IBRV (Novel) Chapter 72

C 72

I was a little bewildered and looked at him, then burst into laughter and hugged Erno Etham around the neck.

"Yes, Dad is the best."

Rubbing my face on the nape of his neck, I smiled.

"I know..."

After a brief silence, he responded in a way that said, "You don't even need to say something so obvious."

As if it were lunchtime, the dining room was already crowded.


"...Little fluffy thing?"

After five years, Duke Miriel, whose appearance had barely changed, saw me and stood up.

He had silverware in his hand as if he was about to eat, and the table was already filled with delicacies.

"You finally woke up, little fluffy thing."

"...It's Eirin."

It's not little fluffy thing, it's Eirin. Eirin!

"Eh, right. The little fluffy thing went into hibernation and finally woke up."

It was the moment he stretched his arms as if to hug me. My body moved backward.

To be precise, it would be more correct to say that the person holding me took a step back.



"Daughter, don't touch dirty things."

"...Erno Etham. You bastard, swindler!"

Duke Miriel's mouth filled with anger.

Seeing the fire dripping from his eyes made me wonder if something else had happened while I was asleep.

"Look, your senility seems to be advancing."

"This... this... damn bastard...!"

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