IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 105



"Ah, and one more thing," the prince continued. "To calm the chaos of the people, I must successfully carry out the celebration of this goddess Nayla's birthday."

To alleviate people's anxiety, it was very important to find and eliminate the cause of the rifts in the barrier. But even though everyone was putting their heads together, they couldn't understand why this was happening.

"Isn't the ceremony of the goddess Nayla's birth an event that His Majesty the Emperor was carrying out?" the Master asked coldly.

"In recent days, I've been sitting in the office, twirling my hair, so my father must have held an official event where I can show my face, right?"

The Crown Prince was eager for this birthday celebration because he preferred to appear in front of the people rather than look at documents.


"It's good that you came here today. And, as you advised, I will have to meet with Sir Rosad separately."

The Crown Prince, who positively interpreted the Master's silence, took out another small bag of gold coins and smiled kindly.


"It seems like you've been doing well."

Rosad approached me and gently lifted his thin lips.

Rosad, who had silver hair, had a completely different atmosphere from Belreck, who had the image of a sensitive scholar. With his short hair and well-trained body, he felt like a military officer.

I say a battle mage.

Seeing Rosad, who seemed like not even a needle could pierce him, sent a chill down my spine. It was a feeling imprinted on his body.

Deborah seemed to have more difficulties with the unfamiliar Rosad than with the contentious Belreck, who had a disputatious personality.

The scent of blood that lingered at the tip of my nose became thicker and thicker, and I felt a sense of wonder and fear.

"Why did Purple react when Rosad appeared?"

There was no novel scenario where she had touched dark magic.

"And why is this brother so fine?"

In the novel, Rosad returned to the capital with a severe injury to his left ankle.

And it was Mia Binoche who helped the war hero, Rosad, recover. But since he wasn't injured, he had no chance to meet Mia.


It was then that the man hanging like a corpse next to Rosad suddenly bent his body strangely and opened his mouth wide toward Rosad's left ankle.

The man's tongue and teeth were so sinisterly black that I screamed without realizing it.

"Rosad! Be careful!"

Suddenly, her vision turned white. It was because Purple had thrown a white sphere from her mouth.


The man who was hit by Purple's light sphere was writhing in pain, twisting his body back and forth as if he had been burned.

Rosad, who had almost been bitten on the ankle by a man, began to stomp on him wildly while cursing savagely.

That zombie-like man who had caught Rosad was a sorcerer. So, earlier, Purple reacted to him.

"This wild bastard was hiding poison in a cute way."

Rosard bent to forcibly open the man's mouth and stuffed a handkerchief in it. Blood was flowing from his nose, and although breathing through the mouth would be impossible, the man only convulsed and didn't die.

My fingers grew cold at the terrible sight.

"Is he... human?"

To my question, Rosad looked at the man with disdainful eyes.

"He's more like a monster than a human because his vitality has been irrationally increased through magic."

"His vitality..."

"These are the ones who alter causality by sacrificing human life and blood. They're worse than worms."

Suddenly, I realized.

"It was related to the kidnapping of the Eastern citizens and the Black Magic Law."

The reason the eldest son of Seymour, Rosad, left the capital and carried out an extensive subjugation of the barbarians in the East was due to the disappearance of the citizens in that region.

Until now, the mounted villages in the east had only invaded farmlands and seized crops, but the reason for the sudden kidnapping was to use the citizens as sacrifices for dark magic.

Rosad, who had been sharply watching the barbarian, looked at Purple with a satisfied smile.

Purple didn't dodge it and looked at Rosad with dazed eyes.

"Is that cute white turtle a divine spirit?"


"You have a good one. Thanks to you, I saved myself a lot of trouble. I could hardly use my left leg for a while."

Rosad owed Purple a leg.

"The problem is that he doesn't have the style to repay the favor properly."

In the novel, Rosard, who quickly recovered thanks to Mia, coveted Mia's high-purity healing powers that left no sequelae.

Furthermore, he was ambitious and wanted to win Mia's halo.

"A big bastard whose conclusion is kidnapping and imprisonment after receiving treatment..."

Just when his sudden appearance gave me a headache, Rosad gently stroked my hair with his bloodied hand.

"You're my sister, it's good to see you after a long time."


I furrowed my brow and pushed his hand away as he lifted his thin lips and smiled.

"Your personality is still the same. That's why I'm even happier."

"Since when has my brother treated me as his younger sister?"

According to his memories, Rosad completely ignored Deborah. I must say he treated her as if she didn't exist.

"If you're upset by my attitude, I'll have to treat you with all my heart."

"Who says I'm upset? I like the distance we used to have."

"I think I'll like the distance I'm at now."

The distance between him and me was now just one step.

"Your hair is messy."

Rosad fixed my hair, then grabbed the man writhing like an earthworm by the neck.

"I want to talk more with my sister, but I have to find out who's behind this wild bastard."



Rosard dragged the neck of the man who had turned into a zombie and disappeared in the direction of the main building where my father was.

The bloodstains left by the barbarian were like poison.

If it weren't dark everywhere, I might have fainted by now.

My legs weakened belatedly, so I sat down and took a deep breath.

Purple wiggled her fingers as if to encourage me.

Anyway, the meeting between Mia and Rosad is over.

As I walked to my room, I thought about how to get Mia out of the mansion if Rosad kidnaps her.

I decided to think that nothing bad would happen.


Before the birthday of the Goddess Nyla, Duke Seymour attended a meeting of the State Council held at the Imperial House.

Among the many heads of state who appeared in the conference room, Duke Seymour had the best expression.

He coughed in vain, trying to keep the corners of his mouth from rising.

Before the State Council meeting, nobles usually had a light snack and discussed each other's current situations.

And Duke Seymour has had too much to boast about lately.

"I envy him."

"He's done a good job raising his children."

"The eldest son is a war hero, and the second son and his daughter are working together to develop a filial piety artifact."

In fact, the filial piety artifact was the most enviable. This is because most noble children always asked for this and that, and gave nothing back to their elders.

"The youngest is aiming to be the youngest mage to reach the fourth circle."

On the other hand, Duke Montes handled his expression to hide his shame and envy.

When he remembered how his only son was dishonored for not managing one of his social clubs properly, his mouth tensed.

"Duke Seymour, I've heard of Sir Rosad's work."

"Thanks to great talents like Sir Rosad, the future of this country is bright."

Families of good social standing began to gather around Duke Seymour.

"Hmm. Rosad was an excellent boy from the beginning."

Duke Seymour boasted disguised as humility.

A clever guy.

Originally, his daughter was a mischievous person, but these days, she even laid the groundwork to boast about her, which is quite popular these days.

It was common sense to return when the dish was served*. The director, who was looking for an opportunity to shine in front of Duke Seymour, opened his mouth.

"I heard that Princess Deborah and Sir Belreck worked together to create a magical device called the 'Massager.' How is it?"

"It works very well. I'm using it in the magic tower."

"Oh, I see."

"Aren't there many stairs in the tower? The massager quickly relieves my fatigue. My daughter thinks a lot about me."

The anecdote of her shedding tears at a group academic conference was famous.

"Oh, and these days, thanks to Rosad's specialty, Princess Deborah's formula is in the spotlight again."

"Yes, the fact that my son was so successful in the war was because he made good use of the formula developed by my daughter."

"Oh, there's a deep relationship between the children. I envy you, Duke Seymour."

As if the seal had been lifted, Duke Seymour couldn't take it anymore and began to boast about his daughter.

"How long is he going to be like this?!"

Although he didn't want to hear his shameless bragging, Duke Montes, who had perked up his ears at one point, suddenly began to regret. At one point, they had even talked about a marriage between their families.

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