LWTG (Novel) Chapter 292


Once upon a time, there was a human.

Raised by Dragons, he believed himself to be a Dragon.

As time passed, he realized that unlike him, the other Dragons did not change in the slightest.

When he realized he was not a Dragon, he set out to find out why he had been mixed with the Dragons.

The Dragon War.

A war among Dragons broke out to determine who would be the leader of the Dragons.

In one world, the Western Dragons and the Eastern Dragons fought, and countless people were drawn in and killed.

He realized.

He realized that he was one of the few survivors among the people who died in that way.

With time, he was chosen, climbed the Tower, and became a Ranker.

-Why are you doing this?

He killed the Dragons that raised him and bathed in their blood.

-At first, it was for revenge.

He recovered the memories erased by the Dragons and remembered his lost family and the people of the Indra Tribe.

A funeral to appease their spirits.

At first, that seemed to be the purpose.

-Now I want even greater power.

He called himself Indra.

That was the name of the God they worshipped, a mysterious God who possessed divine power that brought thunder and rain.

Using the name of a God.

When he began using that name, he vowed to himself to become a God.


He repeatedly severed the necks of the Dragons.

-This is not revenge.

He tore apart their blood and heart, drinking their blood incessantly.

[You have obtained the title of "Dragon Slayer."]

With the title, Indra was able to obtain their power.

-This is a hunt.

Indra, who declared war on the Dragons, pledged to kill all the Dragons and seize their power.

And finally, the Dragon Kings, Vritra and Fafnir. Indra vowed to rip out their hearts and drink their blood.


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Vritra spread his wings.


Fafnir rose and blinked his eyes. Pushing Fafnir aside, Vritra bared his fangs.

-Stand back, Fafnir.

-I just lost one of mine.

-You've barely recovered enough to move.


Vritra's head turned.

The direction was where Indra, Son OhGong, and Asura were fighting.

-From now on, I'll be the one causing havoc.


Vritra opened his wings and flew upward. Fafnir also followed him into the sky and looked down at Indra.

Intense heat built up in Vritra's mouth.

Dragon's Breath.

The most powerful attack of the Dragon Race, a single technique that possessed lethal capabilities surpassing any other magic or skill.

That breath was shot toward Indra's body.


Covering the land with massive fire and dyeing it red. Asura hastily stomped on the ground, while Son OhGong soared into the air riding his Flying Nimbus.

Lightning bolts emanated from Indra's body.

Firmly keeping his two feet on the ground, Indra grasped a weapon in each hand.

The Golden Swords.

Indra enveloped each of them in lightning and stood firm without evading the breath.

-Do you intend to face the Breath?

The ground burned. In an instant, the breath swallowed the ground with Indra in an instant.

And amidst that...


A blue lightning bolt pierced through the flames, and a sharp Golden Sword flew toward Vritra.


The Golden Sword clashed against a staff.

Son OhGong, who was atop Vritra's head, had been watching the inside of Vritra's flames all along.

Facing Vritra's breath head-on meant Indra trusted himself.

"I knew you would."



Swinging his Ru Yi Bang, he pushed Indra backward, and in the next moment, Asura attacked from the other side with his six weapons.

However, Indra still had his Two Golden Swords.

With one hand, he blocked Asura's swords, and immediately, he spun his body and dove into his arms.



The distance closed in an instant.


Indra's fist struck Asura's face.


With an explosion, Asura's head turned backwards. It was about to be blown away, but it didn't.


Indra's eyes gleamed.

Asura, who had firmly grabbed Indra's arm, still held on. His arms were not two, and another arm was already lurking. (그의 팔은 두 개가 아니었으며, 다른 팔은 이미 자신을 노려 오고 있었다)

"You hold on tightly."

"Perhaps it's not easy for you either."

Son OhGong and Asura did not let go of Indra. No matter how powerful Indra was, it wouldn't be easy to get rid of the two.

At that moment...


Indra's fists were blocked in mid-air.

A solid wall.


However, Ru Yi Bang easily broke through that wall and extended.


Thanks to that, Indra took a blow to the chin and fleetingly glanced at Bhirtra and Fafnir, who were now preparing an even more powerful breath than before.

"They are adjusting their position."

Although initially everyone fought in a chaotic and disorderly manner, suddenly, each found their own role and began to move.

It probably wasn't something planned.

After starting the fight, they probably instinctively realized what they had to do.

At least, the two in front of him had enough skills to do so.




Indra blocked the attacks from the two with his electric-charged arms.

Blood spurted from the arms cut by the weapons. The staff had also left small bruises, but that was all.

The price he paid by taking the blows was nothing compared to what they would pay next.



Swinging his other Golden Sword, Indra struck Asura's abdomen.

He cut through the flesh and broke the bones.


This couldn't simply be called flesh.

"No matter how hard you try."

Zap, zap-.

A lightning armor covered his body.

Unless they could penetrate this armor, they couldn't inflict a proper blow.

"I've broken through the ceiling."


Ru Yi Bang approached quickly.


Indra caught it with his hands.

"So, as I said, I am different from you..."

"What interesting lightning attribute magic you possess."


A creepy sensation was felt right behind him.

Since the fight began, it was the first time he felt danger. Indra let go of the staff he was holding and instinctively leaned down.

"I can throw you off balance with the same attribute magic."

"Ru Yi."


An enormous staff extended over his head. Normally, he wouldn't be afraid of being swept away by it, but this time it wasn't the case.


The lightning armor surrounding him. At the moment the staff extended, the magic forming the armor distorted.

"There was someone else."

"I'm sorry for being late."

Crackle, crackle-.

Not far away. A man with golden hair pointed at himself with one hand.

He had such a striking and handsome face that you couldn't forget it if you saw it at least once.



The ancient king of Olympus.

He was also one of the few High-Rankers recognized by Indra.

The moment Indra saw Zeus's face, he could immediately understand what he wanted.

"So, you're aiming for my heart."

"That's right."

Unlike Son OhGong, whose goal was uncertain, Zeus's goal was too transparent.

Two High-Rankers who controlled the same lightning attribute magic.

Indra had consumed the heart and blood of the Dragon Race to obtain his current power.

That's why it was known that if someone obtained his heart, they would also obtain the immense power of the Dragon Race.

Crack, crack-.

Son OhGong and Asura.

The two stood, facing each other, focused on Indra.

In the distance, Zeus disrupted Indra's power, while the Dragons covered them with magic and brute strength.

It was quite a compelling position, and each of them was a top-tier High-Ranker in the Tower.

"Today is a special day, isn't it? What are non-partners doing working together?"

Just by seeing the brief teamwork between Son OhGong and Asura, one could tell.

Furthermore, initially, even if they were together, they didn't seem coordinated. Each acted on their own, indicating that they weren't part of a plan.

"Yes. We're still not partners."


Son OhGong in his most battered state. Still, OhGong aimed his staff at Indra once again.



It meant that eventually they would be.

If that happened, he thought that a truly impressive team would be formed.

At this moment, there were Asura, Son OhGong, Zeus, and even the leaders of the Dragons transcending their own race.

"Someday we will be partners. Even I find it hard to believe, but..."


Son OhGong's Golden Cinder Eyes lit up.

"It is destined to happen."

It was a moment, but Indra felt the imposing pressure overwhelming him.

Son OhGong.

The so-called "Great Sage, Heaven's Equal," a High-Ranker who fought in a war against the Celestial Realm and ultimately triumphed.

Even when only hearing the rumors, he thought it was impressive, but upon meeting him personally, it turned out to be even more awe-inspiring.

"What an admirable spirit."

Although Indra didn't know why the hell Son OhGong had sought a fight against him.


"But for once, you're wrong."

With a clash of fists, Indra gained momentum.

If everyone really gathered here to capture him.

"If your intention was to trap me, you should have been much better prepared. You should have planned and coordinated for decades, even centuries."

Kugung, kugugung-.

Lightning burst from his fists.

"Unless you are a perfect team..."

The power to shake the heavens and earth gathered in his hands, and as if waiting for it, Zeus moved his golden lightning in response.

"Eventually, a weakness will be revealed."



In an instant, the blue lightning engulfed the golden lightning. The direction in which Indra threw his punch was straight towards where Zeus was.

Zeus was swept away by the wave of lightning.

On the other hand, Asura paused for a moment when he thought he would face it directly. As he was unaware of Zeus's involvement, it took him a little longer to comprehend the situation.


Meanwhile, Son OhGong raised his staff and swung it directly at Indra.

A brief empty space.

Son OhGong didn't allow for that space and shouted.

"What are you doing? Get closer!"

At Son OhGong's shout, Asura moved.

When the two closed in again, Indra couldn't simply ignore them. Both their weapons and the staff had quite an annoying power to ignore.

"I'll deal with the most annoying guy first."


A skilled High-Ranker in handling his magic, capable of reversing the opponent's attack.

He was the most annoying type among them. That's why, even if it was reckless, Indra moved to confront Zeus first.

Fortunately, however, Zeus made a big mistake.

"How is it possible for someone who can throw a spear from afar to get so close?"

If he had created lightning from a farther distance... The fight would probably have been much more bothersome and complicated.

But fortunately, Zeus entered his range.

And the result was...


But right at that moment...

"No matter how you think about it, it's a blow to one's pride."

A golden lightning appeared behind Indra.

Indra quickly turned his head towards that light.

"You didn't block it?"


Two lightning bolts of different colors but with similar properties collided with each other.

In that created space.

"I can't believe I'm acting as someone else's lackey."

With those words...


Shhh, shhhh-.

The figures of Zeus, OhGong, and Asura disappeared into thin air.

And through the gap...


A black spear deeply pierced the air.



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