LWTG (Novel) Chapter 331


The rewards for the Great Heaven Demon War have been calculated.

The points according to the contribution were also taken into account. It was a generous reward, converting 1 contribution point into 1 point.

Now he understood why the Great Heaven Demon War became a business.

However, the problem wasn't the points.

[The 'Twelfth Demon King' is born]

[The 'Demon King - Kim YuWon' Ranking is second]

[Alias is blank]

It was a common message that appeared in the heads of the Demons along with YuWon.

"The twelfth Demon King?"

A new acquired title.

From the name alone, it was already unsettling.

Demon King.

YuWon knew that title was reserved for the High-Rankers of the Great Guild of Demon Kings in the Demon Realm.

Suspiciously, Diablo's gaze, who was momentarily angry at being used by someone, turned toward YuWon.

"Is it you?"

He was the leader of the Great Guild of Demon Kings.

And at the same time, he was the absolute king ruling the Demon Realm.

There was no way he wouldn't notice the birth of a new Demon King.


"If there's a twelfth... will it be after Lucifer?"

Until now, the number of Demon Kings that had existed was a total of eleven.

YuWon's position was the twelfth. If only the number was considered, he was quite far back, but in terms of rank, it was entirely different.

In second place.

YuWon's current position among the Demon Kings was officially after Diablo.

YuWon had recently rejected an offer to join the Guild. And in that rejection also included the ascension to the throne of the Demon Kings.

But now, he had obtained this title and had acquired the name of Demon King.

It was something truly unknown to the world.

[Twelfth Demon King]

#Category: Title

#Rank: A+

#It's the name officially given to those who become Demon Kings in the Guild of "Demon Kings." The power of the title increases as one climbs the hierarchy of the Demon Realm.

#It grants the power to give orders to relatively lower-ranking Demons. However, the power of command can only be used on Demons who have obtained the same title of Demon King once every ten years.

#If the authority of command is challenged, the title is revoked.

#Demonic Energy +10

The effect of the title was quite impressive.

It didn't possess a special power like "King of the Dead." If the twelfth Demon King had to be categorized, it would resemble more the title of "Vice Leader of the Heavenly Demon Cult."

The power to lead a Guild.

Depending on the perspective, it might be a title with more power than a title like King of the Dead.

'The fact that the Rank of the Title is higher than the Rank of Vice Leader of the Heavenly Demon Cult... it's probably due to the difference in the size of the Guild.'

The Demon King is a Great Guild.

It's not simply a Guild that has just entered the league of the greats, like the Murim Guild, but a force that has long been calling itself a Great Guild.

Of course, it was difficult to compare it to the Heavenly Demon Cult or the Murim.

'My rank is already high enough.'

Currently, YuWon occupies the second position in the rank.

Aside from Diablo, no one else could give orders to YuWon.

A quite attractive effect.

However, there was still some disappointment.


YuWon looked at Diablo.

Diablo, who understood the meaning in his gaze, smiled as if finding it interesting.

Both the Title of Vice Leader of the Heavenly Demon Cult and the twelfth Demon King were equal.

YuWon is the second-in-command of each Guild.

To move any Guild, he had to obtain permission from a person of higher rank.

"I'm always ready for a challenge."

Although they were just words, in that moment, YuWon felt like Diablo was about to extend his fist toward him.

Diablo's eyes were shining in an intense red color.

YuWon raised both hands.

"It's alright, I have no intention of hitting a rock with an egg."

"You're not just an egg, you know?"


Diablo, who stood up from his seat, quickly approached YuWon.

A head taller than YuWon. Due to the strength that could be felt from his body, YuWon felt like he was facing a giant.

"You never know. If you fight a hundred times, maybe you can win at least once." (Diablo)

A provocation to fight.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted.

If YuWon won this fight, he would gain a lot.

Above all, due to the Great Heaven Demon War, the Demon Kings had absorbed The Heavens.

The integration of two Great Guilds.

Even if the main forces of each side, Metatron and Baal, were eliminated, the size was enormous.

Moreover, YuWon, who obtained the title of Demon King, now had the possibility of officially becoming the Leader of the Demon Kings. If he could defeat Diablo here, he would become the king who ruled over the two Great Guilds.


"That's right."

YuWon wasn't reckless enough to get involved in an absurd fight just because he coveted something great.

"Once in a hundred times. The probability is too low."


Probably not even once in a hundred times.

Diablo's words were a clear provocation. He was telling him to try challenging him since there was at least a small chance of winning.

He wasn't lying.

Once in a hundred times, maybe even less.

There was a possibility that YuWon could win.

But that possibility was as low as the gap between YuWon and Diablo.

Above all...

'I haven't seen his true form yet.'

The Diablo in front of YuWon was nothing more than a temporary form.

YuWon remembered the trial on Floor 41 when he first encountered Diablo.

Although it was just a temporary form, Diablo's appearance at that time was not the same as his current human appearance.

Behemoth, who revealed his true form, was a giant Demon with the appearance of a bull.

So, what about Diablo?

He couldn't imagine what his true form would be like and how much strength he would show at that moment.

"When I feel like I can win, then I'll challenge you."

It wasn't the right time yet.

For now, he had to be satisfied with this. He had already obtained something much greater than he expected at first.

What he would get from the Great Heaven Demon War ended here.

"You won't fight if you believe you can't win? Is that what you're saying?"

"That's right."

"That's something exciting to look forward to."


The corner of Diablo's lips lifted.

He looked with a face full of anticipation and joy.

"The next time you challenge me, you have to have the confidence that you can defeat me."

He had always been waiting for a Demon who could beat him.

A stronger enemy. A stronger Demon.

He believed that only when a Demon who surpassed him appeared, the Demon Realm could advance, even if it was only a little.

Even though it was just a half step, YuWon was a Demon who was Human and knew how to manipulate Demonic Energy.

Furthermore, by obtaining the title of Demon King, even if it was a small step, he had now sat on the throne of the Demon Kings.

If it were YuWon, perhaps...

No, without a doubt.

With those expectations, Diablo extended his hand for a handshake.

"Anyway, I welcome you as a Demon King. Although you haven't officially joined the Guild."

YuWon shook Diablo's hand.

"Thank you."

Along with the handshake, YuWon left Diablo's headquarters.

There were several demon clans gathered in the camp. When YuWon left the mansion, the Demons gathered around him scattered in surprise.

They were Demons gathered by the birth of a new Demon King.

"Really... he's the twelfth?"

"Then he'll replace Baal?"

"A Human?"

"He's not a Human. Now he's a Demon."

"How did his lineage change?"

"Hey, what can't be done in this Tower?"

"Well, that's true..."

The murmurs of the Demons who had elevated YuWon as a topic of conversation could be heard.

It was an annoying look. He had no intention of being their puppet and under their control forever.

Anyway, from now on, he would carry that title constantly.

YuWon decided to use it immediately.


The moment they heard YuWon's voice.

[You have used the authority of the "Twelfth Demon King."]

The power of the title manifested, and the demons who were laughing at YuWon quickly moved away from his place.

The area around Diablo's headquarters became empty.

YuWon, who had driven the demons away with a few words, looked at Diablo's headquarters for a moment.

'With this, time is on our side.'

Angels and demons.

The two races would no longer waste energy on a pointless struggle called the Great Heaven Demon War.

The integration of the two Great Guilds would have a positive effect on increasing power.

There were many gains from this battle. More than just a simple reward, being able to increase the power of both races was the greatest harvest.

However, at the same time, there was unease.

'It was too easy.'

Without a doubt, Foolish Chaos had begun to notice YuWon.

However, despite that, he didn't make any moves in this battle.

After the previous events, YuWon thought he would have a respite for a while, but he never expected things to be resolved so easily.

Although he couldn't use his power, if Foolish Chaos had gotten involved, Metatron wouldn't have been defeated so easily.

Heavenly King Metatron.

He was one of the "puppets" created by Foolish Chaos a long time ago.

'What is that guy doing?'

At this moment...

YuWon remembered someone who would be accumulating power somewhere.

He didn't have a favorable premonition.


The place where YuWon had left...

Diablo sat silently in that place and tapped the desk with his finger.

Tap, tap...

A regular sound resonated in the quiet headquarters.

At that moment, Diablo raised his head.

"Are you from the Administration Office?"

-Did you notice?


A small light appeared over the ceiling of the headquarters.

At first glance, it might look like a tiny firefly, but it was actually an Envoy from the Administration Office.

And not just any Envoy, but a high-level entity among the Envoys.

The peak point of the Administration Office, a high-ranking Envoy from the Classification Office.

"Do you think if you sneak up as an Envoy, I wouldn't notice?"

-The Classification Office must remain secretive. I ask for your cooperation in this matter, Lord Diablo.

"They are like rats."

The Classification Office exists everywhere.

They observed, listened, and classified everything in this Tower according to their own criteria.

Although the details of those criteria were not known, the rankings established by the Classification Office were so accurate that no one questioned their validity.

"Is it about Kim YuWon?"

-You know it well.

"Then there's nothing more to listen to, right?"

YuWon's actions were already known among the Rankers of the Demon Race, including the Demon Kings.

It couldn't be that the Classification Office, which discovered countless unknown information, didn't know something so common.

Diablo couldn't understand why the Envoy from the Classification Office had come to seek him out.


-Isn't there something more important?

"Something important?"

-It's his wish, Lord Diablo.

If what they need is Diablo's opinion, then the story changes.

Only one person in this Tower knew.

Diablo himself was the only one who had that information.

-According to his wish, the title obtained by Kim YuWon and his position could be lost. But on the other hand, they could also turn him into the powerful Demon King who unified The Heavens with the Guild of the Demon Kings.

The power of the Demon Kings changed according to Diablo's wish.

Even just with the title obtained by YuWon, it was so.

If Diablo were to give the order to "die," YuWon would have no choice but to immediately relinquish the title.

The power and authority of Diablo, the supreme leader of the Guild of the Demon Kings, were so absolute.

But what if Diablo were to boost YuWon?

Then YuWon would become the Second-in-Command of a giant guild and a High-Ranker with absolute authority.

The current YuWon, who had been acting as an invincible general, would have the qualifications.

-As per your will, his ranking will change. That's why I'm asking you.

The Envoy descended from the ceiling of the headquarters and approached Diablo.

The light came close to his face.

The Envoy asked Diablo why he was here.

-Are you going to boost or limit Kim YuWon?



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