IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 106



In the past, Duke Montes was not pleased when the news of Seymour's marriage arrangement came to light.

It's because he thought that Philap, who is like thunder, should be assisted by a calm and humble woman.

Although Deborah was young, it was easy to see that she trusted her father and carried herself with confidence.

"The sprouts were yellow."

So, Duke Montes postponed the response to the marriage talk.

"Obviously, except for being a Seymour, she was a nobody..."

He didn't expect that little scoundrel to turn out this way.

It's desirable to have patents for formulas, but the fact that she designed a filial piety magical tool made her even more attractive to Duke Montes.

Isn't it normal for a girl who is close to her father to be kind to her father-in-law?

Besides, Deborah cares a lot for her son.

She has a bad personality, but Seymours are like that by nature, and it's enough for her to be kind to others.

Duke Montes, who watched Duke Seymour bragging with other family heads, called Philap, who was on parole, as soon as the meeting was interrupted, and they returned to the mansion.

"What's going on?"

Philap asked, swallowing his growing irritation.

His father, who had become sensitive before the senate meeting, had been scolding him since the morning.

"Philap, you're old enough to be engaged."

He thought his father would pick a fight by throwing furniture or comparing him to Rosad Seymour, but the words that came out of his father's mouth were unexpected.

"I'm not even close to someone to get married this time."

Philap's red eyebrows twitched.

"My father clearly said in the past that he would respect my will on this matter."

"You're not talking about Mia Binoche, are you?"

Philap hesitated and then spoke.

"I've already resolved the matter with Miss Binoche."

Duke Montes's stern expression softened.

"Why did you suddenly change your mind?"

Philap scratched his chin.

I haven't given up; I just went out on my own.

While he was imprisoned, he was close to Diery Orge, and he recently heard that he was being sponsored by Marquess François Gabriel.

"I think I was possessed by something for a while."

"Yes. You've done enough. It seems like you've regained your senses, so I'll make a suggestion."

"It's clear that I have to deal with the marriage matter..."

Philap, who grumbled with a surly face, fell silent at his father's words.

"Deborah Seymour. What do you think of her?"


Unlike the past when he rejected Princess Seymour, Duke Montes said he was right and patted his son's knee when he saw his son with a sulky face.

"Do you remember? There was a letter from Seymour a while ago about the marriage."

"But you've already rejected it."


Even for Duke Montes, officially rejecting the marriage talk that initially came from the girl's side was a burden.

Duke Montes had delayed his response, using the excuse of respecting his son's wishes.

"This is the first time I'm writing a response with my seal."


The Crown Prince, who had been confirmed as the next emperor, occasionally invited Philap and Isidor to the imperial palace at the same time for tea, archery practice, horseback riding, and more.

In the case of other influential families like Orge and Seymour, the succession structure was not confirmed, so they were careful to stay close to a specific person. However, the situation was different with them because they were only children.

Ten years had passed since the three started gathering.

The late empress had arranged for her son to build strong connections with the children of influential families, and this kind of meeting was still ongoing, albeit not frequently.

"I'd like you to actively participate in the celebration of Goddess Nayla's birthday to liven up the event."

The Crown Prince aimed his bow at the target and said.

"Of course."

The prince chuckled at Philap's response.

"Haha. You're always cool."

The prince's shot, fired with great force, did not hit the center of the target and got stuck in the wrong place.

"Lately, I lost my sanity after signing documents until I was bored."

Listening to his complaints, Isidor picked up a bow.

"It's the goddess's birthday."

The situation was turbulent due to the unstable barrier, and he wondered if it would be good for the Crown Prince to be at the forefront of a big event.

But it was a good opportunity to show that the emperor had recognized him.

It was still too early to judge, so Isidor saved words and shot his bow at the target.

"Isidor, I mean, playing with you always makes my palms sweaty."

It was natural for Isidor to adjust the score up and down so that the Crown Prince could feel the fun and excitement.

If he made a decision and shot his bow, he could hit the exact center of the target.

There was only one thing Isidor couldn't do, and that was playing the piano.


After the meeting, which he attended at the request of the Crown Prince, Isidor, who was mounting his horse, was suddenly blocked by Philap.

Isidor held the reins and casually opened his mouth.

"Step aside, or horseshoe marks will appear on your face."

"Everyone should know you're a double bastard."

"Everyone knows you're an idiot."

Philap trembled at Isidor's response and, barely suppressing his anger, opened his mouth.

"Don't pretend like you've scored many points with Deborah by putting your bold face in front of her."

Gain points with my face?

Unfortunately, his looks have never had any effect.

"Deborah was only deceived by your pretentious behavior disguised as a gentleman. No matter how sweet you act, it won't be much if I put in my best effort. Flower of the year."

Isidor slowly pulled the reins as he looked at Philap, who turned his back after making an absurd declaration of war.

"Who the hell was deceived?"

No one suspects me more than Princess Deborah.

"Why does Philap overestimate me?"

What the hell did Princess Deborah tell Philap?

"Did I actually score many points based on my appearance?"

As he continued with that reasoning, he somehow felt better.

But soon he frowned.

It was because he was worried that Philap was acting with so much confidence as if he had a plan.

In the meantime, Philap, who had been flirting with Mia Binoche all this time, had now pathetically turned his gaze towards the princess.

Isidor tightened the reins and hurriedly headed towards Blanchia.

He then ordered the informants to keep an eye on Philap.


"Hah! Now, do you dare talk about marriage?"

When he received a letter from Duke Montes saying that he thought positively about the marriage, his father grimaced.

"Duke Montes, this old man has finally gone crazy."

"He's not going to get married!"

Tears welled up when Enrique, who was reading a book next to his father, seemed to understand the situation.

The once peaceful office descended into chaos with the just-arrived letter.

Duke Seymour followed, muttering profanities with a fierce voice.

It was the first time I knew that there were so many colorful and novel profanities in this world.

"...Deborah, don't tell me you still have feelings for young Montes?"

Duke Seymour and Enrique looked at me with anxious eyes.

"I don't like Philap Montes."


"Yes. I hate him. And didn't I tell you last time? I'll focus on my research for now."

"Right, well thought."

Duke Seymour seemed more relieved.

It seemed he was worried that I might give up my pride and beg him to proceed with the marriage.

"I won't embarrass the family."

If I were the Deborah from the original story, I might have fallen into the trap.

But there was something that worried me.

It's not easy to ignore official documents bearing the family seal.

Moreover, Montes had a letter saying that we made the request first. When only the letters exchanged between families were seen, it seemed as if they had come to an agreement.

"I have a headache."

"Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it."

As if he had noticed my worried expression, Duke Seymour patted my shoulder.

"My army, Ouroboros, has been resting for a long time."

"I can fight too."

Enrique began to think about a confrontation seriously.

"War is a bit..."

"It's a joke. Montes has been avoiding an official response for over three years, so it's impossible to ask for a quick answer. I will respond slowly."

As expected of Duke Seymour. That bad personality can't lose to anyone.

"Now that we've come to this, I must spread rumors like Duke Montes."

By spreading the rumor that Philap hates me, Montes' side implicitly expressed their intent to decline.

"Philap is not my type, please spread the word throughout the capital. I hate arrogant people like that."


The Duke gracefully lifted his tea cup.

"Hmm, by the way, the tea is delicious today."

"That's true."

The reversal of the situation was amusing, so the Duke pursed his lips.

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