LWTG (Novel) Chapter 330


The Angels were stunned, and silence enveloped them as if the world had stopped for a moment.

Diablo, holding Metatron's life in his hands, was also surprised.

Crack, crackle.

A black spear pierced through Metatron's chest.

Diablo turned his head in the direction from where it came.

"I'm sorry."

Kim YuWon was there.

It wasn't really a spear.

It was merely a concentration of Arcane Power created using the force of the Lightning Bolt.

However, Metatron, trapped in Diablo's claws, couldn't withstand a simple insignificant blow.

Moreover, it was precisely his heart that was pierced.

['Heavenly King Metatron' has died]

['Heaven' is incorporated into the 'Demon Kings']

[When Angels attack Demons in the future, they will be limited in the use of their Arcane Power]

[Demons have a strong resistance to attacks from Angels.]

[Contribution will be calculated]

[After 24 hours, rewards will be given based on contribution]

[The Great Heaven Demon War has ended]

The game without its king couldn't continue.

The Great Heaven Demon War came to an end.

And thus, the Demon King soared above the heavens.


The Great Heaven Demon War has ended.

The Demons tried to sink their claws into the tearful Angels.



Diablo restrained those Demons.

"The fight is over. What's the point of killing those who have already been defeated?"

The battlefield had already settled.

Diablo was willing to confront the strong, but he had no hobby of torturing those who had no combat abilities or were much weaker than him.

Thanks to his presence, Kim YuWon didn't have to worry about what would happen after the Great Heaven Demon War.

"It's fine."

"You're right, Lord Diablo."

Diablo's orders were practically law to the Demons.

There were no retaliations against the Angels. That was how the battlefield was resolved.


Michael approached Diablo.

Diablo, who was disinterested after the battle, showed interest in those shining eyes. He was well aware of Michael's abilities.

"Thank you for not making things difficult for us."

"After all, Heaven is now on our side. There's no need to touch them. Besides, we are no strangers to the situation."

Diablo found out that the Great Heaven Demon War had been manipulated through the information he had received from YuWon and Baal.

And upon hearing the news, Diablo only wanted to end this miserable battle as soon as possible.

"What are you going to do now?"

"I was under the influence of one of Metatron's abilities."


"An ability called Indoctrination."

"I see..."

Diablo's gaze turned to YuWon, who yawned with a tired face.

"Did you hear it again from that guy?"


"That guy, YuWon, can he see the future?"

Diablo had already realized that YuWon knew many things.

But this was too much, even for him.

It had been like this during Ragnarok, and now again.

For thousands of years, the heavenly war between Angels and Demons that they hadn't been able to resolve was easily resolved by YuWon.

Diablo wondered who he really was, and his curiosity surged once more.

He was too exceptional.

'Well, at least he's useful.'

Although he felt a bit uncomfortable because it was YuWon who took Metatron's life.

But in the end, it was YuWon who contributed the most to Metatron's defeat.

He was the one who created this scenario, who deactivated Metatron's abilities that no one had managed to break until now, so he was also qualified to take Metatron's breath away.

"Metatron is dead, and the effects of his abilities have disappeared, so surely the other Angels will open their eyes. Raguél is alive too. I plan to find evidence, convince the other Archangels, and correct what was wrong."

"Yes, do it diligently."

Diablo responded disinterestedly in a voice as if saying "do it on your own."

He had other interests.

"Although in more favorable circumstances, I would have wanted to fight you. But now the situation has changed."

Archangel Michael.

If there's a Diablo among the Demon Kings, there's an Archangel in Heaven. Michael's abilities were highly evaluated to the extent that such a story existed.

It wasn't that they hadn't clashed in countless battles, but they had never reached a proper conclusion.

War wasn't a personal matter. Both always faced each other in a chaotic battlefield, and before they could see the end, the war ended without a clear conclusion.

Moreover, there was no way that the two pillars of each faction would die in such a war.

"I regret that it ended this way."

"Well, there will be opportunities."

It wasn't the time to worry about a fight with Diablo.

'A Realm without its King can only fall.'

Heaven and the Demon Kings had merged into one.

He knew what would happen, and he didn't regret his actions.

As he left the ruined Heavenly Castle, Michael looked at the sky, now completely red.

"From now on, I'll be very busy."


YuWon returned to the Demon camp along with Diablo.

Cleaning up the battlefield took almost a full day. After finishing most of the work, Diablo called YuWon to his quarters.

As YuWon sat in front of him, Diablo spoke first.

"You've done a real job."

Nodding as if understanding everything, YuWon replied.

"Now we must refrain from consuming drinks made from Angel's blood."

"It's not like it's my favorite drink, but I can't help it."

"What do you plan to do about controlling the angels?"

"Once that situation is resolved, I plan to leave it in Michael's hands. He's the most capable, after all."

"Seems like I can't get rid of that damn obsession with ability and merit!"

"Instead of wandering about here and there, wouldn't it be better to simply do what you used to do?"

In other words, it means that it's more comfortable to keep doing what he used to do. However, he had to settle for that.

Heaven had already leaned towards the side of the Demon Kings. The System had divided the relationships between Angels and Demons, resulting in a state where an affinity was created between the races.

From now on, Angels couldn't surpass Demons. If Diablo, the Demon King, turns malicious, there will be a bloodbath in Heaven.

For the time being, he had to consider himself fortunate that Diablo finally made peace with Heaven.

"Anyway, this boring fight is over."

Diablo slumped into a chair in his quarters.

Though he hadn't done much, he felt overwhelmed by fatigue.

A war that lasted half a lifetime.

He couldn't believe it had ended this way.

'Well, this guy has finished bigger fights than this.'


The war of Asgard, considered the best Guild in the World, and Muspelheim.

YuWon contributed to triggering that war and ultimately hurled Odin's Gungnir to cut Surt's throat.

Furthermore, at that time, YuWon's ability was much weaker compared to now.

'It's astounding that guy has come this far in such a short time.'

Every time he saw him, he was amazed.

Diablo also quickly became a High-Ranker and eventually became a Demon King due to his talents.

However, it was the first time he saw someone become so strong at this speed.

An extraordinary being.

He had seen many High-Rankers, but it was the first time he thought this way.

He should not become an enemy under any circumstances.

"Did you plan from the beginning to use the Teleportation Gate?"

"I hoped I wouldn't have to use it, but I considered it as insurance."

Using Raguel to open a gate between Heaven and the Demon King's camp required the Demon King's forces to be ready to depart.

With that in mind, YuWon was the first to seek out the Demon King's army. Thus, he organized a confrontation and a rank duel with Behemoth, the main leader of the Demon King's army, to capture him and gather the Demon King's army.

In case it was needed, the Demon King's army could be recruited and utilized.

"I must admit you have an extraordinary mind."

"Just the mind?"

"And your abilities..."

Diablo nodded as he remembered the fight between YuWon and Metatron.

"You've proven to be very useful."

Diablo wasn't the type to speak in vain.

With just that response, YuWon was satisfied. Earning Diablo's recognition was a difficult task.

"By the way, we have a vacancy in our military position."

The Commander-in-Chief of the Demon Realm.

The Second-in-Command of the Demon Kings, Baal.

He was subdued by Diablo during the Great Heaven Demon War. Manipulating the Great Heaven Demon War through Metatron and Raguel was an unforgivable crime.

The position was left vacant.

"We don't have anyone intelligent. Behemoth is just a big brute. The only one who's competent enough is Belial, but he's not eye-catching."

"Are you telling me to join you?"

"Yes. Join us. You could also obtain the position of Second-in-Command. You have the qualifications for it."

YuWon was the protagonist of the Great Heaven Demon War.

He possessed a demonic form and had one foot in the demon race despite being a human. He also ranked just below Behemoth.

Perhaps his contribution in the Great Heaven Demon War could be recognized, and he might rise above Behemoth in the hierarchy.


"I decline the offer."

YuWon knew from the beginning that he was not someone who fit in anywhere. If YuWon were to go somewhere, he would have put his name in Asgard.

However, despite that, he felt curious.

The fact that he started speaking more than necessary was the reason.

"If your name is associated with the Demon Kings, I'll help you when you're in danger. If you need power, I can assist you."

"I understand."

"But why?"

There was no answer.

He didn't seem concerned.

The silence was a refusal.

Diablo felt disappointed.

"Fine. In that case, well..."


YuWon, who thought the conversation had ended, stood up from his seat while pushing back the chair.

"I'll leave first. I'm a bit tired."

"Ah, wait."

"What's wrong?"

"Do you know?"

"Know what?"

"Why Metatron carried out this action?"

He knew the truth now, but the most crucial part was missing in this war.

Undoubtedly, Metatron, the ruler of the Angels, should have been seeking Heaven's victory.

However, after persuading Baal, instead of trying to win the war, he kept carrying out draws.


Metatron's behavior, whose purpose couldn't be understood, left an uneasy feeling.

"Because you guys are too strong."

"Too strong?"

"Demons and Angels are born with much stronger power than Humans from birth."

Demons and Angels.

After Dragons and Giants, they are races born with exceptionally strong power.

However, despite that, the dominant race in this Tower, which has a much larger number than Dragons and Giants, is even stronger.

"The potential of both races was threatening enough to make those outside this Tower also be on guard. So weakening your power was a long-term measure."

Outside this Tower...

Diablo's eyes shone at those words.

"Outside this Tower...? Who the hell are those guys?"

"I don't know either."

"You don't know?"

"That's why we're trying to find out now."

"Then, what they've done to us is the eye for an eye tactic."

"That's right."


Laughing senselessly, he couldn't help it.

YuWon looked at Diablo, who was containing his anger while emitting a burning red light.

It seemed like he would explode at any moment if touched. Diablo's current state was like a bubbling volcano filled with boiling lava.

While Diablo silently contained his anger...

'By the way, it'll soon be 24 hours.'

Time flowed like water, and the time to receive rewards was approaching.

[24 hours have passed]

[Rewards will be given based on the contribution to the Great Heaven Demon War]

[Contribution: 1,000,000 points]

[The ranking of the Demon Realm increases]

[You have obtained 1,000,000 points]

[You have obtained the highest contribution]

[Additional rewards will be given based on the contribution]

[You have obtained the title 'Twelfth Demon King']



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