IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 40



"Hyuk! What's this?"

The unexpected item on the desk startled me.

I picked up a silver letter opener, which had never been used before, and tore open the sealed envelope with coins and strings.

It was the first time I had received an invitation.

"Oh, it was this."

I felt a bit flattered, but as soon as I saw the content and the sender, a wave of weariness washed over me.

The content was about how they would like to study the formula more deeply, so it is possible to provide relevant information directly.

"Ah, life is..."

I was reborn with beauty and wealth, but only received an invitation to a conference, not to an elegant party or a social gathering.

"But it's a relief it's not a duel."

It's a bit bothersome, but I wrote a response saying I would attend.

It's a golden opportunity to promote the improved formula, so there's no reason to decline.

Recently, all the mages have become my easy clients.

"Tell them it's a positive response."

The maid, to whom they handed the letters with a purple coin, bowed politely.

"Yes, Princess. Also, Helen Zihoto has just arrived with the Spring Flower Festival dress."

"Bring her to the salon."

As I sat on the sofa with crossed arms, the door opened, and servants began to enter, carrying boxes filled with dresses that exuded springtime feelings.

Helen Zihoto, whom Deborah chose from the Yones district, has always designed my dresses.

From chic and urban to elegant. She was good at creating clothing that matched Deborah's image.

She is a talented designer, and all this time, I've let her do it on her own, but this time I was involved in this dress for the Spring Ball.

I showed Helen the Pink Diamond in person and asked for a design that would complement the jewel well.

In the meantime, I didn't use it on purpose because I didn't want to get caught up in the original story, the idea of what Philap did to me in secret offended me.

Anyway, whatever I do, that idiot is the one who will fight me while wearing rose-colored glasses.

"They're my jewels, why can't I be proud of them?!"

As the Master said, this opportunity would be convenient for increasing the value of the Pink Diamond and selling it at a high price.

"Besides, the dress design is important for making the necklace stand out."

Deborah's face and body are always in the best condition, so Helen should do well.

However, the dress designs all look quite ambiguous today.

Helen, who seemed to be working overtime, was very tactful with me to see if the task had been carried out well and gave a presentation about the dress with an uncertain voice.

"Princess, this dress is made of light pink silk. We proceed with a design that exposes the shoulders so that the neckline and collar stand out as elegantly as a swan."

It's beautiful, but the problem is that it doesn't suit me.

I opened my mouth after looking at several dresses in front of the mirror for a while.

"Today, I don't like any of the designs you brought. The ruffles are too much, and especially this ribbon, you would know it even if I don't explain."

Helen lowered her head with a pale complexion.

"I'm sorry. I constantly thought about the Pink Diamond and didn't think about the princess who wears the clothes. It's my fault."

"I don't think it's working..."

The heart-shaped design of the Pink Diamond emphasizes a lovely feeling.

No matter how talented Helen is, if she emphasizes the necklace, it will inevitably clash with my image.

Well, it's the element that makes Mia show her simple and innocent charm in the original novel.

"I think I have to give up on making the jewels stand out."

If I go out in those cute pink dresses, everyone will think that I'm a clumsy imitator of the girl next to Philap.

I'm the only one who will be ridiculed.

"Helen, discard the idea of emphasizing the Pink Diamond and fix it in the direction that suits me best."

"Yes, Princess."

"I like off-the-shoulder dresses, so proceed this way. Instead, I'd like the fabric to be a much deeper plum color than it is now."

After adding some of my opinions, I sent Helen back to the dressing room and realized that I was overlooking the most important fact.

I have the dress but don't have a partner to accompany me to the ball.


"Can't I just drag along any moderate guy?"

At last year's Spring Flower Festival, Deborah attended the ball with the son of an easy vassal, but she went home early with the excuse of a stomachache.

It was because she was in a bad mood after Philap rejected her request for a dance partner.

Before the opening of the festival ball, Deborah secretly showed her intention to request Philap as her escort at all times, but the results were always disastrous.

"Why am I the one embarrassed?"

That's why Philap can't help but contract the serious "axe disease."

After taking a sip of apple juice, reflecting on the debris of the past that is hard to learn from, I lifted my body at the sound of a couple of knocks.

"... What's that, too?"

I arched my eyebrows when I saw the maid enter with letters and several boxes of large gifts.

No matter how I look at this, it doesn't seem to be related to the conference.

"Send the gifts from the knight in front of the princess."

"In front of me?"

I reached for the letter feeling doubtful, and as soon as I checked the sender, I coughed and spat out the juice.

[Louie Gazelle]

With just four letters of his name, I knew he was the guy who gifted me the thrilling nightmare of being chased by Thomson's wild gazelle.

I opened the letter and checked the contents.

[Hello. Princess Deborah.

Allow me to introduce myself; I am the eldest son of the Gazelle family, which owns the Acord estate filled with silver. Louie Gazelle. Currently, I am receiving education as the head of the family... (skip)]

Looking at the pompous beginning of the letter, I clicked my tongue.

I'm sure you're that foolish pervert from the original story.

[I heard from Sir Belreck about the beauty of the Princess... (skip) May I ask this lovely person to be my companion for the dance? I await the princess's positive response.]

As expected, the contents of the letter were about him wanting to be my escort for this dance.

The ball held at the imperial palace was also a suitable stage for men and women who did not know each other.

Hm, you used your brain well.

After reading the letter, when I opened Louie Gazelle's current box, it was filled with silver specialties produced in the Acord region.

"Princess Deborah, how should I handle these things?"

"Leave it for now."

"What? Oh, yes. I understand."

The maid shivered in surprise and fidgeted at my words.

It's inevitable.

In the past, Deborah was ruthless in smashing noble gifts into the trash, and if letters arrived, they were proudly celebrated with a fiery ceremony.

After the tantrum was revealed to the world, her popularity among the nobles has fallen, so no more gifts have arrived.

It's not because Deborah is no longer popular, but because she had an extreme ardor for Philap, so no one would dare to look beyond her and her mental victory.

(N/T: When someone is losing a heated debate due to their lack of logic, and they start giving some absurd and ridiculous excuses instead of admitting their faults.)

"How should I put it? She's a constantly foolish character."

If they are gifts from aristocratic nobles, they must be expensive, so why throw them away?

"It's a waste."

"How much is all of this worth?"

I cheer with joy when I see the silver bars and accessories in the box.

The Azutean Empire is the gold standard, but silvers are distributed, so the exchange rate for money looked much better than jewelry.

Thanks for introducing me to a good person, Belreck. I'll repay this favor right away.

I smiled at the specialties from the Acord region.


Belreck touched his forehead upon learning that Deborah did not burn Louie Gazelle's letter and accepted the gifts.


He was confident that Deborah would make a scene like a rabid dog since she had said she wouldn't accept them unless they were gifts from Philap.

He is confused because he cannot predict his sister's recent actions at all.

To the extent that she suffered from a terrible headache every night and had a loss of appetite.

"Damn it."

He ruffled his long hair as he spat out a harsh curse.

"How the hell did this happen?!"

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