IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 80




They expelled Enrique's nanny from the Seymour mansion.

Neither the mouse nor the bird know why.

From the outside, it will appear as if she left her job due to unavoidable circumstances.

In the past, one might have thought it was a cold measure for the family's honor, but it was interpreted a little differently after seeing the angry expression on Duke Seymour's face.

"It must be a father's feelings who doesn't want Enrique to be hurt anymore by this."

The annual birthday party was omitted, and it was known that Enrique had spent his birthday alone with Duke Seymour.

He doesn't know exactly what father and son talked about.

There must have been tears.

The day after his birthday, Enrique's eyes were swollen like a carp when only his direct relatives, excluding Rosad, gathered to eat.

Although his face didn't speak, Enrique emptied all the meat dishes, and his father gently patted his head after the meal, so I assumed the conversation went well.

"It's a relief."


After dinner, Enrique followed me back to the annex in a hurry.

I walked in his footsteps and gently fixed the silver hair that was disheveled on his forehead.

"Enrique, you must be following me because you're upset I didn't give you a gift."

"It's not like that!"

When I spoke playfully, Enrique ran while flailing his arms.

The reaction was so cute that I thought he liked being teased.

"I think my personality is getting worse."

I suppressed my laughter and gently stroked Enrique's head.

"What do you mean it's not. It's obvious you were secretly sad when only my gift didn't appear on the table."

"...Not really."

However, Enrique pouted his lips like a slightly disappointed child.

"Do you think I wouldn't prepare a gift for my best student? You know the best always comes last."

When I boasted, curiosity sparked in his big eyes.



I held Enrique's hand firmly as if hesitating about something, entered the study, and handed him the large gift box.

"Here you go, your gift."

Enrique couldn't hide his nervousness as he took out the wizard's toy with a wand.

Because it was a gift that had already lost its sweetness.

Enrique received up to three of the best toys that had a light orb on their wands and made a thunder sound when touched.

"Everyone gave magical toys to the youngest child of the wizard family."

All of us, including me, had a terrible tendency in choosing gifts.

"Thank you."

After thanking politely, Enrique looked at the toy with serious eyes and took a while to find a note in the box illuminated by the magic wand.

"What is this?"

The child picked up a light purple notebook.

"Our mother's diary."

Strictly speaking, it looked more like a scribble book than a diary.

It contained not only phrases from poems and novels that had impressed her but also natural objects like flowers and birds, and there were even crosswords.

Originally, I was planning to make another deal with Duke Seymour with this item, but I decided to give it to Enrique.

"As expected, I can't be harsh on a child at all. Besides, Enrique is so cute."

His mere existence is lovable, so how can I not give it to him?


Enrique opened his eyes in surprise, as if he thought it was unexpected.

"I found it by accident while walking through the rose garden a while ago."

This notebook was used by the duchess during Enrique's pregnancy, so there was quite a bit of content about the child.

I hope Enrique reads the words filled with the duchess's love for the last child who came as a gift.

"Darling, you don't know how lovely you are to me."

Enrique flipped through the diary with a slightly trembling hand.

"Your very existence brought me happiness."

"How about naming the baby Enrique if it's a boy and Enrina if it's a girl? My busy husband will say it's all right and behave insincerely, so I prefer to ask Juliet."

Enrique kept reading the sentences with his name as if they were engraved in his eyes.

"Was it really written by our mother?"

Enrique finally concluded, as if he were choked with tears.

"If you have any doubts, ask our father to show you our mother's letters. If you compare, the handwriting will be the same."

"Is it okay to give me such a valuable item?"

Enrique's voice trembled at the end.

"It's a diary that says how much Mom loves you and how adorable you are, so of course, I'll give it to you."

The red eyes were filled with transparent tears.

The white cheeks soon became soaked with tears.

"Look at it without Father knowing. If he finds out, he might take it from you. I'm not stronger than Father."

They expelled Enrique's nanny from the Seymour mansion.

Even when I joked, Enrique didn't think about stopping his tears.

After wiping his wet cheeks with my hands several times, I gently embraced the boy, who was shaking his shoulders with sadness.

"I'm sorry."

The sound of suppressing tears burned in my stomach.

I couldn't even guess how tough it must have been for him to be anxious all alone.

"I'm so sorry for being late."

Enrique vigorously shook his head within my arms.

"Enrique. In times like this, you should be angry at your sister for being a clueless fool and for arriving so late."

"You're not a fool!"

Enrique shouted and looked at me with teary eyes.

"Good. You just need to be honest with your feelings in the future. Understood?"

These are words for my past self, who always lost confidence because I didn't have the courage to be disliked.

"Because I'm unconditionally on your side."

Enrique grabbed my hem and started crying harder, as if my words had lit a fuse.

"If someone bullies you, tell everything to your sister. Next time, I'll leave them truly bald instead of just making them lose their hair."

I spoke grimly like a villain and gently stroked Enrique's head.


The rain that had been pouring continuously for several days suddenly stopped, and a sunny day began.

Since then, the temperature has dropped significantly, and I feel quite cold when the wind blows.

The gardeners were diligently restoring the flower garden, which had been ruined by the surprisingly strong rain. I was absentmindedly watching that scene by the window when I suddenly cast my gaze to the blue sky.

"I think the sky is brighter here than where I lived in my previous life."

Probably because the air is cleaner. There's no fine dust either.

Did they say it's the season of high sky and plump horses? (autumn).

I felt that autumn was suddenly approaching because of the increasingly deep sky.

In the empire, the emperor's blue is the color of supremacy, so there were many national events in autumn when the sky was especially blue, and there were many other private gatherings.

"By the way, it's the day the autumn season menu is released."

Should I go see the reaction?

I put on a thicker robe than usual and got into a carriage to go to Armand.


"Sir, is that real?"

Miguel, who was passing through the East Gate square with Isidor, asked when he looked at the sign promoting the autumn season menu in front of Armand.

[The season when apples are the most delicious,


Immerse yourself in the sweetness of the 1% luxury apples from the mountains of Florey Province, which have accumulated over 40 years of special cultivation tricks!]

"It's not exactly a lie."

Isidor shrugged slightly.

One of the orchard farmers must have worked for about 40 years, and his own cultivation tricks exist all over the farm.

You could also argue that it was a luxury product because they only used ripe apples, not bruised ones.

"The 1% is an exaggeration, but there's no way to confirm it."

"I guess Florey Province is famous for its apples. I found out for the first time today."

"In that area, a lot of good quality apples are produced. The temperature difference is large, and it's basin topography."

The Visconti family's farm is located in the south, where there's a lot of fertile land, and he has a good opinion of various local specialties.

"The only item that emphasizes quality by revealing its origin is wine, but I can't believe they're promoting a simple fruit drink that way."

Princess Deborah's marketing strategy always exceeded his expectations.

She had a good sense of the psychology of those who were obsessed with rarity, and Isidor liked the princess's sharp insight.

"It's a very good apple, but unfortunately, the selling period is short."

Miguel murmured with a cold expression as he looked at the painting of one of the seasonal menus, Apple Hot Wine.

"Let's eat it and then leave. There are still thirty minutes left."

"However, two men having dessert is quite..."

In reality, being of the same gender is just an excuse, and Miguel felt uncomfortable sitting and having tea time alone with his wicked boss.

Isidor is very hard on him every time he laughs at work.

"Isn't loyalty just because I don't laugh?"

"If you feel uncomfortable, you can drink it alone. In the meantime, they also sell desserts."

"Sir, where are you suddenly going?"

Suddenly, the Lord started running somewhere hastily.


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