IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 107



As soon as Isidor learned that Duke Montes had sent an official letter regarding marriage after three years, he cursed and slammed the table with his fists.

" How dare he!"

Miguel involuntarily trembled as he saw the wooden table fly in two opposite directions.

A piercing aura emanated from Isidor.

The level revealed to the outside world was that of a Sword Expert, but Miguel couldn't even guess the hidden intentions.

" What audacity."

Miguel barely regained his senses in the gloomy mutterings of Isidor and nodded.

This time, the Montes family had played a dirty trick.

Hopefully, the head of the family will come and raise the old issue of marriage.

Isidor barely restrained his anger and spoke with a cold expression.

" What was Duke Seymour's reaction? He must have rejected it because he found it unpleasant."

Princess Deborah won't find the current situation very pleasant, after all that happened in the past.

"...Isn't that so?"

But strangely unsure, Isidor bit his lip.

He was worried about the unrequited love that had lasted for 6 years.

It was also the reason why Philap Montes was full of confidence.

His head hurt.

When Princess Deborah was involved, everything was clearly black and white, and the boundaries were as blurry as if it were foggy.

It was impossible to step back and control emotions.

" Sir. According to sources, Duke Seymour has not responded to any correspondence from the Montes family."

At Miguel's words, Isidor's intentions became complicated.

" Does the lack of a response mean he's thinking about it?"

Is it something worth thinking about in the first place?

His expression grew colder and colder.

Duke Seymour enjoyed this situation by tormenting the Montes family, but conversely, Isidor was more anxious and upset at the moment.

Isidor, who had been frowning with crossed arms, abruptly stood up from his seat.

It was because the news had arrived that Princess Deborah had visited Blanchia.


Leaving my father to deal with the absurd marriage, I headed to Blanchia to make money.

" I have to check the progress of the second store and prepare for the launch of a new seasonal menu."

I procrastinated and stayed at home, so I had a lot of work to do.

In fact, I needed time to develop his audacity and forget that I had been playing with Isidor's hand.

" I forgot all the memories against me, but the more I think about it, those 1,000 gold pieces were a waste."

Misophonia was a pain.

It's strange that someone like that cleaned the drink off my shoes in the first place.

I dismissed it, concluding that the Master was a true informant.

" Master. It seems like it's been a while since I saw you."

The Master exuded a creepy aura in the dark office where the weather outside couldn't be guessed.

You look bad today.

Maybe because I saw him often, I could read the emotions at first sight on that doll-like face.

" Master, is something wrong?"

" Is everything okay with the princess?"


I could feel the Master's weary gaze.

Many customers are overwhelmed because Café Moca is too sweet. Some people don't like milk. So now I'm selling real coffee.

" Princess Deborah, do you only see me as a business partner? Every time we meet, you just do business. Without a net."

It seems the Master is sulking, or am I wrong?

" You're not just a business partner. The Master is very important to me."

When the brightly colored limousine bus seemed to have stretched*, he tried to calm it down and coughed once with a slightly softer attitude.

" Then tell me anything. If there's a problem, I can solve it."

He, who had dragged a tea cup and a teapot in the air, said seriously.

" Anyone, even a noble family head or heir, can have a weakness. To avoid unwanted situations. Like Louis Gazelle,... doesn't want a...?"

Weakness? That's expensive.

It's not like there's someone I want to dig up enough to spend a handful of jewels on.

Perhaps the Master's performance is poor these days?

" I'll make it cheap."

" Anyway, it costs money."

" It's free. Is that okay?"

I thought for a while and then opened my mouth at the sudden announcement of a free information service.

" Actually, there's one thing I'd like to request in secret."

" ...What?"

" Is there any magic that can erase certain memories?"

" As far as I know, there is no magic that manipulates the mind, but why are you asking that?"

" I'm just curious.

I swallowed my mixed feelings.

It's too late to erase Isidor's memory.

I never thought I would be the kind of person who obsesses over just one thing when drinking.

" Do you really have no concerns or requests? I can uncover something in secret.

But that person didn't drink alcohol and is very obsessed with requests.

" Do I seem like someone who has a lot of problems?

" If it's a concern, it's bothersome in its own way...

He muttered something quietly and began pouring sugar into the tea.

He's acting strange today.

Although the misconception that important information was omitted has been cleared up, why does he seem suspicious?

The master, who quickly emptied the tea with a very disgusted expression, tapped the table with his fingers.

" Oh?

Looking at the big hand moving as if typing on a keyboard, memories of that night came to my mind involuntarily.

" I like big hands that can play the piano well.

Why did I say a TMI when I wasn't even asked?

Isn't that too self-aware?

The memory of the drunken night was not an onion, but the more I peeled it, the more embarrassing it became.

Unconsciously, I sighed and touched my forehead.

" As I thought, what's the problem?

" Master.

" Why are you suddenly frowning?

" Frowning? Don't I look indifferent and elegant?

I stealthily practiced the expression I would make in front of Isidor.

" You look elegant when you lift the corners of your mouth, but...

" Is that so? Well, I can't concentrate today. I'm going home.

In the end, I got up from my seat after finishing the seemingly meaningless conversation somewhere.

Anyway, I received Armand's sales receipt this month, and the scheduled opening date of the second store was written in the note, so I had seen everything I needed to see.

" By the way, why are you suddenly willing to reveal someone's weakness for free?

In the carriage on the way home, I reflected on the master's suspicious words and belatedly understood their meaning.

" Have you heard about the marriage matter with the Montes family?

Does this mean he was willing to give Montes' weakness to make it easier to reject marriage talks as in the case of Louis Gazelle?

"But the master is not the type of person who meddles in other people's affairs."

The Montes family is incomparable to Gazelle; it would be a super VIP service.

"Why is the master, who only makes good profits, suddenly trying to take a risky venture?"

I looked out the window with a vague feeling.

You always look handsome.

The Fifth Princess admired Isidor walking in the navy blue uniform of the White Knights.

My maids looked at him in ecstasy as if they were looking at a work of art.

" Sir Isidor. Is this the first time I've seen you since the Epsilon party? There were a lot of drunk people that day, so it ended in a disaster.

Remembering someone who had been gracefully drunk, Isidor smiled vaguely.

" Oh, Princess. Today, is it the day of the Mana Research Club's activity?

" Are you interested in my club? Unfortunately, I have no interest in you.

" ... no, I'm here to see Princess Deborah.

" Hmmm. It seems she's busy with her academy lectures these days. She probably won't attend today. It's a shame.

Somehow, I feel she's been avoiding coming to the Sorority House lately.

However, it had only been a week since the party. It was too early to jump to conclusions.

Isidor pondered for a moment and then moved on to the Magic Faculty.

After checking the Seymour family carriage parked at the east gate, it was clear that Princess Deborah was inside the academy.

And Isidor was very aware of her movements.

Last spring.

Although he knew she wouldn't look at him for even a second, he dared to stop in her path.

"At that moment, I thought it was just curiosity."

As an informant, there was also a desire to unearth the secrets she held.

Her provocation, just like him, stirred his desire to win.

But now, among the crowd of people, only she clearly captured his attention and flowed slowly as if she had cast a spell on him.

When he met Princess Deborah, who was walking slowly through the main gate of the Magic Faculty with a cold expression, Isidor suddenly bit his lip.

Because she had an angry expression on her face, and then she lifted her lips, just as he saw her yesterday at Blanchia.

Although she appeared cold on the outside, the tips of her ears gradually turned red.

As if she was aware of something.

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