IBRV (Novel) Chapter 46


I felt a bit bewildered by the sudden call, but I came because I thought we should meet at least once...

"Did I come here for no reason?"

After all, it might have been better to come in Erno Etham's arms.

“ You!

“ Yes!

“ How dare you run away without answering my question?!

“ It's not because I wanted to leave...

However, I was so scared, and when I wished for it inside, I suddenly found myself in a different place.

“ Yes, was it good to run away from home? You could have simply said no. Why go through so much trouble after running away? Huh? Why were you dragged to an underground auction?!


I tightly closed my eyes in response to the complaints and scolding coming from his throat.

It's true that he's very angry.

I felt frustrated thinking I had used my breath for nothing. I will stay on my father's side.

“ Didn't you know that the Etham family's blood was forbidden to leave without my permission?!

“ N-No...

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