IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 79



Young, Young Master Enrique?

The servants looked at me as if I were a kidnapper.

He will stay with me for the moment.

Of all things, my father had to be out of the estate at this time, so I was thinking of staying with Enrique until he returned.

I'll prepare the clothes for Young Master to wear first.

While the attendants took care of Enrique, who was scared and soaked by the rain, I asked them to bring a cake and hot tea.

After a while, Enrique came out with a puffy face and hesitated in front of me.

Seeing Enrique fidget in a mess, I narrowed my eyes.



Why are you suddenly shy? The last time you slept so deeply that you drooled, we got closer.


I'm joking. Sit here.

After making Enrique sit quickly in case he ran away again, I picked up the fork.

This is a dessert brought from a store called Armand, which is the most popular shop these days.

Enrique looked at me with a sullen expression and then opened his mouth.

I'll eat well.

In the meantime, Enrique, who didn't forget to make his polite greetings, began to slowly eat the whipped cream pastries.

The movements of his hands gradually quickened as if the sweet pastry was to his liking.

Then, when I touched the one large strawberry with my fork, Enrique's pupils trembled quickly.

I think you want to eat it.

These days, it's not strawberry season, so freshly preserved strawberries aren't always available as they are in the spring.

"Of course, nobles can eat them at any time if they wish."

Unlike Deborah, who needs to get what she wants until she's satisfied, Enrique doesn't seem to have a personality that actively expresses what he likes.

I guess he ate what I gave him.

I picked up the strawberry like medicine while receiving Enrique's patient gaze.

Ah, try it.


As soon as I put the strawberry into Enrique's mouth while he had a bewildered look, his eyes widened like saucers.

Enrique's cheeks reddened, and he quickly moved his chubby cheeks.

When I gave him the strawberries, I felt he was a little more relaxed, so I quickly took the next step.

Enrique, do you like chess? Or playing cards?

There aren't many things that can quickly dispel an awkward atmosphere more than playing a game.

Enrique took a sip of orange juice and opened his mouth.

Hm. Chess.

Soon, Enrique and I sat face to face with the chessboard in the middle.

For the sake of my younger brother's mood, I decided to play the game while being appropriately gentle with him, but I soon changed my mind.

"Why are you so good?"

Throughout the lesson, I thought Enrique's numerical skills were extraordinary, but he's a very intelligent type.


Enrique's pawn, which reached the last row and was promoted while I watched, advanced to my king.

Enrique won.

Enrique's big eyes slightly lowered. He couldn't jump for joy carelessly, as he had tact with his teacher, so he was delighted as he covered his mouth.

You're great at this. I have to accept you as a chess teacher.

Weren't you easy on me because I'm your student?

No way. I will definitely win the next game.

When I challenged Enrique, the talented chess player, and failed miserably three times, I decided to play a card game to turn the tide.

I'm done for.

His memory is so good that I couldn't win a single game.

"What is his identity?"

Finally, as a last resort, Jenga came out instead of a mental battle.

Enrique, who carefully pulled out the block with his little hand, knocked down the Jenga and grabbed his head.

This is so hard!

Oh, has it gotten difficult?

Don't make fun of me!

It's because you're great. You're amazing.


I played with Enrique's hair, who had a gruff expression.

Enrique looked at me shyly and silently stared at the fallen Jenga block on the floor.

Do you want to do it again?

Enrique moved his feet back and forth and nodded.

Yes. Let's play again.

Sure. You start first.

While playing Jenga with Enrique for a while, I told the servants to prepare dinner.

Enrique barely eats and has a face that shows no appetite.

As the outside darkened after the meal, Enrique gazed out the window at the garden, which was covered in darkness, with a pale face as if he had a lot on his mind.



You know that I'm the strongest and scariest in this house, right?


Since there's a strong and fearsome teacher, it means the student doesn't have to worry about anything. Do you understand?

Enrique curved his lips as if my old lady tone was amusing.

My student. Won't you play chess again?


He seemed somehow reluctant. If he wanted to, his silver eyes would sparkle like a cat that saw a snack.

Then, shall we read a book together?

I entered the study with Enrique, who nodded a bit, and turned on a warm-colored illumination sphere to create a cozy atmosphere.

Enrique looked at the shelf lined with romantic novels.

I quickly picked up a poetry book on top.

This is a poetry collection that our mother used to read in the past. She liked literature and poetry quite a bit.


Enrique's big eyes stirred quickly.

I will read it. Sit down.



Enrique sat on the study's couch and looked at me with a hint of shyness.

The warm-colored lighting further reddened Enrique's face.


Sitting next to Enrique, I cleared my throat and began to read poems.

Enrique listened attentively, as in a class.

However, when I read more than half of the poetry book, he fell asleep with his head resting on my shoulder.

He's sleeping soundly.

The sound of rain, acting as a lullaby, continually caressed my ears.

I gave my shoulder to Enrique, who was deeply asleep, and spent the time with my eyes wide open.


The next morning.

As soon as my father returned from the estate, he called me immediately.

He might have heard right away about the chaos I caused in Madame Karil's head, so the Duke of Seymour's face didn't look good.

Most of the head nurses of high-ranking noble families had good backgrounds.

No matter how much of a Seymour princess I am, I knew it would offend him because my debauchery with Madame Karil was out of place.

Besides, Enrique's nurse was the second cousin of the Duke of Seymour.

She is related to Seymour.

"Because she has faith in their blood relationship and is a close person, she wouldn't have suspected her further."

Madame Karil had a good reputation, and even Enrique's maid, whom she had bribed, thought she was motivated to take care of Enrique.

The Duke of Seymour was frank and indifferent to his children, so it seemed like he thought a nanny with extreme taste would fit well with Enrique.

"She must be a psychopath. She's reserved, so she's even creepier..."

Deborah. What is the reason for this happening?

The Duke of Seymour unexpectedly asked with a very sincere voice instead of being angry.

He must think there must be a reason for my actions. If it had been in the past, he would have been immediately angry, but the Duke's attitude toward me has changed a lot throughout this time.

I looked directly at him.

—Actually, I should have left her bald, but I regret not having done more. If my father doesn't, I will unconditionally take care of the nurse.

I took out a recording function magic stone.

It contains the words spat out by the nurse who lost her sense of self and acted recklessly with Enrique.

That day, since Enrique didn't come out during the tutoring class, I went to his annex in case he was sick and noticed that the nurse and Enrique were clashing in the rain.

If Enrique hadn't tried to go through the heavy rain and reach the library, it wouldn't have been easy to make the Duke understand because there were no proofs.

I might have to have a truth showdown with Madame Karil.

The young master was born after taking his mother's life.

The anniversary of the duchess's death is approaching, so the duke will be sad, but if you don't want them to hate you...

Madame Karil's cruel voice came from the magic stone, mixed with the sound of rain.

Suddenly, the temperature in the room dropped a notch to the point where I got goosebumps on my arms.

The Duke, who was listening to the recording, was furious with his bright blue eyes.

From the first day I possessed this body, I realized that it wasn't until today that I saw him especially angry.

The Duke, who had an icy expression to the point that onlookers would feel nervous, exuded an atmosphere like that of a venomous snake and rose from his seat.

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