IBRV (Novel) Chapter 73

C 73

How did the story lead to such a strange ending?

"Just because <Adopted> is the death of the dragon's head, it doesn't have to be the death of the dragon's head and the fate of the family, right?"

When I opened my mouth, Erno Etham naturally opened the box. Inside was a golden key.

"It's the key to the family treasure. Only the patriarch can have it."


Then why am I the owner?

"I'm still five years old... No, am I ten years old...?"

"My precious daughter will become the youngest matriarch in history."

Do you think that's important now? When I looked at Duke Miriel with trembling eyes, the duke crossed his arms and snorted.

However, he didn't seem to have any intention of stopping the situation.

"You swindling bastard."


When I called him, Duke Miriel stomped as if he had been waiting and opened his mouth fiercely.

"Your father pretended to be so sincere to receive the duchy! However, as soon as I handed over the duchy, he wrote the paperwork to hand it over to you immediately!"

When I opened my mouth, Erno Etham casually stroked my cheek.

"I've been working as the patriarch for about half a year."

He said casually.

"So I gave you half of my property. Of course, the family property also passed to you. I thought there would be a shortage of resorts, so I bought some islands while you were resting, and I thought it would be troublesome to go far, so I occupied some land in the south."


I couldn't immediately understand Erno Etham's words and had to process them several times.

Oh, of course, just because I contemplated it over and over doesn't mean I understood it.

"Ah, you've become a matriarch, but the real work will be done by me and the former patriarch. I'll get the necessary permission from you later."

I couldn't understand anything even if he repeated it over and over with a kind expression.

"I wasn't even in Dad's family register..."

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