IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 39



"Ahh... What should I do?"

Arin's face turned red when Princess Deborah's hand touched her and held her by the shoulders, causing her to start stomping her feet like crazy.

"Great! She's really great!"

She will never wash this cloth that has the divine touch of the princess; Arin will keep it as a family treasure forever.

But she really doesn't have many clothes.

Her family was ruined because of her father, who liked to gamble, and got caught up in business debt.

Arin tapped the tips of her old shoes with a grumpy expression, but she brightened up when she remembered the fourth clause of the contract that the princess brought.

[Arin Ossolt has been working as a librarian at Seymour since April 23]

There was a vacancy for a while in Seymour's internal library, and she was scheduled to go to Seymour temporarily starting next week.

I can't believe I've become a vassal of the princess!


A joyful scream burst out.

The princess is also a very merciful person.

This is because librarians can look at books as much as they want and do undergraduate tasks simultaneously.

Moreover, the salary is really high, so she can buy new clothes right away.

Above all, it was an honor for her family to breathe in the same space as the princess.

"I'm so happy. It's like a dream."

In reality, she was really scared at first...

Princess Deborah, whom she had only known through rumors, scared her a lot at first.

With dark circles because she couldn't sleep well, Princess Deborah's eyes were red from holding back her brutal yawns, which were even more brutal that day.

The princess, who appeared with bloodshot eyes and a gloomy atmosphere with a look of discomfort, suddenly exercised factual violence against George, saying he was ugly.


I can't believe it could go this far.

The level of evilness was also brief.

Although Princess Deborah may not be helping her because she's rumored to have a bad personality, as a result, Arin was able to escape George's harassment thanks to her.

The moment Arin tried to contain her fear and say thank you, the princess started punishing George for speaking ill, right in front of Arin's eyes.

Strangely that night, Arin couldn't sleep properly as she kept thinking about the princess's appearance.

"Why couldn't I refute it with as much confidence all this time as the princess did?"

Arin gradually shrunk from the ignorant words that her father and brother used to spit out.

Her father, Count Ossolt, was a prejudiced man like George who believed that women had no natural talent for magic and invested much more money in his son.

So, from childhood, all the high-quality education was monopolized by the older brother, and Arin only received basic education.

However, she loved to read and was so intelligent that she was able to pass the gifted program administered by the Tower on her own.

Amid her father's gambling and subsequent failure in trade, magic was her only hope.

However, recently, even that hope has been fading away.

Her mana doesn't gather very well, it was due to the habitual disdain of the people around her and the lack of support from her family.

When she saw George's appearance, who was beaten to his heart's content for picking fights while Arin was struggling, she felt her chest wide open.

Furthermore, Princess Deborah, who is tall and has cold features, made the woman's heart race.

The denial of becoming a fan was short.

After that day, Arin began to prepare a gift for Princess Deborah.

Regardless of the intention, it was an excuse to give the gift because George's harassment disappeared when Princess Deborah stepped forward, but it was mainly a desire to pay homage as a fan.

"It's an insignificant gift, so I can't help it even if she throws it away..."

Arin toyed with the gift she had magically made and approached the princess who was sitting behind the Department of Magic.

As soon as she saw Princess Deborah adorned with beautiful jewelry and a luxurious dress, Arin immediately felt intimidated, but unexpectedly, Deborah started the conversation first.

"Are you here? Do you have something to tell me?"

"Oh, that! Th-thank you, thanks for last time."

Her hands and feet began to shake when faced with the blood-red eyes. Arin felt like she might vomit from nervousness.

She closed her eyes and suddenly presented the gift she had worked hard on for a few days. Princess Deborah tilted her head.

"What is that?"

"This is a violet with magic preservation and fragrance-enhancing magic. The fragrance lasts a long time and stays in the same form for over a month; it would be good as decoration."

"Does it mean you added magic to the properties of the flowers?"



A faint smile appeared near the princess's mouth.

After Princess slightly took the violets from Arin's hand with her pale hand, she spoke.

"What is your name?"

"I'm Arin Ossolt."

After introducing themselves to each other, Arin excitedly kicked her bed all night.

She couldn't believe that the princess had accepted her gift.

Furthermore, Arin had something more exciting to do the next day.

Princess Deborah secretly visited Arin while bringing the contract.

"Don't you intend to work as my vassal?"

"Huh? I-I'll be your vassal, a vassal of the princess?"

How dare her wretched self become that?

"There's nothing to fear. There's something I want to do with your ability."

Arin's face heated up again when the princess said she needed her own insignificant ability. She was so happy to the point that her hands and feet were trembling.

"You need money, right? As you know, I only have money, so we'll get along well."

As if Deborah wanted Arin to sign the contract right now, the princess had a very wicked smile as she waved the paper stuck between her index and middle finger.

"Nose, I think my nose will bleed..."

Arin Ossolt, who had bad taste in preferring bad men, signed a slavery contract without a second of hesitation.

And since then, she never regretted her decision.


On the other hand, besides Arin Ossolt, there was another person who wanted to get closer to Princess Deborah.

The fifth princess, Vivian Histach.

The younger sister of Crown Prince Behonick Histach, also one of the Empire's top fire mages.

The day of the truth-seeking meeting.

At Isidor's request, the Fifth Princess reluctantly watched the truth-seeking meeting.

It was a favor to her brother's favorite man, so there was nothing she could do.

It seems that the famous Seymour person caused trouble again.

While thinking indifferently, the Princess crossed her arms against a wall with a lazy expression.

However, the truth-seeking meeting began to take an entirely unexpected turn, and her lax attitude gradually changed.

"Can you solve that formula so quickly?"

She began to concentrate in the middle with clenched fists.

"I... I fell in love with her."

The Fifth Princess, who was watching the formula being solved by the princess, suddenly said while rubbing her warm cheeks.

The Fifth Princess, who normally doesn't change her expression or speak much, surprised Thierry, who was standing next to her, with her intense reaction.

"Princess, what exactly did you fall in love with?"

"I sense that new approach. The frameworks drawn by the Great Mage, everything has been cut."

"Honestly, Princess, I have no idea what you're saying. What is x, and what is y? Do those two love each other or are they enemies? Why do they suddenly stick together and then fall apart, making a scene?"

"Don't speak."

The Fifth Princess made a pitiful expression when she saw Thierry talking nonsense.

In fact, like Thierry, the amateur executive mage members had expressions of perplexity when they saw the princess's formula.

These people are executive members.

The Fifth Princess pointed with her eyes and clicked her tongue several times.

When the truth-seeking meeting was in a state of confusion, Isidor laughed slowly and ostentatiously.

"Didn't I say it would be fun, Princess?"

"Honestly, I have no idea what you're talking about, but I've come to understand that Princess Deborah is not a Seymour for no reason. The Fifth Princess is so amazed."

Thierry muttered with a bewildered expression.

"That was a really cool performance."

The Fifth Princess was impressed as she raised her thumb.

The revelation of Princess Deborah's improved formula itself was a shock, and it was also impressive to see how she pushed the Academy and Raymont without getting discouraged at all.

It was the most desirable talent she had seen recently.

"You've made my heart beat so fast, Isidor, take responsibility and bring Princess Deborah to Epsilon."

Thierry was surprised when the Fifth Princess suddenly insisted with a determined expression.

"Isn't Princess Deborah going to Omicron for sure? There are many vacancies there, and above all, there's Sir Philap."

In response to Thierry's words, the Fifth Princess's expressionless face wrinkled slightly.

"Why would Seymour, a pro-emperor family, go to such a remote place?"

Because Omicron was a club of influential senators who disagreed with the emperor, it seemed even more distasteful.

"Because Sir Philap is..."

"We can use Sir Isidor's honey trap. You can do it."

The Fifth Princess interrupted Thierry's words and looked at Isidor's handsome face.

"Well, now that I think about it, it might be quite possible. Our Epsilon leader is much handsomer than the Omicron leader. It's my pride."

Thierry nodded.

"Well, you're right. It's quite possible."

Isidor, who was already tired of using his honey trap, hardened his expression until it turned pale.

"Sir Isidor. Courage."

"Unconditionally for Epsilon."

The Fifth Princess quickly left the auditorium after saying that.

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