IBRV (Novel) Chapter 83

C 83

I quickly jumped out of the chair. He said he was a cardinal. In other words, he is a person related to the temple side.

There is only one person who comes to mind when I think of a temple.


Chronos Etham was a devout believer who dedicated everything to God by taking refuge in the temple.

If a revelation from God told him to put a knife to his throat, he would do it.

However, as there is always a shadow behind the light, the temple was not always clean and orderly.

What the temple pursues in <Adopted> is "human supremacy."

They believe that only humans are superior and great, and as superior beings, they listen to the voice of God.

That's why the temple despises, hates, and considers everything non-human as inferior.

Chronos Etham was the man at the center of it all.

A person who found even the mixed dragon blood in him horrifying, suppressed his true nature to the limit, and repented of his own birth as a sin.

He was also the education officer for candidates for high priest.

In other words...

"That lunatic is abusing Lucilion...!"

And when Lucilion took over as high priest, he died. Looking at Lucilion, who had awakened with greater power than any high priest...

"Finally, God called me..."

... With these words, he greeted his death with satisfaction.

However, Lucilion selected and purged only those who did dirty things, like accepting bribes in the name of God or using their status to trample on the weak.

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