LWTG (Novel) Chapter 272


Creack, crackle-.

A pair of white wings crashed to the ground. Thor realized for the first time that the electricity emitted by a single person's body could spread to this extent.

"I heard he lost the Lightning..."

The power was so strong that not even Thor, holding the finest item, Mjolnir, could imagine producing such an electric shock.

"But a king is a king."

Even if he fell from grace, he was once the leader of a Great Guild and the king of Olympus.

Thor looked at Zeus, who had moved alone towards the angels, stirring up the battlefield.

"It won't be easy to interfere."

Brunhilde was also surprised.

He enveloped his body in a golden aura of power, clenched his fist, and formed a spear of lightning. Zeus's fight would not allow the intervention of anyone else.

His attack didn't discriminate between friends and enemies.


"Yes, Prince."

"Let's move in small groups. Exclude those who are not Rankers from the battlefield."


It was difficult for non-Rankers to stay together on the battlefield, let alone fight under Zeus's lightning.

Brunhilde also agreed with Thor's opinion and nodded.

"Let's go."

With a bang, Thor leaped over the walls and joined the battle. Brunhilde led a small group of Valkyries and unsheathed her sword.

The battle between the Heavens and Asgard.

Amidst it all, Zeus finally faced an Angel at the peak of the Heavens Guild.

As the battle between angels and Asgard was in full swing...



An angel appeared with a pure white light.

Zeus stared at the angel who had blocked his lightning and asked.

"Are you Michael?"

"I couldn't believe it, but if you're Zeus."

Michael was surprised that the High-Ranker standing before him was Zeus, despite supposedly being locked in Asgard's prison.

"Why did you join Asgard? You should hold resentment towards them."

"How could you simple plebeians beneath Metatron understand me?"

"You have no reason to fight against us right now. There's no need to face us."

"You probably don't have enough confidence in yourself."


A burst of yellow lightning erupted from Zeus's body.


Michael, who had been thrown backward, extended the sword that had blocked the lightning forward.

It was a brief conversation, but it was clear that there could be no communication between them.

"...I see."


Michael's sword moved.


With the flapping of his wings, Michael's divine form began to fade.

"Then I will kill you."



The wind started to blow around Zeus. Michael, known as the swiftest warrior, accelerated his speed.

Swoosh, swoosh-.

The sword flew towards Zeus.

Too fast to be seen.

Spit, spit-.

Zeus moved to dodge the sword but still received minor wounds. Just scratches, but it was clear that he was bleeding.

Zeus's eyes shifted.

"Did you know?"

The cutting wind blew.


Zeus's hand extended.

"There is nothing faster than lightning."



The wind around them stopped, and the figure of Michael, who had been hiding his presence, appeared before Zeus' eyes. With his neck grasped by Zeus' hand.

"You can't hide from me. Instead of speed, it would have been better to fight with strength..."


A bolt of electricity burst from Zeus' fist through Michael's body.


"You're a foolish angel."

Michael's eyes turned blank.

In an instant, his white wings burned and turned black. Zeus' other hand rose and grabbed one of Michael's wings.


Michael's wings were torn off, and he fell to the ground, stripped of his wings and bleeding.


Zeus threw away Michael's torn wings.

He placed a hand on his facial wound and muttered.

"I see that I need to find something to replace it."

The Lightning Bolt.

The item that Hephaestus had made for him, his symbol.

The lack of that item truly pained him. Even Michael, whom he didn't even consider as Metatron, inflicted wounds upon him.

"Well... it doesn't matter."

The disappointment was fleeting.

"I have many things that I can replace."

Zeus' mind was already running through a list of ways to regain his power.

To regain his freedom.

That was the most important task given to Zeus.

And now...

After this fight ends, Zeus would reclaim that freedom.


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It was an item that Odin had acquired a long time ago, through a wager with an Administrator.

A spear that could be activated by drawing upon Odin's magic, although its power was normally sealed and dormant.

Odin never used it, except in special battles.

This was partly because there were no worthy enemies to use Gungnir against in the first place, and partly because the time it took to activate it was quite long.

That's why YuWon deliberately positioned himself in front of Surt.

To ensure that Odin could throw the Gungnir Spear with greater accuracy.

And the fruits of his labor were before him.


Hercules and YuWon stood together, looking at the landscape stretching far away.

A column of white Arcane Power rising toward the sky.

Although some time had passed since the spear fell, the aftermath was still felt.


Hercules was just as amazed as YuWon.

Well, his awe couldn't compare to YuWon's, who had already witnessed Gungnir being unleashed several times.

"Is that Gungnir?"

As the pillar rose up, he felt a surge of Arcane Power on a scale he had never felt before.

Hercules' body bore the scars of being struck by it, although he had managed to keep his distance.

Not by the direct impact of the spear, but simply by being caught in it.

"It's a catastrophe."

Even the simple act of getting injured in his solid body was impressive, but he couldn't imagine the power if someone were directly hit.


"It hasn't fully activated yet."

YuWon told Hercules, increasing his astonishment.

"It hasn't reached even half of its power yet."

"...Ah, really?" Hercules asked incredulously.

It was hard to believe that there existed an item with such power, but it was equally hard to believe that there existed an item that Odin himself couldn't use.

'You wouldn't believe it.'

YuWon shuddered at the thought of Gungnir activated by future Odin instead of the one they had before them.

In comparison to that moment, the Gungnir they had in front of them now was nothing.

"Gungnir is a massive mass of Arcane Power in the form of a spear."

That was Odin's explanation of how to handle Gungnir.

"Items that receive power from the Administrators amplify their power infinitely based on the user's abilities."

What is the end of Gungnir?

That was something not even Odin, the Master of Gungnir, knew.

An item of such infinite power.

Gungnir's reputation among YuWon's comrades was unparalleled.

"That guy is addicted to powerful items." That was Son OhGong's evaluation after losing when challenging Odin.

"Even I would be in danger if I were pierced by that spear." Hercules could only say in surprise at the display of Gungnir's power.

"That's not a weapon at all. Just like my father's Lightning Bolt, it's made of a special material... and I'd like to take a good look at it." Hephaestus looked at Gungnir with curiosity.

Everyone said different things, but they all agreed on one thing.

"If we had two or three more items like Gungnir, the fight against the Outer Gods would be much easier."


YuWon looked at Hercules' club, which had been observing Gungnir with fascination.

An item crafted by Hephaestus from the branches of Yggdrasil.

Though the circumstances were a bit different, that item was not an ordinary item.

"Your weapon is the same."

"What are you saying?"

"You're still not using it correctly."


Hercules made a perplexed expression as if asking what he was talking about while swinging his club in the air.

The club seemed like a weapon that only needed to be grasped and swung.

How am I supposed to use this?

Hercules waited for YuWon's next answer, but YuWon didn't respond.


He couldn't respond.

'I also know little about it...'

Only those who have handled the club know how to use it.

YuWon had never handled the club, and he didn't possess Hercules' strength.

The reason why YuWon gave him the branch of Yggdrasil in the first place was because it was an item that Hercules could handle.


"Even if I knew, it would be better not to tell him."

The use of items can only be understood through personal discovery rather than being taught by someone else. Sometimes, teaching can create limitations and patterns instead of fostering complete understanding. Hercules had just acquired his own weapon. From now on, it was entirely up to him to familiarize himself with the item and its use.

'The same goes for me.'

Raising his hand, YuWon looked at the glove he was wearing.

The Uranus Heart.

An item forged from the combined power of the three Olympian gods, it was in YuWon's possession.

"And this too."

Power and items were only as good as their owners.

The Uranus Heart was no different.

YuWon knew the value of his powers and items.

No matter how fast his abilities grew, he still couldn't handle a power like the Uranus Heart.

Not yet.

The Gungnir in front of him made that clear.

He was still unable to properly wield this item.


The pillar of Arcane Power that had risen into the sky gradually dissipated.

"It's over."

Hercules was certain, not even Surt could survive a hit like that.

That would be true for anyone in this Tower.


"If it were that easy, we wouldn't be in this mess. Odin wouldn't have gone to such lengths."

Surt was not weak enough to be killed by a single blow from the Gungnir.

"The angrier and more injured he is, the stronger he becomes. It's not just because he's a pacifist that Odin sided with peace."


A heavy sound came from where the Gungnir fell.

A wounded beast is the most terrifying.

And Surt, the king among those beasts, was considered the strongest.

"To kill Surt, you will have to risk your own life."

Surt's hand extended from the deep pit, where it was difficult to gauge the depth.

Finally, Surt resurfaced, with red blood dripping from his entire body.

"Finally, it has come..."

Bloodshot eyes, injected with blood.

Crimson vapors evaporated by the flames that burned all over his body.


Surt. With the corner of his mouth lifted, he looked at Odin riding on his flying horse.

"Finally, this moment has come."

The encounter with Odin.

It was the moment that Surt had been waiting and longing for a long time.


Surt opened his arms wide.

Showing his snow-white teeth, Surt smiled and shouted:

"The destruction of Asgard, Odin!"

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