SYS (Novel) Chapter 257

C257 - Thoughts of a Wealthy Father

The patriarchs of the two major factions each promised three hundred and one hundred million gold coins for his capture.

It was the first time in human civilization history that a figure of one hundred million was promised for the capture of a man. The world, already buzzing with news of the Holy Kingdom incident, was stirred by the news of the arrest warrants.

Elite mercenary groups like the Black Kings and the Specters started their independent searches, while smaller groups joined forces for the hunt.

Even state military forces and cavalries of smaller kingdoms eagerly searched for Jin. It was the expected response, as three hundred million gold coins were more than enough to boost the economy of an entire kingdom.

But their pursuit contributed little to the search.

No other group searched for Jin as eagerly and desperately as the two major clans, the Runcandels and the Zipples.

Thousands of Guardian Knights, Mages, the armies they commanded, and allied clans from both factions formed exploration parties to search for Jin.

"Young Master, I wonder if he'll be okay," Gilly sighed. She held a wanted poster of Jin Runcandel, the Reserve Flagbearer.

All her companions were gathered in Tikan, watching the situation unfold.

The promise Jin obtained from Cyron in the past still held. No Runcandel could set foot in Tikan without Jin's explicit permission.

Thanks to that promise, the Runcandel Guardian Knights didn't enter Tikan, but there were about fifty of them waiting in the vicinity of the island.

On the other hand, the Zipple Mages thoroughly searched every inch of Tikan before departing.

They searched the records of every portal in the world for cases involving Jin Grey and Bamel, which pointed to Tikan as their base of operations.

Of course, the Zipples didn't glean much from their search there. They completely disregarded the fact that Tikan was a neutral state. They even forced their way into Kashimir's mansion but didn't find Jin.

The reason was simple. Jin wasn't there.

"He'll be fine. Don't worry too much, Strawberry Shortcake," said Murakan.

Gilly weakly nodded. Seeing that, Murakan made a face.

He wasn't disgusted. Literally, he was contorting his face back and forth to make her smile.

"That's it. Don't be so sad because of that foolish boy. You should keep smiling like that. It's nice to see you smile."

Gilly couldn't help but laugh, and soon she burst into loud laughter, making Murakan smile along with her.

All these crazies. How can it be funny? Veris secretly cursed while watching the two and frowned (Note: Beris before, Veris now).

And, surprisingly, Kuzan mimicked Murakan and started contorting his face.

Veris desperately tried to hold back laughter this time. Now it was Yulian's turn to share his thoughts.

Kuzan and Veris. Those lunatics are having a good time.

But even Yulian had to smile when Euria suddenly approached him and nudged him in the side, asking him to play.

In other words, the whole world was busy with people trying to hunt down Jin, but Tikan was quite peaceful.

That, despite the various factions that arrived on the island to ransack it.

"Lord Jin has truly become a great figure. In fact, he's the most popular person on Earth right now." Kashimir brushed back his hair. His expression showed fatigue. "You have no idea how those Zipple Mages scrutinized every inch of my safehouses. It gives me a headache just thinking about it."

"But since we agreed to their search, the Zipples can't say anything against us for a while, as they searched our house without good justification or any solid evidence."

Alisa tapped Kashimir's shoulder as she spoke.

Although Jin had been to Tikan before, the Zipples had no reason or justification to force an extensive search of Tikan since it was a neutral force.

Therefore, the Zipples couldn't meddle in Tikan's affairs for a while, as Alisa just mentioned. The Zipples were certainly powerful, but that didn't mean they could get away with everything concerning neutral factions outside of the Lutero Magical Federation.

"I was really surprised when the royal guards from Vermont arrived." This time, it was Enya who spoke.

Cuicantelle nodded as well.

Although the Vermonts didn't search Tikan as thoroughly as the Zipples, the two were still unofficially wanted by the Vimenth.

Especially now that Jin Grey's name had been revealed to the world, the Vermonts were also tracing the identity of Austin Grey, Enya's fake name she used in the incident with the remains of the Dark Magic Guild.

But the three cadets from the Academy that Jin and Enya used as servants back then, namely Chip, Maura, and Aurel, concealed from the Vermont leaders the secret that Austin had actually been Enya.

Thanks to that, the Vermonts didn't search Tikan as thoroughly as the Zipples.

"But we should be thankful that the Runcandels haven't come. If they were here, they would create a disaster, destroying everything in sight, digging up lands, and demolishing things."

Jet shrugged and continued.

"But I can't understand Sir Cyron. I thought he definitely cared for our dear lord. That's why he checked most of his deviations and still forbids the Runcandels from entering Tikan, right? I can't understand why he would put a three hundred million gold coin bounty on Lord Jin's head."

Jet sounded extremely annoyed by that fact.

"Why don't you raise it with him if you're so curious?" Murakan asked.

"Hmph, this Jet doesn't back down. If you take me to the Dark Sea where Sir Cyron is, Master Murakan, I can always bring it up, yes, sir!"

"Are you crazy? Who said you can ride me? Plus, once you face Cyron, weaklings like you will suffocate and won't even be able to open your eyes from the gravity he exudes."

"But still, don't you feel upset about it? I thought Sir Cyron would definitely take care of our lord. But now, the Runcandels are more eager to kill Lord Jin than the Zipples. I'm so frustrated, yes, I am!"

"The boy's father must have a reason for doing so. I thought I told you that yesterday."

"What reason could that be? Hmph, I also have a son, but I would never do something like that, no, sir."

"Sure, sure. I understand how you feel, but... Wait a moment. Why is this guy taking it out on me? Hey, Insect. Haven't you been disciplining your lackeys?" Murakan asked.

"But I also agree with Mr. Jet! If Lord Jin is captured by bounty hunters or the Runcandels, how am I supposed to go on living?" Enya shouted, making Murakan's eyes widen in surprise.

"Wait, what does that have to do with your life?"

"Lord Jin is my light, the carrier of my life energy. He's essentially my life force. The world will lose all meaning without Lord Jin. I can't bear this at all. Mr. Jet! Let's go and talk to Sir Cyron face to face about it."

"Yes, that's right!"

Enya and Jet high-fived each other and pompously left the room.

Murakan clicked his tongue as they left, and the rest of the companions simply laughed. Quikantel was the only one who sighed deeply.

Of course, the two never actually went to Cyron. Instead, they went to Latrie's confectionery to steal cookies and tea while talking behind Cyron's back.



Cyron scratched his ears. As his experienced senses, sharpened as a Demigod, felt an itch in his ears, he always had rather noisy visitors.


Mott, the snow toad, opened a dimensional door.


Unlike Enya and Jet, here was a person who could truly come to Cyron to complain.

Talaris, the ruler of the Secret Palace, was fuming and shouted as soon as she saw Cyron.

"You'll break my eardrums."

"My internal organs burn with frustration, that's why! What the hell do you think you're doing? Don't you ever think about how I would feel, no, how my daughter would feel about it?"

Not even a marriage. They weren't even engaged, yet she demanded that he consider Siris. Cyron found it ridiculous, but he kept his eyes closed without responding. Now that he reflected on his behavior, he realized Talaris was always like this.

"Cyron, you better think carefully. You must know how public opinion must be after Keliac killed his own son, Karl Zipple, just to cover up the incident."

"The situation with the Zipples and the Runcandels is different, Talaris."

"It's not like Jin has caused harm to the Runcandel clan. In fact, he brought them much more profit. But an arrest warrant? When they should be rewarding him? Besides the fact that he broke the pact, you still have plenty of reasons to take care of him, don't you?"

Ribbit, ribbit! Mott croaked loudly, as if he wanted to say he sympathized with Talaris's complaint. But when Cyron glanced at him, Mott averted his big eyes elsewhere and pretended to be busy.

"It has already been decided. The decision will stand."

"My goodness, don't tell me you actually want to kill Jin."

"Do I have to be more obvious?" He didn't hesitate for a second.

Talaris was about to say something, but instead, she took out a cigarette from her inner pockets. She smoked a whole cigarette in one breath and stuck another one in her mouth.

She finished five consecutive cigarettes and looked at Cyron.

"Cyron, don't tell me you've succumbed to chaos after your battle with the Dark Sea Kings. I suspected you had lost your humanity after reaching the height of a Demigod. But this isn't right. You wouldn't do this unless you were mad."


Ice gathered in Talaris's right hand and formed into a sword.

The sea ice sword, the divine sword she had chosen.

"And what exactly are you trying to do right now?"

"If you have truly succumbed to chaos, as the master of the sea ice sword and as your friend, I cannot allow it. Show me proof that you're still sane before I count to three. If not, I'll stab you."

One, two...

Cyron gave a faint smile as he watched Talaris.

"You haven't forgotten our promise. Withdraw your sword, Talaris. You guessed wrong."

Their conversation up until now was Cyron's test for Talaris.

On the other hand, Talaris had also unsheathed the sea ice sword as a gamble to hear Cyron's innermost thoughts. She knew he wouldn't reveal his true intentions because she was a stranger, whether an old friend or not.

She had considered the possibility of Cyron succumbing to chaos.

Talaris sheathed her sea ice sword.

The plains in the central region of the Black Sea froze into a fan shape behind her. A vast area was frozen due to her powers, and one couldn't even see where the frost ended.

"I have no idea what happened to that charming lion of the Runcandels. Now, all that's left is this peculiar old man. Very well then. Tell me. What is your intention?"


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"My father has given me another chance."

"How can you interpret it that way? I didn't know you had such a carefree side. Just like the Zipples, the patriarch of the Runcandels, your own father, issued the arrest warrant. It can't be a publicity stunt." Dante replied as he handed him the bulletin.

"Even if I hid you within my own clan, I can't say we would last more than two months. I'm sure this place, Beradin's vacation home, is no different."

If the Runcandels and the Zipples were putting all their forces into finding one man, there wasn't a single person who could escape their clutches. They would track them down everywhere, no matter where they hid.

This was even more impossible for a celebrity like Jin.

"You're right. And I'll never survive if they catch me. Well, if they catch me, that is. On the other hand, if I'm not captured for over a year and I return to my clan of my own accord, my reputation will skyrocket as the Reserve Flagbearer who played not only with the Zipples but also with the Runcandel clan."

The way Jin made fools of the Zipples was a genuine embarrassment for them.

But for the Runcandels, although it would still be a disgrace, ironically, their reputation would also increase.

"Are you saying Sir Cyron would retract his arrest warrant in that case?"

"He won't retract his arrest warrant for Jin Runcandel the reserve flagbearer, but there was never an arrest warrant for Jin Runcandel the flagbearer at all."

"Whoa. I feel like you'll somehow make it happen. If anyone could, but honestly, I'm not so sure. Are you sure you can hold out against the Runcandel and Zipple clans for a whole year?"

Even for Jin, it would be an impossible feat if he had to hide in the human world. However, it was a different story if he could hide in his brothers' land.

My father must know that I would hide in Lafrarosa because he has the report from Sir Kashimir.

But Dante didn't need to know that.

He was about to respond with a smile when he saw the private portal door of the vacation home shining with light through the window.


Jin and Dante pressed against the window and ducked.

There was always the possibility that the person coming out of the portal wasn't Beradin but other Zipples.

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