IWDFLSB (Novel) Chapter 1


Where did it go wrong?

I lifted my head and looked at the scene unfolding in front of the long table.

"Liena, have some carrots too."

The older brother scolded his younger sister, who was picky about her food even as she grew older.

"It's not like I'm going to die if I don't eat some carrots."

A beautiful young girl with chubby cheeks.

"Bunny, why don't you eat carrots even though your nickname is Bunny?"

The younger brother teased his little sister as if she were cute.

"Stop it. No one can force my daughter to eat food she doesn't like."

A father who goes a step further and stares at his children trying to correct the picky eating habits of his younger daughter.

He's very affectionate... This was such a friendly family routine that I thought it might be a bit excessive.

"How dare you forget Liena's appetite and put carrots on the table?"

The servants serving the food paled at the duke's harsh voice.

"Discipline and dismiss everyone who prepared the food, including the chef."

"I will follow your orders!"

As a result, the chef and several servants who had served the duchy for over 30 years were not only at risk of losing their jobs but also of being brutally beaten.

"Dad! There's no need for that!"

Liena dissuaded her father.

"You can't do that just because they put some carrots on the table!"

Wise words.


Three men look at their daughter or sister with eyes that seem to be looking at something dazzling.

"For your sake, I'll let it pass just this once."

"As expected, you're very kind."

"Don't be too good. You'll just end up suffering."

... It was really crazy.

Leandro, Liena's older brother, saw me unable to control my facial expressions and asked.

"Wife. Are you uncomfortable?"

A cold attitude that is completely different from when he looks at his younger sister.

"... I just don't have an appetite."

I can't just say, "Seeing you do those things makes me lose my appetite."

Leandro's eyebrows moved.

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