LWTG (Novel) Chapter 293


Somehow, each had a role to play.

Vritra and Fafnir were aware of their roles, as were OhGong and Asura.

Indra's target was their own lives.

Initially, he hunted dragons out of revenge, but at some point, he started hunting them for greater power.

Once he gained the title of Dragon Slayer, his purpose became increasingly clear.

Dragon Slayer.

The effect of the title was to drain the power from the hearts of the dragons he killed.

-And to think this all started because of the insistence of the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal...

-Unexpectedly, this is how it ended up.

A team was suddenly forming.

Of course, they weren't close enough to be called colleagues.

Moreover, those two were not just a team but individuals capable enough to lead a large guild.

Vritra and Fafnir thought that depending on the outcome of this fight, there could be significant changes in the Tower.

-I suppose we should consider them a team.

-I never thought we would fight as a team, like players.

Unlike players and Rankers, Vritra and Fafnir were rankless beings who had lived for what seemed like an eternity and were powerful in their own right.

Naturally, they were not accustomed to fighting as a team like the Players.

But they were Dragons.

Since their birth, they had been great mages and had grown more proficient in magic as time went on.

Additionally, Dragons were beings gifted with exceptional intelligence.

-I will unleash a Dragon's Breath.


Vritra focused the breath in his mouth as he looked at Fafnir.

-You will protect them.

Ranged attacks and support.

Those two roles were their primary function.

Dragon's Breath consumed a lot of magic. Compared to Fafnir, who was more exhausted and injured, Vritra was in a better position.

-There's no other choice.

Fafnir put aside his pride for a moment and obeyed.

Right now, capturing Indra was more important than anything else.


At that moment, just as Vritra was about to unleash the Dragon's Breath.

"Wait a little longer."

Vritra closed his mouth slightly upon hearing a voice above his head.

And at the same time...


Zeus appeared behind Indra and collided with him. Fafnir turned his head to see the human who had climbed onto Vritra's head.

-Who are you?

"Another ally."

YuWon pointed to the three who were fighting against Indra.

At this moment, it would be more reliable to respond this way rather than giving a detailed explanation about himself.

-Did you bring Zeus with you?

Fortunately, Vritra and Fafnir recognized Zeus.

Of course.

His face was unforgettable for anyone who saw it once.

Moreover, they couldn't overlook someone emitting such a dazzling brilliance.

"Not just Zeus, but all of them."

-Are you the one who tried to persuade me through the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal?

Vritra remembered the words Son OhGong had told him when he sought him out.

It seemed he was trying to convey someone's message.

Probably that person was YuWon, who was standing on his head.

-Is it you who created this scenario?

If that was the case, he had an impressive ability, regardless of his actual skill.

Being able to gather those High-Rankers in such a way to fight together was astonishing.

"There's no time for idle talk."


An ominous Arcane Power gathered in YuWon's hands. The Dark Attribute Arcane Power merged to form a spear and soon took on a defined shape.

-That is...

Fafnir, upon seeing the shape of the spear, spoke with a trembling voice.

A long, elongated spear.

YuWon, who displayed a familiar spear shape, began to activate it.

"Just listen carefully to what I have to say."




Indra's eyes widened.

A spear pierced through his chest.

And suddenly, Son OhGong, Asura, and Zeus disappeared.

In an instant, he understood what was happening.

Indra searched for the other person who had thrown the spear.

"From where did they throw it...?"


That was when he felt a sinister presence at that moment.

The lightning armor that was briefly damaged by Zeus's lightning bolt.

In that space, the spear perfectly sank through his body.


The powerful impact of the spear swallowed Indra's body.

The sound vanished, and darkness devoured Indra's lightning. The long, elongated impact of the spear created an endless black line in the sky.

Kugoo, googoogoo-.

For a moment, the colors of the world disappeared.

Looking at each other in black and white, Son OhGong and Asura showed confused expressions.

"What's happening?"

"I don't know either."

Son OhGong was equally puzzled about the situation.

He thought YuWon would do something, but he never imagined it would be like this.

The impact of the spear stretching across the sky resembled Gungnir in a certain sense.

The only difference was that, unlike the impact of Gungnir rising towards the sky, the impact unfolding before them extended like a long line.

How far had Indra been flown?

Son OhGong and Asura's gaze turned to Zeus, who appeared beside them.

"You must know something, right?"

YuWon decided to convince Zeus to join his side.

If Zeus had come to this place, he was surely part of YuWon's scenario.

"Although I doubted it..."

But in response to Son OhGong's question, Zeus merely watched the spectacle unfolding before his eyes without saying a word.

"Those were not baseless words."

"I will throw the spear." (YuWon)

When he first heard those words, Zeus thought YuWon had lost his mind.

How dare he say he will throw the spear while standing by his side?

But soon, upon seeing the spear YuWon held, resembling Gungnir, he decided to believe in him for once.

So he rode along with him on a cloud of his own creation.

YuWon prepared the combat position.

"The problem is the timing to throw the spear."

Here were OhGong and Asura.

Both were leading the fight at a relatively close range. If he threw the spear, they would undoubtedly be caught in it.

But if he separated them from Indra, there wouldn't be a suitable moment to hit with the spear.

That's why YuWon thought of only one way.

"We will need Dragon magic."

"Are you referring to teleportation?"

"That's right."

Dragons were the race with the greatest magical ability in the tower.

Furthermore, Vritra and Fafnir here were the leaders of that race, and they were on the same level as the highest-ranking members of the Tower.

The conditions were perfect for the use of teleportation, which could cover great distances in an instant.

The positions of Asura and OhGong, YuWon, and the Dragons were established.

And within those positions, Zeus found his role.

"I will block Indra's power."

"Is that possible?"

"Indra will definitely target me first. If I confirm that and set up a trap, nothing is impossible."

OhGong and Asura restrain Indra's movements, while Zeus tears apart his armor.

In that instant, YuWon threw the spear, and the Dragons rescued the three of them through teleportation.

That was the image that Zeus and YuWon had drawn.

The key was how powerful the spear thrown by YuWon would be.

And now, Zeus was witnessing the results with his own eyes.

"It's better if he doesn't turn into a potential enemy."

There was another being who had the same thought in mind.

Odin, the king of Asgard.

His spear was more powerful than any ability Zeus had seen before.

Although it may be slightly less intense in comparison, the sight unfolding before him also evoked a similar feeling.

Moreover, unlike Odin, one of the oldest Rankers, YuWon had lived the shortest amount of time among the current Rankers.

"If a little more time passes, he will become a true monster."

Furthermore, right in front of him was someone who had traveled to a higher world than his, the place he desperately desired.

He felt that he was close to his goal.

"Is it over already...?"

A dispirited voice resonated somewhere.

It was the murmuring of one of Asura's heads.

Surely, he wouldn't have thought that way after witnessing the spectacle unfolding before him.




Zeus snapped his fingers and struck the back of Asura's neck, who was murmuring in that manner.

Asura, hit on the head by the lightning, turned to look at Zeus with a surprised expression.

"You relax too quickly."

"What are you doing?"

"Don't you know anything about Indra?"

Zeus's reprimand returned tension to Asura's body.

Then, Son OhGong, holding the Ru Yi Bang by his side, added with more force.

"That guy is immortal."


The power that had made him who he was, the power that had earned him the name Great Sage, Heaven's Equal.

"That's how he's supposed to be known."

Upon hearing those words, Zeus looked at Son OhGong with surprise, as if it was unexpected.

He thought Son OhGong had no brains, but apparently, it wasn't the case.

OhGong looked in the direction where Indra had flown after being hit by the spear. He couldn't see how far he had flown, even with his Golden Cinder Eyes.

"In reality, he's not immortal or anything like that, but you already knew that..."

And then.

Son OhGong turned to Asura and asked him:

"Right, Asura?"


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A black line cut through the sky.

Indra's body defenses were not high enough to survive a direct hit like that.

It was the surrounding armor that was really tough, not his body.

"That's where the problem lies."

When Indra's immortality was in doubt.

Asura recounted his experience.

"The more Indra loses, the stronger he becomes. Although he doesn't have an infinite number of lives like that Monkey, but it's as if he has several extra lives compared to others."

"And that makes him stronger?"

Finite lives were good news, but becoming stronger with each death was another thing.

Considering Indra's ranking, becoming stronger from there was another separate problem.

"So, there won't be a solution for quite some time."

"If the information is correct, that guy is a monster beyond imagination. We may have to consider him completely outside our plans."

Even Odin, who knew Indra relatively well, couldn't find a way to deal with him.

The fact that he resurrects even after death and becomes stronger.

How are you supposed to catch someone with that kind of daunting ability?

When everyone was perplexed by the information about Indra.

"No matter how the process goes, in the end, that guy will cut off his head."

YuWon paid attention to the fact that Asura finally defeated Indra.

"I don't think the word 'surrender' will come out of his mouth."

Asura was a spirit obsessed with fighting.

Moreover, in terms of combativeness, he was comparable to Son OhGong or the like.

There was no way those words would come out of his mouth, urging him to surrender to the hunt for Indra, his sworn enemy.


"That's right."

From the beginning, Asura had been speaking with the solution in mind.

And that solution was the most important reason why YuWon had sought Asura in this fight.

Zeus? Son OhGong? The Dragon Kings?

More than anyone else in this fight, Asura was important for a reason.

"If you're looking for answers about immortality, I have them."

He had the most crucial clue that could stop Indra's immortality.



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