LWTG (Novel) Chapter 322


The dawn arrived.

In the Heavenly City, Angels dressed in armor and armed gathered as always.

It was time for an early breakfast.

The Angels gathered in a large dining hall near the headquarters.

While they enjoyed their meal, a man in unusual attire entered before the eyes of the Angels.

"A Human...?"

"What is a Human doing here?"

This place was Heaven.

The world of Angels. Although Players who entered the Tower and ascended to Heaven were quite numerous, they were not as many compared to the total population.

Above all, those who had climbed over 90 floors were rare.

They possessed the potential to become Rankers, and only a very small number of chosen Players could reach that level.

Furthermore, the current situation was exceptional.

Players who were not Angels were strictly restricted from entering this place.

The Angels surrounded the man as he enjoyed his meal.


"Who are you? No one who is not of the Angel Race is allowed entry here."

"It's an exceptional situation right now. A Human cannot enter here as they please."

"Who allowed him entry?"

Entering battle mode, the Angels were much more keen than at other times.

The Angels surrounding the man emitted a threatening atmosphere. At this moment, as the Great Heaven Demon War was about to begin, intruders were not welcome.

But then...


At the familiar voice, the Angels reflexively halted their actions.


Kim YuWon, who was holding the utensils, placed them on the table.

The Angels' gazes concentrated on Michael, who had entered the dining hall.

"He is our comrade who will fight with us from today onwards."


"Are you referring to this Human?"

The impact of Michael's words was considerable.

Some showed signs of resistance. Their gazes expressed their dissatisfaction with a Human intruding in the sacred Great Heaven Demon War.

But there were no Angels who directly opposed Michael.

It was because there were many Angels who trusted and supported Michael.

"Stand up and greet them."


Kim YuWon stood up.

"I am Kim YuWon. I hope we can work together."

"Kim YuWon?"

"Really? Someone search in the Player Kit."

"It seems to be true..."

The Angels were restless.

To think that the Human who was eating in the dining hall was Kim YuWon.

Kim YuWon, who had reached the upper ranks of High-Rankers in such a short period of time, was practically known to most, regardless of their race, in the entire history of the Tower.

Sudden silence.

Michael raised a finger for them to hush.

The Angels, who were in a stir, closed their mouths. Michael, who had silenced them with a gesture, spoke.

"He has only agreed to help us during this Great Heaven Demon War. Let's try to get along without being overly guarded."


"Continue with your meals."

Food distribution resumed.

YuWon sat down and picked up the utensils. Michael came up to his side.

"Don't worry too much. It's understandable that they are quite cautious at this moment."

"I understand. I'm aware of that."

Nothing special happened, but there was tension in the restaurant.

Since a year before the start of the Great Heaven Demon War, Heaven had entered a state of emergency. During this period, Heaven had intensified the training of Angels and rejected any external intervention that might arise.

It wasn't surprising for the Angels to reject YuWon, being a Human, at this time.

YuWon was not narrow-minded enough to be offended by this.


"It seems like everyone is on edge."

YuWon felt a strange tension clinging among the Angels.

But that was only strange to YuWon, a Human.

In Michael's eyes, it was something natural.

"The Great Heaven Demon War is just around the corner."

"Is that so important? After all, it repeats every ten years."

"Because it repeats, it's even more important. It's a matter that affects the pride of our race."


For Players who were neither Angels nor Demons, the Great Heaven Demon War was nothing more than a fun spectacle.

It was similar to a low-level Martial Arts Competition. Various Players and Rankers bet on the results of the Great Heaven Demon War.

This fight, whether a victory for the Angels or a defeat for the Demons, only left wounds on both sides and became a recreational event for Players.

"You are the one handling the soldiers. Who else would be the Angel in charge of managing the war supplies?"

"The weapons, food, and potions for the Great Heaven Demon War are delivered through the merchant Raguel. Not only war supplies, but everything in Heaven."

"That's a lot of authority."

"Would you like to meet him?"


Nam, nam.

Michael started eating the soup that had been distributed to him, just like the other Angels.

"We'll move once we finish eating."


YuWon started eating silently again, holding the utensils while they looked at each other. Occasionally, Michael would cast a quick glance at YuWon.

"My choice shouldn't have been wrong."

At that moment, he couldn't fully trust YuWon, but he didn't distrust him completely either. At that moment, the only thing they had in common was the idea of stopping the Great Heaven Demon War.

For now, he intended to move alongside him and keep a close eye on him.

"But if he does something that could harm Heaven, then..."

Michael lowered his head, worried that his gaze might reveal something.

"I will cut his neck immediately."


The Trader of Heaven.

Considering only his position, one could say he was next after the Heavenly King. Given the weight of being responsible for all the properties and supplies of Heaven, his prestige was undeniable.


That's what he thought.

But it turns out...


The Trader of Heaven, the Archangel Raguel, exuded a different atmosphere from the Angels YuWon had known until now.

An elegant marble floor. A spacious library lined with walls as white as snow.

Raguel, who piled up documents like a tower on his desk, had his head down and seemed half asleep.


"E-eh? Michael..."

Raguel raised his head upon hearing the voice calling him and weakly waved his hand in greeting.

His white skin was almost pale, making the dark circles under his eyes appear even darker and blacker.

A face completely exhausted by fatigue.

It was not common to see a High-Ranker so drained.

"How long has it been since you slept?"

"I think it's been about three months."

"Rest a bit while you work."

"I can't rest enough to do that while resting..."

Raguel staggered to his feet, appearing as if he suffered from anemia.

"Coffee? Or wine?"

"Either is fine."

"I need a drink. Maybe coffee... Oh, by the way, what about you?"

It was at that moment when Raguel noticed YuWon.

He wasn't sure if he hadn't seen him due to his drowsy gaze or if he was pretending not to know.

Though he couldn't read Raguel's mind, YuWon greeted him regardless.

"I'm Kim YuWon."

"Ah, so you're Kim YuWon? Archangel Rafael already told me about you. Coffee or wine?"

Apparently, news about YuWon had reached Raguel's ears due to the disturbances that had occurred in the morning.

YuWon met Raguel's gaze.

What thoughts passed through his mind as he observed him?

After thinking for a moment, YuWon responded.

"Coffee, please."

"As you wish."


Raguel poured the coffee. The fragrant aroma of coffee spread through the library.

Raguel moved away from Michael and YuWon and opened his mouth.

"The Great Heaven Demon War is just around the corner, right? Thanks to that, I have a lot of piled-up work."

"I understand. We are always busy at this time."

"But, Michael."

"What's the matter?"

"Why do you keep increasing the workload despite knowing that?"


A drop of coffee fell into the cup. Raguel turned his body again, holding the two cups of coffee.

As if there was no one else present in that place.

Raguel spoke without directing a single glance at YuWon.

"Neither Angel nor Demon, an undefined race. Bringing someone like a bat who doesn't know which side to take only gives me a headache."


Raguel handed the coffee cup to YuWon.

What did he say just before?

Despite his aggressive words, his action of handing the coffee with a smile was quite kind.

YuWon alternated his gaze between the cup and Raguel's face before extending his hand.

"Thank you, I'll enjoy it."

After receiving the cup, YuWon took a sip of coffee and leaned against the wall.

The situation was becoming quite interesting.

"Hm? Michael, tell me something."

"I don't understand what you're talking about."

"Yesterday, I heard that you went to the Heavenly King and asked him to end the Great Heaven Demon War."

Michael's pupils dilated.

Could it be that this story has already reached Raguel's ears?

He knew that Metatron and Raguel were close, but Michael didn't expect the news to spread so quickly.

Raguel clicked his tongue briefly as he saw Michael bewildered.

"Pull yourself together, friend. What the hell are you getting into? What are you seeing?"

Michael fell silent as Raguel looked at him with an expression that seemed to say "pathetic."

It was a tone that seemed to know it all.

Completely ignoring YuWon and knowing exactly what he was doing and why.

Metatron knew it all.


"I need to be sure."

Once was enough for hesitation.

There was no second time.

Michael knew that Raguel's serpent tongue could even enlighten a demon if he so desired.

But the timing wasn't right.

If they had had this conversation a little earlier, perhaps they wouldn't have reached this point.

"There is a clear reason why we have to continue this Great Heaven Demon War. I want to know what it is."

There was no trace of fatigue on his weary face.

Instead of dark circles, only a cold expression remained on his face.

"I believe you understood well enough what the Heavenly King told you yesterday."

"I couldn't accept it."

According to Metatron, the nature of angels was to be indestructible, even in death.

Unlike Demons, whose nature was dominated by the law of the strongest, the essence of Angels could be considered a loyalty akin to faith in a king.

But now...

For the first time, Michael questioned those essences and threw a question at Metatron's words.

"We are called corrupt when faith disappears."


The Player Kit on the library desk vibrated.

Within the silent study...

Raguel walked toward his desk and checked his Player Kit.

"You must know what the punishment for corruption is, right?"

"...I do."

"I'm glad to hear that."


Michael's hand moved to his waist.

YuWon, who was observing the situation, lowered the cup he had in his hand.

The atmosphere changed rapidly due to Raguel.

"I'm sorry about this, Michael."


The library door opened.


From somewhere, a spear was forcefully thrown, aiming for Michael's neck.


A massive hole formed in the library wall. In Michael's hand, who evaded the spear by moving his head, there was now a sword he had drawn from his sheath.

"Do you need help?"

YuWon asked.

This place was already surrounded by countless Angels. Moreover, the Archangel of Heaven, Raguel, was right in front of them.

Furthermore, Michael hadn't even brought all of his weapons with him.


Despite all this, Michael shook his head.

He looked beyond the revealed hole and saw the Angels aiming their spears at him.

"They are not at fault."

"Are you thinking of rebelling?"

"Not even that."

Michael shook his head.

At the same time...

"I won't kill anyone. I will bring them all down."


Michael spread his wings.


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