IBAWWMB (Novel) Chapter 108



"Curse it. It's Isidor."

My heart sank when I encountered someone I had secretly been avoiding, but I managed to compose myself and put on the expression I had been practicing for so long.

"Let's lift our lips a bit because the teacher said it would make a good impression."

"Long time no see."

I pretended to be calm while screaming on the inside.

"Hmm. It hasn't been that long. I'm busy, so I'll see you soon."

I spoke in a cold tone and then walked away, but Isidor quickly caught up with me with wide strides.

"Where are you going? I came here to talk to the princess. If the princess isn't here, what would I do at the Magic School?"

"Me? Why... why?"

"Why do you think?"

"I don't know."

I gave up my conscience and pretended not to know.

"Lately, you haven't been attending social gatherings and have been absent from club activities, so I'm concerned that you might be sick."

In the midst of this, you even care about the health of a perverted drunkard. My abandoned conscience suddenly imposed itself.

"I'm not sick, as you can see, I'm busy..."

"Are you really okay? I thought you had a fever because your ears were red."

You say my ears are red?

Unconsciously, I touched my ear and coughed.

"It's because it's cold. The weather has suddenly turned cold these days."

It wasn't actually that cold.

"Hmm, it's cold? Then let's have a cup of hot tea. My hands are cold, so I want to drink tea."

Suddenly, pretending to be pitiable, he extended his hand, and the corners of his eyes moved spontaneously.

"Is he thinking about me?"

"What do you mean you're cold when you're wearing gloves?"

I said more clearly.

"These are made of thin cotton material, so if you want to touch them..."


"It's cold. Let's go have some hot tea."

In a moment of panic, I quickly cut off his words and walked beside him. Isidor headed towards the main gate of the academy, where there were many people, and crossed the bustling street.

"She's not even a celebrity, but she's getting a lot of attention."

Today he looked more glamorous.

As he was wearing a stylish knight uniform with chains and epaulets, the attention surrounding Isidor was excessive.

The problem is that people are even looking at me with astonished eyes.

There are a lot of people today.

I muttered irritably.

Aren't we supposed to fit in someone's ears?

Isidor lifted the corners of his lips like a bad boy.

"He's helping me."

It seemed like he had heard what the Montes family had done.

It hasn't been long since the topic of marriage has been brought up again, but if rumors spread that I went out alone with Isidor, who Philap despises, he'll get furious.

You know, it's like salted sesame.

"By the way, where are we going?

"I know a good place. The princess will like it too.

"It's farther than I thought.

"If your legs hurt, do you want me to carry you on my back?

I shook my head at his playful question.

It might make me more noticeable, but it's not enough to threaten Isidor, and rumors could spread that I'm treating him like a slave.

"I'm being influenced by a crime I committed. I'm sorry!"

"You can't go there.

He gently pulled my hand. As he said, his gloves were thin, so I could feel the warmth of his body.

"Uh, uh.

I quickly lowered my hands, and Isidor silently entered the old tea house.

"It's a wonderful place."

Unintentionally, I looked at the crafts displayed in the tea house's lobby and followed the employee.

It seemed to be operated by a membership system, and there were no prices written on the menu.

"I heard that this tea is good for the throat.

I was a bit hoarse from all the lectures at the academy due to the dean's threats, and he recommended a tea considering my condition.

"I'll order this one.

The tea I ordered came in an antique porcelain cup, and I sipped it lightly.

"How is it?

"It smells and tastes good.

"I'm glad it suits your taste. This tea house sources tea, which is produced only in small quantities on the Heint Plateau, I'll send some specialties to the mansion when they come in again.

"That's fine.

I also received one as a gift last time.

"Um? I'll send it to Sir Rosad as a gift for his victory.


"I'm just kidding. You're so cute that, ugh!

For a moment, I got so excited that I accidentally kicked him in the shin, and he screamed as if I had hit him in a vital spot.

"It was an accident. An accident.

I said with wide eyes, and he smiled.

"If the princess says it was an accident, then it was an accident.

"The princess is always right.

Suddenly, without warning, I remembered the scene when I was drunk, and I faltered again.

It seemed like a quiet teatime, but I had to experience a feeling of dizziness as if I were on a roller coaster the whole time.

While having tea and leaving the lobby, he offered me something while talking to the owner.

It was a white porcelain set in the shape of a turtle.

As we passed through the lobby, it resembled Purple, and I unconsciously looked at it, but he seemed to have noticed.

"Wait a moment.

After stopping Isidor, I called the employee and bought a porcelain cat-shaped figurine.

"I should have bought a cat.

He said with a sad expression.

"It's not for me. It's a gift for Sir Isidor.

When he extended it, he seemed a bit surprised, and his eyes were puzzled.

"He likes cats.

"Do you remember? I mentioned it in passing.

"Well, maybe I remembered...

"Thank you.

He paused for a moment and then said that.

Seeing his calm smile, which made me feel uncomfortable somewhere, left me stunned.

"It's just a porcelain cat."

Am I wrong?

Interestingly, he seemed happier than when he smiled.


"There's no need to meet with Visconti... I made it clear that I would take care of it.

Deborah may have had the intention to anger Montes, but for some reason, he was upset, and Duke Seymour had a stern expression.

He seemed to be in a good mood these days.

"Why does he feel so tense today?"

Seymour's vassals and collaborators, who had gathered for a meeting, fell silent as they watched the duke.

"What are you waiting for? Let's start the meeting.

Today's agenda was about Rosad's victory ceremony.

Rosad, who had recently gained momentum due to the war and the imperial family, stood up and asked his father at the end of the meeting.



"Recently, I heard rumors about Deborah's marriage. If the marriage is successful, the patent rights will transfer to the other family, so please take measures...


Seeing that Belreck suddenly mocked him, Rosad squinted his eyes.

"Why is that?"

The question didn't last long because Duke Seymour became furious in a second.

"Montes is causing problems, and you're only concerned about patent rights. What the hell is wrong with you when Deborah is what matters most?

"Doesn't Deborah like Philap...?

"Your sister is the one who loves magic the most!

The annoyed Duke Seymour left the conference room with a blank expression on his face.

"I can't believe you're thinking of tying the family treasure and our only sister to the idiot Philap."

Rosad smiled at Belreck's protests.

"You're the one who wants to send Deborah farther away than anyone else, right?

"When did I say that? Why are you accusing me?

Belreck said proudly, feigning ignorance.

Doesn't this guy think the same way I do?

Rosad felt confused and baffled by the structural changes of the duchy that had occurred while he was away.

And just the next day, rumors began circulating in the capital that Princess Deborah was disgusted with the marriage talk brought by the Montes family after three years.

Not only did she not like it, but she burned the letter with hatred.

Specific servants of Seymour said that the princess would never marry Philap, who was arrogant, haughty, indifferent, and ignorant of magic, as if they had been ordered by the duke.

"I have more confidence than anyone in being modest and cute.

After hearing the rumors, Thierry said confidently, so the Fifth Princess clicked her tongue with contempt.

"You're ignorant of magic. And where in the world is there a gambler who is modest?

"These days, I gave up everything except horse racing. Horse racing is definitely a sport...

"The more I look at it, the more I believe I fit the requirements.

The fifth princess muttered seriously.

"... By the way, Princess Deborah doesn't seem to have any feelings for Sir Philap.

In fact, I thought she would consider it.

She joined <Epsilon> instead of <Omicron> and partnered with Isidor, but no one believed that the princess had no affection for Philap.

To that extent, Princess Deborah's obsession was notorious.

There were even rumors that she intimidated Mia.

Montes must have thought so too, but using rumors, he announced his refusal in the same way.

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