LWTG (Novel) Chapter 324


Chalkboards filled with drawings.

Plans related to various incidents. And what would happen next.

They were records of those things.

And among them...

YuWon, who had been examining the records on the Great Heaven Demon War for a long time, finally spoke up.

"There are bats."

All eyes focused on those words.

"This doesn't make sense."

The Great Heaven Demon War has lasted too long.

Hundreds of years. He could understand it up to a thousand years, showing great tolerance. But for it to have lasted nearly several thousand years...

"The problem isn't to stop the fight but whether it's really possible for the resolution to take this long."

That was what he hadn't doubted.

But somehow, it was also obvious.

Even if the power between Angels and Demons was balanced, to reach this point without a conclusion...

Unless someone was deliberately preventing a conclusion from being reached.


While YuWon spoke, Michael asked curiously.

Though he understood the meaning of "bats," it didn't seem like he understood why the word was being used now.

Well, when YuWon went to see Raguel, he didn't explain the reasons to Michael.

"The Great Heaven Demon War has been manipulated."


"It's so that the war's outcome won't be decided."

YuWon's answer made Michael's expression turn cold.

"Are you saying that Raguel made the Great Heaven Demon War like this?"

"The Chancellor of the Heavens not only has individual power but also oversees managing the Guild's resources and controlling all the war resources in war situations."

"So, it's someone who can coordinate all the power overall."

It was good that Michael understood quickly.

Finally, Michael could comprehend why YuWon wanted to meet with Raguel.

The Chancellor of the Heavens.

The one who administers the Guild's money and controls all the war resources in war situations.

Raguel was the most suitable person to balance the power in the Heavens.

"Then, it's obvious who's suspected on the other side."

"But we still need to confirm it."

YuWon encountered Raguel through Michael.

Destabilizing Michael, who was the most important figure in the Great Heaven Demon War, and then revealing the existence of the bats, that was the next step.

Half of that was already done.

Now, only the other half remained.

YuWon looked at Raguel again.

"Are you going to answer?"



As blood dripped and pain increased, YuWon pressed for an answer.



On one side, Michael stood with a stunned expression on his face.

After Raguel finished speaking, he murmured with disappointment.

"The waves seem endless..."

His weak voice contained regret for the past years.

Under the name of the Great Heaven Demon War, how many Angels died being dragged into that fight.

But it turns out that this Great Heaven Demon War was planned.

He lowered his head.

Michael quickly approached Raguel.

Raguel was surprised to see Michael's tense face and the strength with which he held the spear in his hand.

"Have you really intentionally caused this war for all these long years?"

"I couldn't help it. The Heavenly King ordered me to do so..."

"Even if it's the Heavenly King..."


As Michael grabbed Raguel's neck, he widened his eyes.

"You know very well that this is an unforgivable sin, and yet, you were doing it"

Amidst the force squeezing his throat, Raguel couldn't even scream. As if he was angry, Michael squeezed his hand as if he would break Raguel's neck.

But at that moment...


"Please, be patient for now."

YuWon's hand grabbed Michael's arm and lowered it.

Michael, who had been excited for a moment and lost his composure, turned to look at YuWon. The force was released from his hand, and Raguel let out a heavy sigh.

And Michael, too, was full of anger.


Michael, who released the accumulated anger within him along with a sigh, closed his eyes.

That's right.

After thousands of years had passed, even if he found out late, dedicating more time wouldn't have changed anything.

Now, though slow, but surely.

Michael nodded at YuWon.

"From now on, do as you please. Kill him or forgive him."

Apparently, he gained quite a bit of trust. YuWon, who now held the right to Raguel's life and death, nodded and looked at Raguel.

There was one last question remaining.

"When does the Great Heaven Demon War begin?"

Was it because the question was desperate?

Michael, who had barely suppressed his anger, opened his mouth as if surprised to hear YuWon.

"The Great Heaven..."

"It's tonight at midnight."

Michael, who was about to reply that there were still nine more days, looked back at Raguel.

It's tonight...

"The soldiers should have already received the message in their Player Kits. We'll have to start a bit earlier this time."

"What do you mean by that? It's a breach of contract with the Administrator."

The Great Heaven Demon War had already become an event linked to the System, which meant that each race earned a massive amount of points, but the contract with the Administrator meant that the Great Heaven Demon War could only start when it was supposed to.

However, advancing the schedule of the Great Heaven Demon War at will...

This was, so to speak, equivalent to a surprise attack.

"Perhaps it's because of Michael..."

YuWon's expression turned serious for the first time at Raguel's response.

His concerns came true.

The date of the Great Heaven Demon War was moved up.

This meant one thing.

"We are determined to witness the end of the Great Heaven Demon War."

When Archangel Michael argued in favor of interrupting the Great Heaven Demon War, Metatron suddenly changed the agreed-upon plans and focused on intensifying the battle.

The story repeated, and once again, it was no different this time.

Although the timing was moved up much more than YuWon remembered, the situation was the same.

"We must hurry more."

When YuWon's voice became unusually serious, Michael also understood the gravity of the situation.

"That's right."


Michael clenched his teeth.

In his mind, the face of Metatron he saw last night appeared.

The face of the Heavenly King in whom he had so much trust now felt more like a monster worse than a demon.


Tak, tak.

The feeling of betrayal was as great as the affection and loyalty he had.


Finally, his eyes turned dark.


He spread his wings.


Among the countless Angels, Michael was the fastest and swiftest.

Michael, with his wings spread, was faster than the wind. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared while stirring up winds around him.

There was no time to stop him.

It was obvious where Michael had gone.

"He's too hasty."

It wasn't a good choice to confront Metatron here and now.

Metatron was an existence like a king and a god to the Angels.

Moreover, he had already drawn his sword against Michael.

Being as cautious as Metatron was, he surely would have foreseen and prepared countermeasures for a possible failure.

"We shouldn't stick our heads in the tiger's mouth..."


YuWon took out his Player Kit and quickly sent a message before looking in the direction where Michael had disappeared.

"There's no other option."

If possible, he wanted to fight safely if they were going to fight, even if it took a bit more time, that's why he sought support from Michael, a formidable force, and secured Raguel's cooperation.

But if things turned out like this, there was no other option.


After writing all the messages, YuWon put the Player Kit on his lap and turned his head.

From one side, Raguel looked into YuWon's eyes, then averted his gaze slightly.

"There's still something you must do in the end."

A threatening aura emanated from YuWon's shadow. Susanoo stealthily approached Raguel and drew his sword from there.

A chilling sensation.

Raguel swallowed nervously, feeling as if Susanoo's sword would be at his throat at any moment.

"Do you know? We don't have a relationship where we can laugh and talk."

"Would you even threaten my life again...?"

"That's right. It seems that's what works best."

For those who considered their life as the utmost priority, submission through force was the most effective.

Raguel had enjoyed power under Metatron for a long time, having secured his position as the Chancellor.

Honor and power.

For people like them, warmth and their own life were the most valuable.

"Will you join the winning side?"

YuWon could be sure of that.

Whether it was the Heavens or the Demon Kings.

Once either of them revealed a bat, they could use it to their advantage.

"Do you still need more time to think?"

Which side to join.

Just by looking into Raguel's eyes, YuWon could understand.

He was still considering his choice.

"Do you still believe that Metatron will win?"

"...You know nothing about the Heavenly King. There's no chance for Michael to defeat him."

"I'm not talking about Michael, I'm talking about myself."

Michael and Metatron.

YuWon presented a different option to Raguel, who was torn between the two Angels.

"Do you think I will lose?"

YuWon's face entered Raguel's eyes.

'This guy, his gaze...'

Kim YuWon.

He had heard a lot about him. He thought the rumors and rankings might have been exaggerated, and if that was true, he thought it was really impressive.

But the real version of YuWon surpassed even the rumors.

However, no matter how much, this was a war between the two Great Guilds, Heaven and the Demon Kings.

No matter how high his rank was as a High-Ranker, he couldn't take down everything alone.

But then, why?

'I have to make the right decision.'

His instinct from years of experience as a bat was telling him.

Strangely, he couldn't imagine YuWon losing.


The Great Heaven Demon War was rapidly approaching.

At this moment, Baal was busier than ever.

The Grand General of the Demon Kings.

That was his position within the Demon Kings.

A pale complexion and clear eyes on a lifeless face, like a vampire.

Externally, he had a handsome appearance that made it hard to believe he was one of the Demons.


Baal leaned back in the chair he was sitting on.

And at that moment...

"Come in."


The door to Baal's office was broken. Fragments of the broken door flew towards Baal's face from the outside.

Baal didn't dodge the fragments and faced them.

Behind the broken door...

The person he didn't want to encounter boldly walked in.

"What does 'come in' mean?"



Despite his light steps, he seemed like a giant. He exhaled red energy, and Diablo slowly approached step by step.

"You don't need to say it, I'll come in anyway."

"Long time no see."

"Don't you have anything to say to me?"

A tone that seemed to demand an excuse or something from him.

Baal didn't get up from his seat. Although there was only a difference of one position within the Demons, Diablo was a terrifying creature he couldn't avoid.

With a snap, Baal took off the glasses he was wearing and placed them on the desk, firmly pressing his tired eyes.

Baal opened his mouth belatedly.

"Just kill me."


Diablo's hand extended forward.

At that moment...


Baal's head flew in the air.


The head flew, and the body fell back along with the chair.

Diablo wiped the blood off his hands and looked at Baal's corpse.

"I'm glad you didn't hesitate."

Irritation suddenly spread.

He had been played in Metatron's hands for so long.

His pride was hurt, and he couldn't bear it.


Diablo, who turned around, looked at the Demons who were frozen outside the office.

"Where's Behemoth?"



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