa Islands.

Even if they didn't have to go through the nightmare of Gaifa.

There were no dragons in the world who didn't know Murakan's ancient power.

Even young dragons born after Murakan's slumber had spent their years listening to his legend.

"I, Murakan, am the existence that slaughters the enemies of Solderet."

A somber yet majestic voice weighed on the battlefield.

Zipple's Dragons had completely halted their advance, fixing their gaze on Murakan.

The magicians riding on their backs couldn't help but feel bewildered as they realized the dragons trembled in fear.

"So, Dragons, immediately leave the battlefield if you don't want to be enemies of Solderet."

Murakan spoke as if Jin were on par with Solderet.

Jin's enemy was implicitly defined as an enemy of Solderet.

This fact was indescribably shocking to dragons and magicians.

According to their common sense, no contracted dragon or world guardian could equate gods and humans.

However, no one dared to question Murakan's words. There was only about ten seconds of silence.

The reason the dragons didn't flee despite being terrified was because Zipple was behind them.

It was because Zipple was the world's strongest clan, and nothing could overthrow it.

"They've made their choice."


Murakan's wings became enormous with Shadow Energy.

The night sky darkened even more with the eerie shadow, and vortex swirls spread like poison, darkening the moon and stars.

"The price of that choice is death."

As soon as Murakan finished his words, a cry spread from Zipple's air force.



It was the cry of the Dragons.

There was also an explosion, and battleships burst and crashed.

"Darn it, suddenly from behind...!"

"Put up a protective shield!"

"Block it, block it!"

Murakan's Shadow Energy dominion was not limited to the area where he floated.

His Shadow Energy had already taken control of the airspace above Zipple and the Imperial Army.

The power of shadows was a silent divine power.

Unlike other powers, including aura and mana, the power of shadows could dominate all directions without any signal.

Zipple rushed to block Murakan's onslaught from behind, but that wasn't all.

A black breath cut through the sky and came from in front of Zipple.


Zipple's fleet split to the left and right.

The intention was to scatter and avoid Murakan's breath, but in their fear, they forgot about the silver dragon beside them.


With a sharp resonant sound, silver waves began to spread from the front of Quikantel.

The immense circular force was none other than the divine power of time.

Murakan and Quikantel.

Dragons who had lived in the era when they were lovers knew clearly what would happen if shadows and divine power of time were combined.

Fear and destruction.

Facing the darkness of shadows in a state where they couldn't even lift a finger makes them wish for death.

"The helmet stopped... Kuck, agh!"

"My arm, my, my arm...!"

[Murakan! Why are you doing this... Kugh!]

Murakan didn't kill the enemies bound by the divine power of time at once.

He subjected them to agony, letting them feel the pain.

Offering a comfortable death to those who dared to become enemies of Solderet despite his warning was a luxury.

There was literally blood and cries in the sky.

Enemies fighting on the ground looked up with stunned eyes unknowingly, and even allies felt a chill witnessing Murakan's overwhelming presence.

The fleet consisted of mass-produced ships floating in the Sota Desert.

The mass-produced battleships, more than 100 ships that Jin had seen in person, had not yet been unleashed upon the world.

Therefore, the Imperial Army and Hairan's knights shuddered when they saw the fleet.

Now they felt that, no matter how many battleships there were, they wouldn't be able to overcome the power of Murakan and Quikantel.

Can this be called a battle?

Isn't it more like a punishment?

As people thought, the majesty of Zipple's fleet shown when it first appeared was eclipsed.

They couldn't even think of a counterattack to ward off the divine power of time, and they were busy raising a protective shield.

Nevertheless, Zipple was still Zipple.

The White Night Magicians were considered elite, except for the Spectres.

Some of them were slowly escaping from the divine power of time and attempting to counterattack.

"Form a chained magic circle!"

"That power is limited to this! Hold on! Victory will be ours in the end!"

If Murakan had regained all his strength, not just 50%, they wouldn't have dared to say that.

The current Murakan was obviously remarkable, but Zipple's forces didn't lose hope, confident that they could prevail in the end.

And indeed, even facing death as individuals, they were convinced that the immense power called Zipple would crush them.

"Hold on until the main force arrives!"

"We can't directly hit the Black Dragon and the Silver Dragon, but we'll take more Hairan knights with us before we die!"

"Fleet, aim for the ground forces!"

While dealing with the power of Shadow Energy and time, it was impossible to attack from the distance where Murakan and Quikantel were.

So Zipple's commanders decided to attack the ground forces instead.

It was a decision based on the conviction that, if it was Jin Runcandel's known tendency, he would never abandon his allies.

It was a cowardly but correct move.

As they thought, Jin would give orders to focus on protecting allies for the moment.

However, Zipple's commanders were overlooking something crucial.

To execute any plan, there must be something equivalent to it: power or ability.

"That's a good judgment, but you won't have the luxury for that."

As soon as Jin said it.

Suddenly, a blue protective shield spread across the field of Sword Emperor Castle like an umbrella.

Enya, the time magician.

On the walls of Sword Emperor Castle, she cast the "Dragonfire Shield," Chukon Tolderer's legacy and the essence of extreme defense magic.

Enya's protective shield, which completely enveloped the castle's facade, showed performance worthy of the Dragonfire Shield name.

The barely exhaled breaths of Zipple's dragons collided with the shield and vanished, and the mana rays from the magicians couldn't penetrate it.

For the Archmage of Anz, Chukon Tolderer, the current Dragonfire Shield was stronger and more perfect than when he cast it himself in life.

Although Enya was a prodigy, it was impossible to surpass Chukon's mana in a few years.

However, it was thanks to Tikan's divine item that Enya's shield unfolded with mana that far surpassed hers.

As it had the power to destroy the world, Jin had always kept away from that evil thing, unlike Zipple in his past life.

It seemed that he would need a bit of help from that power to save his friend and his people.

"Kuaggh, uhh. Eh, it's too much mana! I- I can't control it!"

"Hey, hey! Stupid, get yourself together! Do you have time to babble nonsense? If you mess up, you and I will die, and those knights over there too! Got it? Did I teach you that way? Huh!? Open your eyes wide! Focus on combining the mana at the four points. We'll all die if you make a mistake, seriously!"

She was Beris, who was yelling at Enya and giving her advice and assistance.

Even with a depleted mana reserve, she remained a genius in magical theory and an excellent fighter.

"Yes, teacher! Teacher!"

"An attack is coming at the Second Point, bind and block until the Third Point!"


The infinite mana shield held Sword Emperor Castle.

Jin smiled coldly as he watched Zipple's magic shatter against it.

"Ah, as all calculations were wrong, I can't say your judgment was good. Zipple, today you won't get what you want..."

The bird dragons, carrying the leader of the Dragon Knights and the sword saints of Hairan, began to run towards Zipple's army.

"Sorry for being late, our Hairan."

"From now on, we'll prove it together. May the sword of Hairan never break."

The leader of the Dragon Knights, Calmaine, and the leader of the Sword Saints, Ruyan, raised their voices...

And the Sword Saints unsheathed their swords in unison.

Emperor Sword's Secret Technique

Divine Radiance - Sword Saint

Emperor Sword's Secret Technique

Imperial Charge - Dragon

Then, the appearance of the five-line Divine Radiance and the exclusive secret technique of the Dragon Knight Commander shone through the night sky and pierced through the enemies.


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