IBRV (Novel) Chapter 71

C 71

Were there lizards that could fly in the world?

No, of course there could be. But it's a bit strange for it to flutter and fly.

I moved my wings with strength.

It really made a popping sound.

As far as I know, flying lizards usually have wings like flying squirrels under their front legs or simply those of flying snakes.

I felt strange, but Erno Etham naturally took me in his arms and patted my back, as if he expected this.

"...No, something is strange."

It's not normal.

Oh? It's strange.

I looked up in confusion, but Erno Etham had the kindest and friendliest expression I had ever seen.

Seeing that, my heart melted, and I wondered what it would be like.

"Yes, it's not so bad, is it?"

Because I have wings, I've become a rare mutant lizard that can fly.

"I was waiting for you to wake up."


"How's your body?"

I nodded and puffed up my chest with my front paw. It was to show that I was fine.

He meticulously inspected me here and there, then stroked my cheek.

"You must be tired because you just woke up, but could you help me with something?"

Erno Etham asked me something. I felt a bit nervous.

What is it?

When I nodded, Erno Etham's smile widened even more.

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