LWTG (Novel) Chapter 325


Thud, thud-.

Michael set foot in the Heavenly Castle.

In the normally tranquil Heavenly Castle, numerous Angels were armed and waiting.

"Lord Michael!"

"Please remain calm, Lord Michael."


"Step aside!"


The bodies of the Angels were pushed back by Michael's hands.

However, each of the Angels was also a skilled individual who had reached the rank of Ranker.

They did their best not to be overpowered by Michael.

"Move out of the way."

"Even if it's Lord Michael, he can't enter here."

"You should tell us what's going on..."


A blue aura swirled in Michael's eyes.

The bodies of the Angels froze as they met his gaze. Michael approached the Angel who caught his attention the most.

The Guardian Angel of the Heavenly King Metatron, the Archangel Jophiel.

His presence here meant that something threatened Metatron's existence.

'I was already prepared for my arrival.'

After all, it was Metatron who sent the message to Raguel to capture him.

He was clearly aware of the problem.

"Where is Metatron?"

Michael no longer called Metatron the "Heavenly King."

Despite his disrespectful words and actions, the Angels dared not point out Michael's tone.

Michael's brutal strength took away their words.



Michael, who could no longer bear it, stomped the ground and shouted.

"Come out, Metatron! Metatron!"

The Angels took a step back at the shout filled with malice.

Michael didn't aim his spear at the Angels. Earlier, among the Angels pointing swords and spears at him, none had lost their lives.

But now...

Michael was ready to kill anyone who stood in his way.

And that's why...

"You can't go to the Heavenly King."


The Angels had prepared to risk their lives.

"Block him!"

"It's treason!"

"Call the Archangels! The opponent is Michael."

The Heavenly Castle was in chaos.

To stop a High-Ranker at the level of an Archangel, another High-Ranker Archangel was needed. Especially Michael, who possessed the most powerful ability in Heaven.

Under no circumstances should he encounter Metatron.

That's what the Angels thought.


"Everyone, step back."



The door leading to the residence of the Heavenly King opened, and Metatron stepped out.

For a moment, amid the chaos of the Heavenly Castle, silence reigned.

Step back...

As if merely standing in the way and protecting the Heavenly King wasn't enough, the Angels were ordered to do exactly the opposite.

"Haven't you heard the order to step back?"


"It seems you don't even trust my words now."

In the face of Metatron's words, the Angels exchanged glances and stepped back one by one.

Suddenly, a path opened up between Michael and Metatron. Watching the Angels divided by an unexpected situation, Michael approached Metatron.

Michael still held the spear in his hand.

Until a moment ago, he wished to pierce Metatron's neck the moment he had the chance.

But now he couldn't.


"I heard everything," Michael said.

The distance was close enough for them to reach each other with an extended spear.

As the distance closed, the Angels protecting Metatron also went on guard. Just in case Michael acted boldly, they would have to intervene as well.

"What did you hear?"

"Were you not conspiring with the Demons to manipulate the Great Heaven Demon War? For that, you ordered Raguel to control the forces and military supplies."

"So Raguel committed such an act?"

"Are you pretending not to know?"


A kind and compassionate voice, as always.

In that instant, Michael felt his heart, which burned like fire, cooling down.

"If you're not even sure of something and suspect me in this way, it hurts a lot."

"Even after coming all the way here... Still..."

"It was my mistake to start the Great Heaven Demon War and fail to see it through, leading to the death of countless Angels. It's natural to be angry."


Metatron bowed his head.

When Metatron bowed his head, something he had never done before, both Michael and the other Angels were surprised.

"I'm sorry, Michael."

"My king!"

"Why are you bowing?"

"Michael! Apologize to the King immediately!"

Despite the Angels' cries, Metatron straightened his back once more.

Metatron's voice resonated clearly even amidst the clamor of the Angels.

"If you ask me to be guilty of that, I will gladly accept it. The seat of the king, even my life. I will give you everything."

A tone of voice full of confidence and dignity.

Michael's mind filled with confusion.

'Could it be that I, perhaps, was wrong in what I thought?'

If all of this was the work of Raguel and the Demon Kings, and Metatron had nothing to do with it...

If he made a wrong decision and was conspiring against Metatron, who had sacrificed his life for the Angels...

One by one, these thoughts passed through Michael's mind.

And then...

"You still have a long tongue."


From behind Michael, a golden spear flew.



A long and beautiful golden line extended.

It narrowly missed Michael's head and struck Metatron.

"Your Majesty!"


"Who is this guy?"

Michael and the Angels' gazes turned backward.


Kim YuWon, who had thrown the spear from a distance, approached Michael.

"So you've been so foolish all this time, letting yourself be deceived over and over again."

With a pitiful expression, Kim YuWon looked at Michael and clicked his tongue briefly.

Michael, unable to help but read the meaning behind that expression, frowned.

"What's going on?"

"If this isn't what Metatron did, then what did the messages sent to Raguel mean? And by chance, why are those individuals here right now?"

Kim YuWon looked at the Angels surrounding them.

They were all fully armed.

Michael finally widened his eyes and showed a surprised expression.

Now that he thought about it, that was true.

From the beginning, all this started when he went to find Metatron and asked him to stop the Great Heaven Demon War.

As if waiting for it, Metratron instructed the Angels, including Raguel, to capture Michael.

They had even placed various guardian Angels around the Heavenly Castle in case that plan failed.

If all of this had nothing to do with Metatron, if he truly felt guilty for the Angels who died, willing to give even his life as punishment.

He wouldn't have tried to deal with him, who asked him to stop the Great Heaven Demon War.

"Why something so simple...?"

A belated question.

Kim YuWon's gaze turned to Metatron, who had been hit by his spear and was lying on the ground.

"Not just anyone can become the King of a race."

"What are you saying?"

"Diablo became King with just overwhelming strength. A government based on force has its limits, and Diablo was not someone interested in the throne from the beginning."


Kim YuWon's gaze turned to the Angels surrounding them.

The Angels were directing intense hostility towards him.

Their eyes were somehow distorted.

"Metatron is different. He was born an Angel, not by his strength, but by the skills he acquired by climbing the Tower, which allowed him to become the King of his race."


"Indoctrination." (敎化)

Thud, thud, thud-.

Metatron brushed aside the debris of the broken wall and stood up.

It was at that moment when the gazes of Metatron and YuWon met.

"That's the name of the skill he possesses."

"It should be 'Indoctrination.'" (Vishnu)


As they began to assess Metatron's skills, he, who had been silent for quite some time, spoke up.

"It's the most suitable skill for generating faith."


"It's an skill that forces the opponent's faith. The stronger the Arcane Power and skill of the user, and the stronger the faith, the greater the power of the skill."

"Metatron has this skill?"

"I can't be sure, but..."

Vishnu's gaze turned to the image on the board.

Demons and Angels.

The Great Heaven Demon War that had continued for thousands of years.

And the fanatical faith of the Angels towards Metatron.

Vishnu, looking at the record for a moment, spoke with an almost certain expression.

"Without that skill, that image would never have appeared."

Faith did not develop easily. Although Metatron appeared to be a saint on the surface, he was actually more like a tyrant who unleashed the Great Heaven Demon War.

He caused countless Angels to die.

Despite that, there was never a rebellion, which meant there was some other reason.

So he tried, just in case.

Even if it was the highest possibility, there was no certainty.

But it turned out to be true.


["Indoctrination" is resisting the "Golden Cinder Eyes"]

[Resistance has failed]

["Indoctrination" weakens]

The power of the skill present in Michael's eyes weakened. In Michael's eyes, as he gradually regained consciousness, anger surged once again.

"So, until now, all of this has been due to a single skill?"

"You're realizing that just now?"

Thanks to the Golden Cinder Eyes, Michael, whose skill had weakened, was no longer under Metatron's control.

Fortunately, the power of Indoctrination wasn't affecting Michael as strongly. This was due to Michael's exceptional ability and mental strength.

However, that didn't mean the Golden Cinder Eyes could completely undo Indoctrination.

"Although it's a high-level skill, the difference in skill is very large. It also costs too much Arcane Power."

There were only a few people YuWon had thought in advance could break free from Indoctrination.

In the case of Michael, YuWon had already dispelled Michael's Indoctrination beforehand since their first encounter.

Thanks to that, Michael went to find Metatron and asked him to stop the Great Heaven Demon War.

The second was Raguel.

"How do you know all these things in the first place?"

"Does it matter how I know at this moment?"


YuWon looked at the Angels who began to surround him and Michael.

Given the situation...

"...You're right."

The Angels composing the guard of the Heavenly King, all of them were Rankers.

Furthermore, the Heavenly King Metatron himself was there.

The situation wasn't good.

"Probably, with time, the army of Heaven will come here."


"And now what do we do?"

"Isn't it because of you? I said to wait a bit..."

"You, you..."

Though he was bewildered by the sudden change in treatment, Michael couldn't insist any further.

Because it was true that the situation became so urgent due to his own outburst.

"There's only one thing we can do in this situation."

"And what's that?"

"It's not my preferred method personally, but..."


Within the Heavenly Castle, purple flames began to fill the air.

An oppressive atmosphere.

YuWon, who unleashed his Holy Fire, advanced towards Metatron with determined steps.

"We need to demonstrate our abilities."

The Angels felt an unusually intense energy and began to move their weapons in their hands.

Some to capture YuWon and Michael.

Others to protect Metatron.

YuWon didn't even pay attention to those Angels.

His sole focus right now was one.

As YuWon stood up and his eyes met with Metatron's, the latter showed a malicious smile.

"We must capture the King as quickly as possible."



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