IBRV (Novel) Chapter 80

C 80


But why are you revealing that to me?

When I saw him with a grimace on his face, he got up from his seat.

"Now that I think about it, it's said that imprints can't surpass true flesh and blood... you must hope that your true parents never return."

When I said I didn't know what he meant, I furrowed my brow, and he got up from his seat again with a naive expression and a malicious smile.

"Then I bid you farewell, my lady."

Seeing him nod, I agreed.

"I hope you have it ready for next week."

"I expect significant results."

Upon my words, he smiled and opened the door.


And so, he fell forward.


Rolling on the floor, he rubbed his neck.

It seemed really painful.

He sat on the ground and pressed his neck with both hands.

"Aren't you really hurt?"

I sprayed the handkerchief with cold water nearby and rushed over, pressing the handkerchief to his head.

Water dripped from the damp handkerchief.

"... My lady?"

"I thought you needed it..."

Even after saying it, I thought I had done something foolish. I didn't wring out the handkerchief, so the water flowed and soaked his clothes.

"I'm sorry."


Hill Rosemont's face approached.

"It would be very easy to kidnap you."

When I furrowed my brow at the words criticizing me for doing him a favor, he got up from his seat as if nothing had happened.

Looking at the back of his head, it seemed a bit swollen.

"Take the handkerchief. And stop falling on purpose, it hurts."

I don't know why you treat yourself so carelessly.

Hill Rosemont looked at me, holding the damp handkerchief I had given him, and then turned around.

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