SYS (Novel) Chapter 313

C313 - People Searching for Her (3)

The Histor? Jin had no idea he'd hear that name at this moment and place.

Is Joshua's achievement somehow related to the Histor clan?

His heart started beating faster. There was only one surviving Histor: Valeria.

"I haven't heard of them." Jin spoke bluntly after barely keeping his poker face.

"They were the only clan that threatened the Zipples with their magic. The reason you've never heard of them is that they were annihilated by the Zipples and erased from history. Now, there's hardly any information left about them."

"Oh, now that you mention it, I might have heard of such a name back in my Provisional Flagbearer days. No wonder there isn't much information left about them. I guess the Zipples got rid of everything."

"Yes. The Zipples seem very particular about them, considering they still promise rewards for a clan that was wiped out hundreds of years ago."

"Is there any survivor?"

"Only one. A few years ago, the Runcandels realized that the Zipples are searching for that person, so the clan has secretly been trying to locate the surviving Histor."

Jin had never heard of Valeria being hunted by the Runcandels.

He had never had access to that information because in his past life, he was nothing like a Flagbearer. Most considered him useless.

"My master never told me anything about the Runcandels tracking her. Did she never realize it? No, that's not possible. She probably didn't bring it up because she didn't want me to feel it."

Jin and Valeria hardly spoke about the Runcandels in his past life because the clan Runcandel's name itself symbolized his greatest pain and failure.

"So, does this achievement by the second Flagbearer have something to do with the capture of the survivor?"

However unlikely, there was still a small chance that Valeria had been captured. She might very well have been released after her capture in his past life. Or escaped.

"No, it's not that."

Jin felt relieved deep down.

Jed paused and looked around. Obviously, there was no one spying on them in the training field, but he wanted to emphasize the confidentiality of the information.

"Although she wasn't captured, it seems she found the fake name the survivor was using."

"It's not like we have her whereabouts or custody. We have nothing more than the name, and you mean to tell me that was enough for Mother to see Keliac and propose an offer herself?"

"And that's why I told you to keep it a secret, didn't I?"

"How astonishing to think that a single descendant of a fallen clan can have such an impact. It almost seems as if the Zipples fear this clan called the Histor."

Jin remembered Misha's words.

"I can't comprehend what the Histor might have intended in their vision of history. But the reason I focused on them was that the Zipples couldn't manipulate the recorded history with their registry magic."

A spell to leave a record that was impossible to manipulate. The Zipples actually feared that the spell could be reintroduced into the world.

"Anyway, is this enough?"

"Uncle, by any chance..."

"Now what?"

"Do you also know the name of the survivor? And what is Mother trying to gain from the negotiation?"

"I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. Are you thick-skinned? You're asking too much. Either that, or you take your uncle for a fool."

"I apologize. However, I just thought your reputation represents much more value than that information, Uncle."

"It seems you made friends with flatterers while you were outside the clan. Didn't I tell you before? I don't know in detail what Joshua's achievement is. I don't know the fake name of the survivor, or what the acting matriarch wants."

"It's a shame."

But in reality, it didn't feel that way at all.

"The news of my clan's interest in my master is a gain in itself."

Jin received this unexpected news practically for free.

It would have been perfect if he could have also figured out what Rosa intended to do with it, but he could always look into that later.

"A shame? Oh, wicked brat. If you ever change your word about the final moves, you're going to experience some interesting things right here."

"Of course not, uncle. Thank you."

Jin bowed. Jed clicked his tongue in disapproval of Jin's craftiness.

But in reality, Jed didn't disapprove of his ways. He found it rather endearing to see his nephew standing up to him.

Of course, if he had only done it for show, Jed would have scolded him immediately. But Jed thought Jin was just being firm to get what he wanted.

Jed's sword took on an aura and emitted light.

"If you're grateful, then make sure to show the elders that you've found clues to refine the clan's finishing moves."

Soon, Jed began to execute the final move: an enhanced version of the Runcandel clan's fourth finishing move, Petals in Cascade.

Jin focused on his uncle's sword. He watched as Jed unfolded the aura around the blade, making it almost fall and form the shapes of petals. Everything was just like the first time.

The aura petals scattered in unpredictable paths, which were also identical to those of the previous time.

But it was right after withdrawing the sword from the vertical slash.


Pillars of aura suddenly sprang from where the cascade of petals was performed. The petals repeatedly came together and spread from the pillars, making it look as if the aura petals of a tree were rustling in the wind.

"The Master Move of Legends you showed me, the Cascade, spilled lightning energy wherever the sword had passed, just like its namesake. On the other hand, the Cascade of Petals follows an upward pattern. So, I thought of the most efficient shape it could take using aura instead of lightning energy."

The difference with the previous form of Petals in Cascade was clearly evident.

"So, what do you think?"

"When I first saw the Cascade of Petals, I thought the move was a class below the Cascade. But now it's just as powerful. The Cascade would be more suitable for single-target combat, while the new Petals in Cascade seem suitable for fighting multiple foes."

Jed smiled so much that his lips couldn't stretch any further.

"As expected, you've figured it out. The reason why Petals in Cascade didn't surpass the Cascade was that both techniques were the same. In fact, the Cascade of Petals was a version of the Cascade without the lightning energy, so it was obviously weaker."

It had been only a month since Jin had taught Jed the Cascade.

Yet, Jed analyzed the move he had only seen once and reformed the Petals in Cascade final move one step further in that short span.

This wasn't just an improvement. It could be said that he practically perfected the move.

Jin held back his comment and brought up something else. "I see why you must have gone through a lot for this, uncle. But I have to ask."


"Do you really intend to put my name on the enhanced Petals in Cascade? I've thought about it a lot, but this isn't something I should take credit for. It's purely your achievement, uncle."

"I've already told you I'll put your name on Petals in Cascade, and I won't retract that."


"As you say, I know the council of elders isn't very pleased with you. I also know that in the end, you'll prove them right, whether I put your name on the play or not, as you always have."

"Then why are you so insistent on attributing to me what you've achieved for yourself, uncle? Is it because you've already told the council that you had my help?"

Jed shook his head. "You think so? It's not because I like you or anything like that. I just thought it would be best to clear my debts sooner. Besides, lately, you've accomplished something significant for the clan."

The remarkable thing Jed referred to was the assassination of Barton Vichena.

"So, make sure to play fair while your uncle still feels like showing you some kind of support. However, as I mentioned before, if you ever stray from what's right, I'll be the first to draw the sword against you."

"I understand."

"And one more thing. I've changed my mind."

"About what?"

"We should postpone the exhibition of evidence to the elders for improving the final moves. At least until I finish refining the sixth final move, lightning, as well. Show me the other Master Move of Legends that Dyfus saw."

"I will show you, of course. But I want you to remember one thing, uncle."

"What is it?"

"If it had been any other elder or anyone else from the family, not you, I would have prevented them from reforming the final moves I possess. And if you manage to improve the sixth move as well, this time, please, put your name on it."

"I can't agree to that. I'll put your name on it too, so stop babbling and show me the move already."

The two of them didn't leave the training ground until well into the night, all the while showcasing their skill with the Sword of Legends and the final moves.

Every time Jin showed Jed new Sword of Legends moves, the smile on Jed's face never faded as he imagined how they would use them to improve the final moves (and how the council would beg both him and Jin to see them).



Joshua sighed and slumped into a chair. He lit a cigarette that accentuated the fatigue on his face.

A woman arrived at his side. "Joshua, how did it go?"

It was Joshua's wife.

"It seems Keliac Zipple didn't accept mom's offer."

Conversations between Rosa and Keliac had broken down. But Keliac had already gained something when Rosa mentioned they had discovered Histor's name.

"Both the acting matriarch and us expected that. Don't be so discouraged."

"The name isn't enough. I need to capture Histor so that mom can exert significant pressure on Keliac."

The woman gently wrapped her arms around Joshua's neck and smiled.

"In any case, we have her name. It's only a matter of time before we catch that bitch. That dirty rat is good at hiding, so it will take some time. But in the end, we'll have her before the Zipples do."

The Zipples still didn't know Aria Owlheart's name. Therefore, it was likely that the Runcandels would find Valeria first.

"When that time comes, Keliac will have to give up much more than what we proposed this time. So don't be in such a hurry, Joshua..."


It was the last day of March 1799.

A blazing sun shone down on the city where villains swarmed like insects.

It was a harsh land where not even weeds grew. The city of scum and lawless people.


"This reminds me of the old days."

Jin was fifteen and in middle class when he came here in his current life.

He had come a long way since then, but Mahmeet hadn't changed a bit during that time.

The city's inhabitants talked about terrible crimes as if they were defining feats. Its streets were littered with waste, organs, fingers, and heads that had clearly once belonged to the living.

Just like four years ago, Mahmeet's criminals were surprised to see Jin enter the city.

But their surprise was for an entirely different reason.

"It's Jin Runcandel..."

"This is insane. What's a man like him doing in this mess?"

"You idiots! Don't look at him if you want to keep your heads."

That's what they felt about him.

Fear was in the eyes of Mahmeet's villains when they set eyes on Jin.


"Yes, my Sir."

"Go and tell the kings of Mahmeet in the Moonlight Hall (Well). I want each and every one of them lined up outside and on their knees before I arrive."

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