LWTG (Novel) Chapter 273


The world trembled.

The earth shook incessantly. The air burned with heat, and numerous presences could be felt along with the scorching air.

"They're coming."


Through the rumbling earth, YuWon could understand what this phenomenon meant.

"The children of Muspel."

Surt, the ruler of Muspelheim.

He and the hundreds of Surt's descendants were preparing for Ragnarok.

Upon hearing his cry, the giants began moving towards Asgard.

"Wasn't a single Gungnir enough?"

The odds were 50%.

There was no certainty that Surt, who lost his fire, could withstand Gungnir.

But there was no other choice.


Odin and Surt clashed.

Unless it was Hercules himself, once Odin appeared, Surt could no longer afford to worry about YuWon.



The collision of both caused YuWon's feet to retreat. The aftermath of their collision was too much for him to remain standing on his own, and he was not in the best condition either.

"...What a disaster."

Finally, the Sons of Muspel moved.

The giants moved towards Asgard, and soon, they would wreak havoc on many worlds.

"In the end, we couldn't stop them."

Hercules' voice sounded desperate. He did everything he could to prevent this moment. To prevent the scheduled disaster, and the only way to stop it was by capturing Surt.

But in the end, he couldn't, and the battle between Odin and Surt had begun.

No one knew how long the fight between the two would last. It could be days, or even months. Or maybe, like their fight in ancient Asgard, it would never come to a conclusion.


Odin and Surt clashed.

Despite bleeding profusely, Surt moved much faster than before.

Every time he landed on the ground, the world trembled as if the sky was about to collapse.

Then, Odin used his magic to bind Surt's body and resist his strength.

"This is Ragnarok."

Hercules, who was watching the fight, was amazed.

He was also known as the giant slayer and had fought against many other high-ranker warriors. He was born and raised in the vast Olympus, and he had even fought against Zeus.

But the fight between the top ten high-ranker warriors was on a completely different level.

And Odin and Surt were among the top high-ranker fighters, even among them.

This fight was the true Ragnarok.

"It's still too early to say."

Ragnarok had only just begun.

The Sons of Muspel, the ones who had caused the most damage to the Tower, still relied on Surt as their spiritual leader.

When the order was given. YuWon's task had not changed yet.

"If we hurry and eliminate Surt, the others will stop."

"Is there a way?"



The sky opened.

It was a sight different from mere cloud parting. Spaces opened up and separated in different directions.

It was Odin's magic.

Surt blew fire to avoid being sucked in.

It was an incredible fight.

"I have no place in this fight."

Hercules could have intervened, but there was no way YuWon could do it.

Not only was he not in a good physical condition, but if he got entangled in the battlefield with Surt's fire and Odin's magic, he would be doomed to die.

To assist Odin in the fight, he needed to withstand his magic with his body.


"It doesn't mean there's no way."


Hercules nodded, feeling curious. He knew very well that YuWon was not someone who spoke without basis due to his previous experiences.

That meant there really was another way.

"Then, please."


With a firm grip on his newly held club, Hercules looked at Surt, who was fighting Odin.

"I'm going to fight however I want."

He had to bring down Surt as soon as possible.

In that moment, as he moved hastily...

"Where are you going?"

YuWon grabbed Hercules.

"Come with me. There's something you have to do."



Odin fell to the ground and the earth flipped. Odin, who mitigated the impact by infusing Arcane Power into his feet, lifted his head.

He couldn't see the sky.

The only visible thing was Surt's red skin.



Surt fell down and stomped on Odin.


He thought he had stomped on him.


Odin's magic circle unfolded. The round blue magic circle pushed Surt in the opposite direction, protecting Odin's body.

"You have weakened greatly, Odin."

"It's not that I have weakened, it's that you have grown stronger."


Odin tightened his hand and blinked.

"And that means you are tired."

Chik, chik, chik-.


The Arcane Power transmitted through the magic circle twisted Surt's body.

Bones broke and contorted. Feeling the pain in his legs, Surt dropped his foot and grabbed the fire sword.

And in response, Odin drew his sword from his waist.



The two swords clashed.

"Ha ha ha! Good, good!"

Clink, clink!

Surt laughed as he swung the enormous fire sword.

"You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment, Odin, me, me!"


The flames burned fiercely.

This time, Odin decided that he was also in danger and instead of confronting with his sword, he crouched down and raised his shield.



"I really hate you and Asgard so much!"


Surt's sword left a fiery mark on the ground.

Odin raised his golden shield and pushed it aside as he looked at Surt.

"Remember, you were the one who started all this."

Long ago, Surt had brought the Giants from Jotunheim to challenge Odin.

"You should have challenged me alone."

Odin was furious with Surt's behavior. Not only had he betrayed him, but he had rebelled.

It was quite common in the old world, so Odin thought it was fair for it to happen.

But he was wrong.

"We shouldn't involve the people of Asgard in this."

Surt seemed more tired. But that made Surt at his strongest.

A characteristic of growing stronger the more tired and wounded he feels.

That was the most terrifying part of Surt.

"You still have that arrogance with your words."

Surt was still ignoring Odin.

He hadn't fit in with him for a long time.

"Anyway, this will condemn Asgard to destruction. Your era is over."


Odin nodded without hesitation.

"My era is over. Now is the beginning of the next era."


The corners of Odin's mouth lifted. Even though it wasn't a situation to laugh, he laughed.

"Times are changing. Asgard and this Tower have been stagnant and in decline for too long."

The water that had been blocked by a solid dam began to flow again. It also flowed with a strong jet, as it had been blocked for a long time.

"It's time to step aside, Surt."

"What nonsense...?"


A familiar flow of Arcane Power.

Feeling a chill run down his spine, Surt involuntarily turned his head.

"No way."


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"Is this... really possible?"


Hercules gripped the silver spear in his hand.

It was so heavy that it seemed like he could drop it at any moment.

[Cannot be held]

[Cannot be held]

[Cannot be...]

A message resonated in his head.

The message made it difficult for Hercules to lift the spear.


The most powerful spear in the world thrown by Odin, the only one in this Tower.

Hercules was struggling to hold it.

"It is possible."

Watching as Gungnir slowly lifted, YuWon even bit his lip. Hercules said he would try, but he couldn't believe that he was actually lifting that thing.

"An item restricted by the system. You have lifted an item that cannot be lifted."

The power to make the impossible possible, a miracle.

He realized how brutal Hercules' strength was.

'I don't have that kind of strength.'

And nobody else did either.

Even Hercules could barely lift it, let alone swing or throw it.

The system couldn't be defeated. Therefore, what one had to do was satisfy the system.

"You don't have to make it so difficult. I will use it myself."

"It will be difficult."

He said it would be difficult, but Hercules was certain that YuWon wouldn't be able to lift the Gungnir.

"The message 'Cannot be held' appears. This is an item that I cannot even use."

No matter how powerful Hercules was, he couldn't defy the System.

The System was an absolute law.

Even lifting the Gungnir halfway was strange.


"You said it cannot be lifted, but it doesn't say it cannot be used, right?"

YuWon reached for the Gungnir that Hercules was struggling to lift with both arms.

"This hasn't been activated yet."

The Gungnir reacted to Odin's magic. First of all, it was an item linked to Odin, and only he could wield it. But that didn't mean there was no way to activate the Gungnir.

With one hand pointing at the Gungnir and the other in the inventory, YuWon gave it a try.


A familiar sensation enveloped his hand.

As he pulled it out, he saw a clock that looked even more damaged than before.

[Clock Movement in ruins]
A clock that has lost its power and its purpose is unclear. It has lost most of its power and only a little remains.

An item that was now truly garbage.

Using the Clock Movement was no longer possible, and it seemed to have no use other than being an old item. But according to the description, there was one thing it could do.

There was a way to use it.

"The Clock Movement was created by Odin, Mimir, and Chronos."

Even a little power was fine.

After all, the purpose was to fulfill the activation conditions of the Gungnir.


The clock began to sound in his hand.

A little magic leaked from it, but it wasn't enough for the clock to function.



That was enough for the Gungnir to react.


Hercules watched with a bewildered expression as YuWon slightly lifted the Gungnir.

No, he was horrified.

"You... how?"

YuWon lifted the Gungnir. Much more easily than he himself did. Then he looked at the trembling Gungnir in his hands.

"It's draining my Arcane Power."

Since the Gungnir was activated, it had been absorbing his own Arcane Power and increasing in power. The concentrated Arcane Power within the spear gradually amplified and became increasingly difficult to hold in the hand.


The Gungnir was an item that had to accumulate energy for a long time after activation before it could unleash its power.

And there was still enough Arcane Power for the Gungnir to absorb.


The Heart of Fire. Inside it, the Gungnir consumed the purple flames and grew stronger.

How much time had passed?


Surt noticed his presence.

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