IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 78



Young Master, you are forbidden to leave until you have finished all your tasks.

Madame Karil threatened Enrique with a soft tone.

She said that because she already knew that this boy wouldn't be able to finish his task.

The tutors, hired according to Madame Karil's taste, were working meticulously according to her instructions.

The fact that the Duke of Seymour had hired a famous tutor for Enrique in the first place was one of Madame Karil's lies to control Enrique.

—It's all for you.

She said those things as a habit.


Enrique, who watched the heavy rain pounding the window with a sickly expression, let the quill slip from his hand in frustration.

Maybe it's because his mind was blank, but no matter how hard he tried, his task never seemed to end.

The humid heat had become so intense that Enrique fanned his clothes several times.

Enrique really hated when his birthday approached. He continued to have nightmares, and he became anxious.

He knew in his mind that it would pass soon, but at this moment, he felt so frustrated, at a height he couldn't even escape from.

Since the duchess's death, the duke has only focused on his work. He won't forget her, so he won't feel good every time he sees the young master.

It seems like it's all because of him.

Even more so when the anniversary of his mother's death approaches.

He can't breathe.

Enrique, who had been lying face down on his desk for a long time, stared fixedly at the tapestry on the floor that showed a picture of a viper with sharp teeth.

Who's being a nuisance? Don't speak that way when you don't even know what's going on.

Suddenly, he remembered the moment when his older sister coldly shouted at the nanny.

Some might say she's like a viper, but somehow he felt that she was like a warrior at that moment.

Enrique bit his lips until they bled, then he got up from his seat and left.

If he stayed in this swampy annex in silence like this, he would be forced to feel fear to the tips of his hair.

Young Master, where are you going?

The nanny hurriedly followed Enrique as he ran towards the entrance of the annex.

When the nanny grabbed his arm, Enrique looked at her with a pale face.

Where are you going in such unpleasant weather? I know you haven't finished all your tasks.

Today is the day I meet my sister. I have to go!

Are you saying that Princess Deborah will come to see you in such awful weather? Don't be ridiculous and go back there. You'll catch a cold at this rate before your birthday! Are you trying to make everyone worry?

The nanny pulled his arm roughly.

Enrique tried hurriedly to free himself from her hands because it was too similar to the touch of the snake that had been tied to his limbs in his dreams.

But strangely, he had no strength in his body.

So the boy struggled to open his mouth.

I'm not trying to do that. I'm going to study. My sister accepted me as her student. I promised to go see her every week.

Enrique, who could barely speak with trembling lips, gasped violently.

Madame Karil's eyes were cruelly distorted when the generally obedient boy responded.

She thought he was going to the library to read books, but in fact, he had been constantly meeting with Princess Deborah.

"Does he mean he's been hiding like a rat? How dare he."

When the spoiled child didn't move as she intended, she gritted her teeth.

When she remembered Princess Deborah's red eyes, which had a piercing look like a punch, she felt even more unbearable.

Deborah Seymour, that cursed brat, must have infused the perfect Young Master Enrique with her bad influence.

Young Master. Wake up!

Madame Karil shook Enrique's small shoulders.

I understand that you are going through a difficult time these days due to the many assignment tasks. You must have wanted to spend time with the princess. But Princess Deborah is simply playing with you.

The nanny spoke with a sneer.

You were born after taking your mother's life. But, how could the daughter, Princess Deborah, like you?

Drops of water fell from Enrique's long eyelashes like tears before rolling down his cheeks.

Nobody cares about Young Master Enrique and his future like I do. You know that.

Bending his knees to match his gaze, she whispered affectionately.

I want you to be respected and better than anyone else.

Enrique's silver eyes widened significantly.

The duke must be sad because the anniversary of his wife's death is approaching, but if you don't want them to hate you, be more polite and study harder... Heuk!

Enrique had no choice but to open his eyes like a deer caught in headlights as his older sister, who looked like a ghost, mercilessly pulled the hair behind the nanny's neck.


Didn't I clearly warn you back then? Look at what you're saying.

She muttered coldly.


Everyone takes the princess's words too lightly.

Madame Karil's neatly arranged hair was disheveled in an instant, but the princess held her hair tightly with her shiny red eyes and then suddenly gritted her teeth.

The more I think about it, the angrier I get! This psychopath is spewing all sorts of crap!!

Prin-princess, what, what kind of wicked and despicable behavior is this! Ahh!

What the hell are you doing? How dare you say such cruel things to my brother?

Please, let me go!

Where in the world is there a child as adorable as Enrique?

Enrique blinked wildly as he looked at his furious sister.

She said I'm adorable.

The rain gradually stopped, but for some reason, the view remained blurry as if they were in the middle of a heavy downpour.


The reason I felt uncomfortable with the nanny and bribed the maid was that Enrique's words kept bothering me.

"I arrived late, overslept, and disappointed you."

"Did I disappoint you?"

Children usually worry about getting scolded when they do something wrong, not about disappointing others.

An adult child who thinks about other people's feelings before his own.

Mom, I'm sorry for making you sad. I won't disappoint you again in the future.

I was like that in my previous life.

Perhaps, from the beginning... I may have overlaid my childhood self on his adult appearance.

The moment Enrique said that, I found my old wounds in the child, so I couldn't help but doubt the nature of the child's tutor.

Mom will be happy if Do-Hee yields to her younger brother.

My parents in my previous life used to say things that meant they would be disappointed if I wasn't kind.

Looking back, I really couldn't be honest about how I felt because I cared more about my parents' feelings.

"I didn't actually want to yield. Of course, I wanted a new toy too."

As I neglected myself, my self-esteem dwindled, and I became more and more frustrated.

"It's bad to force a child to feel like this, but they usually don't see it as wrong."

There are people who secretly use others' empathy to treat people the way they want.

And this nanny named Karil was the worst of the worst.

Because she manipulated Enrique by stimulating guilt and subtly controlling the child's heart, who only wanted to be loved by his father.

Enrique was especially sick during this time because Madame Karil constantly reminded the child of the duchess's death anniversary.

After hurting the sweet child's heart, the duplicity of pretending to be the only one tending to the wound gave me goosebumps.


Whether this wicked psychopath screamed or not, I roughly pulled her hair.

I couldn't bear it as if something was boiling inside me.

Prin-princess, please calm down!

The annex's maids ran over and started to stop me, petrified.

I pulled a handful of the nanny's hair because no one dared to actively touch my body.

Let's go.

I carefully took Enrique's little hand while gritting my teeth and pulled her hair to the floor.

Today is our class day.

Enrique, who was looking at me with wide eyes, moved his cute little hand in surprise.

I spoke coldly to Enrique's maids.

Make sure this nanny never appears in front of me again. If even a single piece of her clothing catches my attention, I will hold all of you responsible.


Leaving the mess behind, I led Enrique, who was holding my hand gently, to the annex.

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