LWTG (Novel) Chapter 329


The Great Heaven Demon War was a festival for Angels and Demons.

Angels would kill Demons, and Demons would kill Angels to earn contribution points.

And there were two ways to officially participate in this event.

'Become an Angel or a Demon, or join one of the two Guilds.'

Of course, YuWon wasn't considering participating in the Great Heaven Demon War.

He had no intention of becoming an Angel or a Demon, nor was he considering joining a Guild.

However, unexpectedly, he obtained an opportunity.

It was because of Demon Energy.


YuWon looked at Diablo and Metatron, facing each other, as well as the surrounding Demons and Angels.

"Do I start feeling ambition?"


Ten minutes passed.

The allocated time had completely passed.

[The Great Heaven Demon War is about to begin]

The System announced the start, and Diablo gave the signal.

"Kill them all."

"It's time to begin!"

"Capture Metatron!"

"Kill the Angels!"

The Demons shouted loudly.

In the blink of an eye, the battlefield was filled with Demon Energy. The sky had turned red long ago, and the Demons, with brightly glowing eyes, rushed towards the Angels.

Metatron also gave orders.

"Do your best to fight."

It was a calm voice, but it was filled with determination and will.

It was an order to fight to the death.

No Angel hesitated at that moment.

Chaaaang, clang!

Swords and claws clashed, and blood spurted everywhere.

In the midst of it, Diablo's eyes were fixed on one person only.

They were fixed on Metatron.

As Diablo approached Metatron step by step...

"Protect the Heavenly King!"

"Your Majesty, please retreat!"


At that moment, the bodies of several Angels who intervened in the middle were torn into dozens of pieces.

An unwavering gesture.

More than the feeling of killing, it was more like swatting away a bothersome fly or mosquito with one's hand.

There was no reason to hold back.

Metatron's wings spread at that moment.


Metatron's wings, which had been folded like a peacock's, were much longer than those of other Angels and Archangels.

"Are you showing off?"



Diablo's fist struck Metatron's head.

At that moment, a flash of light burst from Metatron's body.



Metatron's broken form transformed into scattered white feathers. Diablo quickly turned his head without feeling anything in his hands.

"Where do you think you can run off to...?"


A straight extended hand.

Within the scattered white feathers, Diablo grabbed Metatron by the neck.



The feathers clouding his vision disappeared, and Diablo forcefully pushed Metatron's head upwards.

"Even if I can't see it, I can sense it."


Diablo's other hand sank into Metatron's face.

The Angels watching that scene screamed, saying it wasn't possible, but merely defending the Heavenly Castle from invading Demons was an overwhelming task.

Thus, Diablo, who had decapitated Metatron, murmured with a dissatisfied expression.

"You're always so bothersome."


Inside the landscape that had turned completely white.

In some way, he had become trapped in a space completely isolated from the outside.

And so, while Diablo was trapped there, he heard Metatron's voice in his ear.

-Don't you know?

The scattered feathers brushed against his face.

Except for Metatron's voice, all other sounds disappeared.

-I might not be able to defeat you, but I won't lose either.

He had already been hit several times by this skill.

Metatron and Diablo.

This skill was the reason why the two Kings representing their respective races hadn't reached a conclusion until now.

[Sanctuary of Gods and Mortals]

A separate world.

Originally, this skill meant a space destined for mortals to meet with God.

Metatron's skill was in line with his position as the King of Heaven. It was known that this ability was used among the Angels to allow those chosen by Metatron to meet with God.

However, the way this skill was being used was different from what was known.

"Are you going to run away again?"

-Isn't the peace and tranquility of Heaven more important than pride?

"That sounds repulsive."

Diablo couldn't be sure if God truly existed, but he had been trapped in this place multiple times.

He had been expecting this to happen.

He hadn't anticipated a direct confrontation with Metatron, and he would surely try to avoid the fight somehow.

This space existed precisely for that purpose.

Using this skill, Metatron had forced Diablo to become isolated from the outside.

"I knew you'd do something like this again."

And that's why...


Diablo was prepared for this situation.

"This time will be different."


Magic accumulated in Diablo's hand and glowed like a red jewel.

Diablo was the King of Demons.

Thousands of years had passed since he ascended to the throne of the Demon Realm, and throughout all that time, no one in his Guild had been able to surpass him.

He was truly powerful.

Despite that, Diablo didn't stop training even for a single day during all those long years.

Therefore, this time...

'I'll crush him with a single blow.'

Even this suffocating space could surely be destroyed.


It was then that he felt a presence.


"You can't just destroy it."

Diablo's eyes landed on YuWon.

YuWon had stealthily approached his side, and Diablo stopped accumulating Demon Energy in his hand and asked:

"How did you get here?"

"I walked."

"Are you joking?"

"It's not a joke, it's the truth."


YuWon replied, pointing at his own eyes with his finger.

Finally, Diablo realized how YuWon had gotten there.

"They're the Golden Cinder Eyes, right?"

It was said that the Golden Cinder Eyes had the ability to see the invisible and possessed a power to penetrate the truth.

They were also said to have the power to foresee even the near future.

"Thanks to you, I came with you when you were hit by this skill."

"You say it can't be destroyed. Seeing how certain and confident you speak, it seems you have another plan in mind."

"First of all, this skill cannot be destroyed. If you try to resist, you'll only tire yourself out."

"That's absurd. There can't be an skill that can't be destroyed."

"That's right. There's no such skill."

Tsu, tsu, tsu.

YuWon could sense a slight sensation at the tips of his feet.

A whisper softer than the buzzing of a mosquito. Minimized heartbeats. A blink of eyes.

[The 'Sensory Field' is activated]

YuWon's head turned.

Every skill has a way to be destroyed. The same goes for this skill.


An empty white background with nothing.

Above it, a vague and hazy form flickered.

[The 'Golden Cinder Eyes' reveal the essence].


The ring in YuWon's hand changed its form.

The elongated spear, now Uranus, began to absorb YuWon's Arcane Power and emit a terrifying lightning bolt.

Diablo, who was by his side, thought YuWon was about to use an skill.

But as time passed, his eyes widened more and more.

'What is this?'

Crack, Crackle~

The spear, now huge and tall enough to surpass YuWon's height, emanated powerful magic capable of making Diablo's skin shudder, who was nearby.

Instinct was telling him something.

That spear was dangerous.

[The Uranus Heart transforms into a 'Lightning Bolt']

After Uranus's trial had ended.

YuWon had tested the item's performance several times by changing Uranus's form.

Emitting bolts of lightning, creating thunder.

He had tried transforming the ring into a sword and into armor.

And among all those forms, the one that showed the best performance was this "Lightning Bolt".


Applying force to the hand holding the Lightning Bolt, YuWon leaned backward like a bow.

The stance for throwing the spear.

The vague figure visible in the Golden Cinder Eyes began to move gradually. Once the figure began to move, it quickly became clearer.

A desperate attempt to flee.


[The Golden Cinder Eyes illuminate the path]

But it was a futile act.

"You won't be able to avoid it."

The Golden Cinder Eyes wasn't an impressive skill with a single powerful effect.

Despite being an S-rank skill, which was the highest rank, it couldn't even kill a single ant with its power.

Nevertheless, the Golden Cinder Eyes were an S-rank skill.

The reason was one.

Because it possessed the best support skill in situations like the current one.

And in the Golden Cinder Eyes, the figure of Metatron hidden there could be clearly seen, and it could also be clearly seen where Metatron was trying to escape to.


The Lightning Bolt flew out of YuWon's hand.

The spear quickly soared through the air.


Metatron, who was concealed using the power of the skill, showed himself after being struck by the Lightning Bolt. He hurriedly crouched down and used his wings as a shield.


That was the moment when the Lightning Bolt hit Metatron's body.

Zzak, zzajeo-.

The white background where YuWon and Diablo were located was covered in gold.


The space created by Metatron shattered into pieces like broken glass.

The battlefield was revealed once again.

When Metatron and Diablo appeared, the Angels and Demons stopped for a moment and looked at them.


Metatron, who was hit by the Lightning Bolt and sent flying, staggered.

Holes formed in the wings that also symbolized an Angel. Although he had blocked the Lightning Bolt, the impact spread instantly through his body, momentarily paralyzing his responsiveness.

'What power is this...?'

Even though he had blocked it, the impact was transmitted even inside his wings.

It was as if he had taken the full force of Zeus's Lightning Bolt at its peak.

It would take time to calm his body.

However, Diablo couldn't simply stand by and watch.




Diablo grabbed Metatron by the collar.

After breaking the skill, Diablo quickly grabbed Metatron by the neck. So that he couldn't escape under any circumstances.

Metatron, who had been hit by YuWon's spear and was staggering, couldn't resist the force of his powerful grip.

"I finally caught you."


The grip tightened around his throat.

"Kugh, cof-!"

Although he groaned in pain, it was in vain.

Diablo wasn't going to let go of this long-awaited moment in vain.

Metatron had to escape, so he squeezed his strength and raised his hand.

But at that moment...

"Heavenly King!"

"Save the Heavenly King!"

"Your Majesty!"

The Angels who were fighting in different places rushed towards Metatron to rescue him.

"Don't get in the way!"


Demon Energy dispersed in all directions from the center of Diablo.


Though it was a weak attack, the approaching Angels were helplessly knocked to the ground like moths.

Diablo didn't even pay attention to those Angels.

In his eyes, only Metatron, who was trapped in his hands, was reflected.

"It took too long. Both for you and for me."


With one hand gripping the collar and the other clenching into a fist.

A fist full of Demon Energy.

Diablo had waited, patiently waited for this moment.

"Now, let's finish this. You damned bastard."

Thus, just as Diablo's fist was about to fly and blow Metatron's head apart...



A spear that flew from somewhere pierced through Metatron's heart.



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