IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 66



Who would have imagined that one of the evilest women in the empire would make such a suggestion?

"I think it's a good suggestion. In fact, it surprised me so much that I couldn't respond immediately," he said.

He spoke a beat too late.

"What's so surprising about it?"

As if the princess couldn't understand, she raised her beautifully arched eyebrows slightly.

"By being able to see Princess Deborah's mercy and kindness, honestly, I was very impressed."

Suddenly, her long purple eyelashes trembled slightly.

Her piercing eyes began to gradually turn red.

"I am not a person with a warm heart when it comes to random good deeds like these."

Suddenly, the princess raised her voice fiercely, causing Isidor to shudder, and his fingertips trembled.

Cookie, who was licking the princess's finger, also opened her eyes wide and quietly hid behind Isidor.

"This is a campaign. A public interest campaign!"

"Donation is one of the most effective ways to enhance a company's image."

Princess Deborah began to give a passionate speech with a bulging vein around her neck.

"The children and students who receive help from Armand will become a solid customer base in the future! They are all money."

"Furthermore, if you create a sponsorship foundation, you will definitely get tax cuts from the imperial family just like when we donated the clock tower! I never do anything without profit. Do you understand?"

"I understand the princess's intention."

Isidor smiled faintly.

"The academy scholarships will be donated under any name you desire. In the case of creating a foundation, I will consult with the imperial administration office to see how effective the tax savings are."

"Okay. Let's do it that way."

She soon opened her fan with a cold and haughty face, waving it rapidly.

"...Maybe, is she embarrassed?"

Isidor looked at her bright red earlobe and casually thought it was cute, then clenched his fist.

"What did she just think at this moment...?"

Just as he began to feel deeply confused, she folded her fan and changed the atmosphere.

"We have successfully launched a new menu and also attracted new Armand members, so now we have to move forward with the next step," she said confidently, raising her red lips.

"Now that we have the tournament season ahead, this is the best time."

This was a business matter that Princess Deborah had been working on quite diligently.

In the first association. As if asserting that the concept of selling a name is only a small part of the idea, she has been aggressively using extraordinary business strategies and launching unique items.

What she is trying to do now is unique enough to make you forget all the previous business strategies, and on the other hand, unconventional.

"If we succeed, we can reap great benefits, but there are different types of pieces, so it won't be easy for customers to accept them at first."

As a business partner, he advised with concern.

"In reality, there is a person who is suitable to open the door to this item."

Princess Deborah said in secret, toying with her fan.

"I will get in touch with him. Who is it?"

"Isidor Visconti."


"Why me again?"

At that moment, she heard the sound of an object falling from behind the office, and the mist expanding on the floor stirred up and down.

"What was that sound?"

The princess Deborah narrowed her eyes and looked around.

"...Something must have fallen from the shelf."

Isidor replied and swore that he would properly scold Miguel someday.

"By the way, what does it mean that he is the right person?"

"Honestly, Sir Isidor is very handsome. As he has investigated, he is the most handsome man in the empire, so even if he lightly brushes his hair, the social world would be excited."


Isidor tried to stop his lips, which kept rising, and touched his neck.

The princess Deborah knows very well that I am handsome. I thought her judgment regarding men's attractiveness was terrible all this time.

After all, the bean pods for Philap must have been peeled.

There is no doubt, right?

"...He has excellent taste."

Actually, "Your eyes have returned to normal" is a more appropriate expression, but he complimented her because it felt good.


At that moment, the princess's eyes narrowed like a fox.


"Because you don't seem full of hidden motives, to the point where you seem suspicious. I have no prejudice against that, but..."

She murmured meaningful words with vague eyes.

"No way, is she thinking right now that she likes me...?"

Once again, the mist on the floor began to sway, and Isidor clenched his fists until the black gloves were tight.

"It's not like that."

He felt a little sad.

"But it seems like the Master likes to praise him. With suspicion."

Because it was a sharp point, Isidor quickly looked around.

"Previously, didn't the princess suspect and feel surveillance from him, and for that reason, she requested an investigation? She didn't even believe the data from my research."

"It's true."

"But I was a little surprised because it seemed like she had changed her mind about him in the meantime. If she still suspected him, she wouldn't have thought about working together."


"Have your doubts about him lessened a bit now?"

In the midst of his nervousness, he mixed the questions with bait to satisfy his personal curiosity.

"To be honest... He's very suspicious."

She furrowed her brows slightly and quickly tapped her fan in her palm.


"Damn it. Why do you distrust me so much?"

Even the ladies and gentlemen from the Senate family, who were on the opposite side of Visconti, the imperial family's side, were favorable to Isidor individually.

That's why he had a good reputation in the social world.

"I've never done anything wrong with my identity."

He always did bad things as the Master of Blanchia.

A clear example was the use of magic that caused Louis Gazelle to fall into accidents.

"He's trying to entrust an important task to him while suspecting. Isn't that a contradiction?"

The princess, who stared at the master for a while and bluntly murmured with sharp eyes, opened her mouth while toying with her fan.

But, will he also understand it immediately if he hears my plan?

Her bright red eyes shone like a cat that had seen a fish, and Isidor licked his dry lips once with an unfamiliar feeling of anxiety.

"What are you planning?"


After completing the Master's request for the establishment of the Armand Foundation, I returned to the mansion and looked out the window at the sunset with a doubtful mood.

—Have your doubts about him lessened a bit now?

For a moment, I felt that the Master saw through my own intention, but am I too sensitive?

I don't want to doubt the Master.

Since I started the partnership in earnest, my gratitude towards him has been growing.

"Yes, I can't express anything but gratitude."

He was the best bus driver.

The journey was a madness.

Whenever we do group work, I can feel the Master's drive and competition even more.

"I never thought I would be grateful to my team members."

My first impression of the Master was obviously fear.

Sitting in his office with the mist, I felt terrified because it looked dark and empty like an abyss.

However, from some point on, he became my greatest helper.

At first glance, he actively supported my method of planning and business promotion, which may seem reckless, and spared no useful advice.

In particular, building a building with a new architectural style would have been absolutely impossible without his efforts.

Furthermore, the Master happily agreed to create a scholarship foundation today.

"He's not just a cold-blooded person who only pursues gold."

However, aside from my increasingly deep gratitude towards the Master, I really knew nothing about him.

"What is his identity?"

Because he used metaphors often, I assumed he would be a noble, and he doesn't seem to be the eldest son, considering his excellent business skills.

Because nobles here tend to despise business.

If there were an ancestral estate to inherit, he wouldn't have been interested in business.

I deduced his identity based on various things, and I randomly rummaged through my head.

I really don't know anything.

Even the prince in the novel seemed to know little about him, apart from the fact that he was the head of a secret organization.

However, if such a elaborate and vigilant Master were involved with Isidor, it would show a suspicious appearance.

"It feels like he's losing his poker face."

Today, he felt especially untrustworthy.

"I don't think it's just a male fan."

I made some speculations until there was a bluish darkness outside, and then I wrote a letter to Isidor.

Anyway, Isidor is the only person fit for this job.

As the jousting tournament approached, I had to hurry.

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