IBRV (Novel) Chapter 81

C 81

 "I'm Akrea Safile! The older sister just above the youngest.

Akrea Safile, who had stepped forward, extended her hand to me.

As if asking for a handshake, I quickly reached out my hand, and she immediately took my hand and shook it up and down.

"Ugh..., it's better than I thought."

After holding my hand for a long time, she muttered something and finally returned to her seat under Erno Etham's fierce gaze.

"How did that madman manage to keep his eyes open?"

(N/T: This expression is used when someone is praised as a genius and finally loses touch with reality. In reality, it means someone loses their sense of perception from being too flattered or receiving too much recognition and ends up in arrogance.)

"Your brain is still empty."

"Call me big sister properly!"

Erno Etham responded with his usual friendly expression.

Akrea Safile pointed at Erno Etham and then gritted her teeth and lowered her hand.

"Uh, h-hello... matriarch. I'm Hayel Etham... I'm the second son and the third brother..."


He was a very fragile-looking person. In his arms, he held a book with a dark red leather cover.

Unlike the others, he had a slender body and fair skin. On the contrary, there were dark circles under his eyes. The light blue eyes and black hair suited him very well.

"Is that person older than my dad...?"

He has a baby face.

As I looked at him, he must have felt embarrassed, so he lowered his head and tried to curl up.

Nelia Zardan, who was watching, laughed as she looked at him with curiosity.

"Hayel, he's the worst of us. Once he gets angry, he sees nothing else. What he used to beat your biological father with in the past..."


Erno Etham interrupted Nelia Zardan.

Nelia snorted.

"Ah, not the sheep behind you, but that bastard."

Erno Etham covered my ears with the palm of his hand in silence.

Then he seemed to be talking about something.

The tendons stood out on the back of Nelia's hand as her eyes widened.

She seemed to be saying something with a very angry expression, but I couldn't hear her at all.

"It doesn't seem like she's covering my ears so tightly... ."

Is she using magic?

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