LWTG (Novel) Chapter 291


OhGong thought and thought.

A single strike powerful enough to pierce through Indra's armor.

What options were there?

That was the problem.

No matter how much he thought about it, he couldn't come up with that one strike.

"Ah, I don't know."

Scratching his head in frustration, OhGong raised his magic staff once again.

Anyway, he had already transmitted the information about Indra.

His role was considered finished.

Thump, puff-puff-puff!

Numerous Son OhGongs appeared around Indra.

The multiplication technique.

An ability that symbolized OhGong along with the Golden Cinder Eyes.


Despite being surrounded by over a hundred clones, Indra showed no signs of weakening.

In fact...


Keeping his legs firmly planted and standing with a straight posture as if ready to face off, Indra braced his waist.




Dozens of magic staffs pointing in different directions.


The strike of the magic staffs coming from different directions enveloped Indra's body.


It appeared to envelop him.

Crack, clang...

The staffs broke. While the clones were fake and their staffs were too, they weren't that easy to break.

Bang, bang, bang!

Smashing the Ru Yi Bang with his fists, he destroyed one clone after another.

When Indra reached Son OhGong...

"What's this? Did you arrive first?"

Indra found Son OhGong muttering behind the vanished clones (alter egos).

And then...


Along with the red aura, six arms and six swords were revealed.

[Path of the Asura Demon]

The six swords approached simultaneously.

Indra, who was rushing towards Son OhGong, planted his feet on the ground, crossed his hands, and protected himself.

In the next moment...


Asura's sword cut through Indra's chest.


Thud, crumble, crumble-.

His body flew backward.

He couldn't hold his ground. Buried among the rubble of the rocky mountain, Indra touched the wound on his chest.

There was blood on it.

"It's the second time already..."

He received wounds twice.

That meant there were attacks that had pierced through the armor, albeit small ones. Whether it was due to carelessness or whatever, it was his own mistake.

Thud, thud, thud~

While holding onto the rock debris and getting up, Indra looked at the Ranker who was far away.

Three heads.

Six arms.

Although he had been halted by OhGong, it seemed like at any moment, he could run toward him.

An unforgettable appearance.

Moreover, he was a quite famous High-Ranker in this Tower.


The three-headed, six-armed demon.

He had created it himself.

Plop, plop...

Shaking off the dust from his body...

"You're a repulsive creature."

Indra recovered and looked at Fafnir, who had partially risen.

Thud, thud...

It was a fight to capture Fafnir.

But now, with the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and Asura, it seemed like the situation was escalating.

He didn't care much.

Even if he had wounds, they were nothing more than scratches.

'I don't know why the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal is here, but...'

Two dragons.

And now Asura.

Looking at the enemy in front of him, Indra felt a strange sensation.

A sensation of itchiness and frustration.

This kind of sensation usually didn't end well.

'Is this my turning point?'

Vritra and Fafnir.

If he killed the two dragons, his objective would be practically complete.

A race without its leader would fall. Once that happened, all that remained was to crush the dragons.

"The end is right before my eyes."


Indra looked at Son OhGong and Asura who appeared in front of him.

He had no intention of backing down from here.


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"Let me go."


Asura's arm tightened.

Son OhGong was holding onto his arm, while with his other hand, he scratched his head and asked.

"Are you trying to commit suicide or what?"

"Words don't work with you."

The eyes of the first head filled with killing intent, and the swords in his arms began to move.

The situation became urgent, and OhGong quickly dodged the swords, looking for another head.

"Hey, third head!"

The third head of Asura.

He was the only one he could communicate with.

"Are you really going to fight against me? If you do, you won't even have the strength to fight against that guy."


Asura didn't immediately respond.

But soon...


The other two hands grabbed the hand that wielded the sword towards Son OhGong.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't do anything foolish."

The second head remained silent, and the third head reprimanded the first.

"It's too difficult to face both Indra and the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal."

"Yes, yes."

The third head made some sense. OhGong, who was already close enough, touched Asura on the shoulder.

"Let's fight together, you and me."


Asura looked at Son OhGong with a suspicious expression.

It was an expression that asked, "Why you?".

"No way. He's mine alone," the first head said.

Son OhGong shrugged at those words.

"I don't like the idea of fighting together either. But..."


A pillar of lightning shot up from the sky.

"Do you have the confidence to handle him alone?"


Asura frowned at the magical power he could sense from a distance.

"I can't defeat him."

The second head, who had been silent all along, opened its mouth.

"Are you going to flee again?"


"Then what?"

The second and third heads looked in the same direction.

Naturally, the first head frowned.

"Do you really want us to fight together?"

It was a fierce response, as if it were absurd.

But it was also momentary.


Their bodies trembled as they saw the dark clouds forming in the sky.

"Either you flee, or you fight and die trying."

"Or you beg for divine luck."

The words of the third head resonated with the second head.


These were words spoken in the midst of a great battle with two Dragon Kings and the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, as allies.

However, no one could deny those words in this situation.

Indra, who stood before them, had that kind of power.

"That guy is a monster on another level. If you want revenge, this is the only way."


Although they didn't know the world above the Tower, Asura also felt that he was a level above them.

Therefore, even the first head, who had strong pride, had to finally suppress his pride.

"In return, his neck is mine."

With a firm voice that seemed to say he couldn't give in on that.

Of course, Son OhGong wasn't someone who cared about that kind of thing.

"Then let's do it."

Crackle, crunch-.

Within the towering pillar of lightning...

Indra, who had healed his chest wounds, walked out.

"As long as we can defeat him, that's what matters."

Due to the tension, sweat dripped down Son OhGong's forehead.

It had been a long time since he had thought about a fight where he wasn't sure if he could win.

Probably, it was the first time since the fight with the Outer Gods. Surt was also a difficult opponent to handle even for the current Son OhGong, but at that time, he had the powerful ally called Odin.

But now...

He didn't have such powerful allies. Indra's power was enough to threaten even Surt's rank, easily surpassing the top 5 of the ranking.

And because of that...


At this moment, Son OhGong could smile happier than anyone else.


"What's up?"

"I'm sorry about your sect."

Asura's heads turned toward Son OhGong in unison.

The sect.

All the Asuras immediately understood what he was referring to.

"You, how...?"

Just as he was about to ask how he knew.


OhGong's body flew out.



Son OhGong and Indra collided. Son OhGong, who was pushed back, immediately began to wield his staff with one hand.


Crack, crack-!

The staff swung in three directions. The staff moved smoothly but with impactful power.


"It's a familiar movement."

"Don't you know?"

Whirr, whirr, whirr-.

Smooth yet powerful movements of the staff.

"It's our staff style."

Furthermore, it was so complete that it could be clearly seen from afar.

Moreover, Son OhGong mentioned his sect.

Was this really a coincidence?


No matter what else, that staff style couldn't be attributed to chance. You can gather information from anywhere, but you can't use a discipline without learning it.

"Why are you just standing there doing nothing?"

The two arms of the first Asura moved first.

"Aren't you going to fight?"


The hands holding the swords filled with strength. Asura, who was watching Son OhGong fighting against Indra, moved his six arms.

"Of course."

Smoothly moving arms.

At the same time...


Asura stomped on the ground forcefully.



Indra's head turned. A sword strike flew from somewhere and struck his head. His body staggered from the impact, and immediately his pupils turned toward Asura.

Indra's fist extended forward.



Along with the fist, a massive discharge burst forward.

Asura and Son OhGong.

As if they had made a promise, they separated and moved to the left and right.

"Definitely, both of them have exceptional skills in movement and coordination."


The staff and swords extended simultaneously.


The images of Son OhGong and Asura reflected in Indra's eyes as he crossed his arms to block the staff and swords.

"It's enough to make me want to learn."

It wasn't just a matter of strength.

Son OhGong seemed simple and primitive at first glance, but his staff wasn't rigid and appeared flexible, constantly changing.

Asura, even handling six different weapons*, seemed to know how to use each of them uniquely. Moreover, each of them had the same technical perfection as Son OhGong. (Note: I thought Asura was using swords, but it seems he is using different weapons in each arm)

They were truly perfect in terms of skills.


Zap, zap, rumble-!

No matter how perfect their skill was, it was insignificant in the face of overwhelming strength.


Indra entered the space between their weapons without any weapon of his own.

The first to react was Son OhGong.


"Too late."

Son OhGong tried to push Indra using his Ru Yi Bang.

But Indra's fist extended forward.


A thunderous sound resonated on the ground. The light flashed intensely once, and OhGong was thrown so far that he couldn't be seen anymore.

Asura instinctively backed away.

No, he tried to back away.

But immediately...

"Don't be a coward."

The third head became the main axis of the body and began to move.

"If you have decided to fight, you must not retreat."

Indra's strength increased, and at the same time, Asura also gathered his Arcane Power.


Showing his determination not to retreat, Asura stepped forward decisively, without backing down, into the waves of lightning. Indra watched him with interest, as if finding his appearance immersed in that electric current fascinating.

"You're an energetic guy."

While the two were momentarily distracted.


The two Dragons recovered, spread their wings once again, and soared into the sky.

'But my target is still...'

Indra looked at the Dragons, showing his white teeth.

'Those guys.'



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