IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 65




"Rosad and Belreck also earned the top spot in the Faculty of Magic during their academic years.

The twins were famous for their intelligence, but even so, I never expected the day would come to recommend Deborah.

There was a discussion among the professors, and finally, the Dean of the Department of Theology spoke up.

'There have been no other students who could match student Mia Binoche when it comes to the purity of divine power. To the extent that she's considered the best in the history of the Academy, she was even admired by the bishop of Heleia.'

Even the bishop!

'Furthermore, she is constantly performing good deeds through divine power. Since she is a student who strives to follow the spirit of the goddess Nayla, she will be a good example for all.'

After intense and prolonged debate, the candidates were narrowed down to Deborah Seymour and Mia Binoche.

The Dean of the Faculty of Theology had a very displeased expression.

'Isn't it quite suspicious that the student who can't handle mana properly is the top student in the Department of Magic? But isn't it also illogical to give her the first place?'

Marquis Bert's thin lips hardened with coldness.

'Illogical? Well, you might say that because you truly didn't understand Deborah Seymour's thesis.'

The Dean of Theology widened his eyes at the comments containing subtle disdain.


'Surpassing the unfavorable condition of having no mana sensitivity and writing a practical and excellent thesis. Isn't that even greater?'

'Unfavorable condition? Can you really say that a student with the owner of the Magic Tower as her father has an unfavorable condition?'

'What achievements did Mia Binoche achieve at the Academy by herself? Except for the divine power she was born with.'

'May I give an opinion?'

It was at that moment.

The elderly man, who had been silently sitting next to the president, raised his hand slightly and stopped them.

All the professors in the room swallowed saliva at the dignity the elderly man held.

Jean-Paul Louives was a very important figure.

Although he was a retired honorary professor, he served as president in his career and now wielded strong influence by providing political and military advice to states and high-ranking officials.

'I was talking to the head of the Seymour family some time ago and found something very interesting there.'

Jean-Paul said something out of nowhere and pulled out a bunch of cards hanging from the round ring.

It looked like a keychain.

'What is that?'

'It's an index. You could say it's an information summary. It provides quick access to the books you want to see through the index.'

After Jean-Paul opened the iron ring and handed out the cards, he began explaining the function of the book index, and the professors quickly understood its convenience.

'With just this, it takes less than thirty minutes to find a book. Five minutes if you're faster. All the important information about the book is summarized on this small card.'

'Who invented this thing?'

'With this binding method, it would be convenient to manage the book list.'

'Were Seymour's subordinates behind this?'

Jean-Paul nodded slightly.

'I came to the retired president's office not to get involved in this conversation but to suggest to the president that he should also introduce this index into the academy's library.'

He spoke slowly.

'By the way, the student who invented such an excellent system was mentioned here, so I couldn't help mentioning it.'

"They don't know how surprised Jean-Paul was when the head of the Seymour family toured the family-managed library and boasted that his daughter had developed an index.

'If it's the Seymour Library, maybe the person who did it...'

'It doesn't make sense.'

Someone inadvertently murmured a bit of their thoughts and then quickly shut their mouth.

Jean-Paul looked at the theology department professor and clicked his tongue.

'What do you mean it doesn't make sense? Be careful with your words. It's true that it was invented by student Deborah Seymour.'

It had truly surprised him many times.

Marquis Bert had to stifle his inner laughter.

Overcoming the weakness of mana insensitivity in this way. It was admirable in his heart.

'The incorporation of the index will bring about a change in the imperial library and the tool classification system. And if I had realized the wisdom shown by student Deborah Seymour, I would have fully understood what kind of opinion she had.'

When Jean-Paul's words were finished, there was a long silence in the president's office.

In the end, the student who took first place this year was taken by a student that no one could have imagined.


'... Awesome!'

As soon as I checked the smoothie sales receipt at Maisond, I pounded my pillow like crazy.

'It sold really well. As expected! I knew it would work.'

Furthermore, I slightly increased the monthly service fee for the premium formula, but it seems our weak-willed customers didn't mind, and there was a phenomenon where subscribers quickly increased.

'I did a good job promoting the <Improved Premium Formula>.'


It was a magic word that made everyone nod.

'What looks luxurious, works well wherever you go.'

I smiled and opened the thick bundle of imperial judiciary money.

The money collected from patents this month was twice that of last month.

It's cumbersome, but it's been worth attending the tower conferences.

My eyes shone as I looked inside the leather pouch filled with gold and silver.

The patent's validity period is 15 years.

Indeed, it's like winning the pension lottery.

As I rolled on my bed thinking of a happy old age, I got up from my spot after finding the envelope on the table.

It was a letter from the academy, and the content was unexpected.

Hm? Does it say I was chosen as the best student at the academy?

...Is it spam?

However, even the president of the academy's signature is carefully forged, so there can't be a lunatic in the empire playing such a prank on me.

'What did I do so well to become the first place?'

Since I improved Simeon's formula, the idol of the wizards, I never thought I could be recognized as an outstanding undergraduate student.

However, I can't believe they're giving the first-place position to a student who has thrown her personality to the wind.

"I guess the academy doesn't take its students' morality too seriously."

I can't believe there aren't other talented people besides me.

Will the future of the empire be okay?

As I clicked my tongue, I understood why my father was worried about the future of Azutea, saw the huge scholarship written at the bottom of the letter, and dispelled all doubts.

"Why did you write the most important part in small letters?"

It's money given by adults; it wouldn't be polite to refuse. Hm Hm.

Looking happily at the money for a while, I suddenly dropped the letter when the content of the novel crossed my mind.

It turns out that Mia Binoche, who became the top-ranked student with tremendous divine power in the novel, donated the academy's huge scholarship to the orphanage.

Thanks to this, Mia's reputation in social circles improved even further, and members of <Omicron> who implicitly ignored her as a lady of a fallen noble family gradually recognized her.

On the other hand, this matter was the catalyst for Deborah's jealousy and inferiority to grow out of control in the original novel, and she gradually walked the path of destruction as a villain.

"By the way, I got that big scholarship."

There's nothing wrong with it, but for some reason, I didn't feel comfortable, so I lay down on the bed.

Mia, well, she'll live a great life anyway, so I'm not worried about her.

In fact, there was only one reason why my heart was so restless.

My pockets didn't have money that was meant for the orphanage kids in the original novel.

I decided to selfishly look out for myself, but I couldn't become a bad person even for the sake of the children.

"Why am I the top-ranked? Suddenly, things got a bit bothersome."

While lying in a daze, looking at the elegant chandelier hanging from the ceiling, I suddenly had a good idea and jumped up.


"What do you think, Master?"

Princess Deborah, who said she has a new business idea and brought a proposal, made her bright red eyes shine like rubies.

Isidor looked at her in silence with a strange mood.

He thinks that the princess's proposal this time is unexpected, and he doesn't know why he felt like it was her and conflicted.

Princess Deborah skillfully uses human psychology, employs unknown and invisible ways and means to get what she wants, but curiously, she was not a person who felt greedy or wicked.

"She's completely different from the rumors."

That made her look more special and constantly piqued his interest.

However, today, the emotions that had been buried until now clearly explained her form.

As if the water that had been heating strongly suddenly boiled out of control.

After being silent for a while due to the deep ripples that occurred inside, the princess showed me a meticulously written proposal and began to persuade me of how good her opinion was.

"It's not just a one-time donation. By creating the <Armand Children's Foundation> and making regular donations, we're letting many people know that Armand is contributing to the community."

After a sip of tea, she spoke.

"Furthermore, as the business grows, we will establish the <Armand Scholarship Foundation> to attract good talents..."

Princess Deborah was saying that she would donate all the major funds she received from the Academy to the orphanage kids."

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